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Nail the first board on the bottom with the thicker end on the bottom – make sure it is level before you nail it in place. Determine the overlap you want for the 2nd board, make sure it is level and then nail it in place. Since the gazebo had a cedar shingle roof, we removed all of the shingles before we moved onto my property.
To prepare the roof deck for the shingles I just needed to remove long strips of wood that the cedar shingles were attached to and then remove some nails that were left over from the wood strips and shingles. On the positive side, the roof looks great and there is a lot more usable height inside the shed roof. Note – for a pyramid or hip style of roof it is important to roof one side at a time. Some people will put down a chalk line to make sure the shingles are straigth, but as you can see from the picture the underlayment had lines printed out it that we could use.
Use a ridge cap or the left over tabs that you cut off earlier to cover the seams on the four corners. I like to stain cedar with a natural color, but this time I was over ruled and we sealed it with paint.
To go with the old fashioned barn style door we wanted to use old style wrought iron hardware.
We cut notches in the door frame so that we could make the door flush with the shed siding and attach the hinges. We installed shims for the hinges to mount too. This is the lighter colored wood in the photo above.
If you can provide any tips on building a shed or you have any questions, please leave a comment below.
WARNING: These projects can be dangerous, posing risks of personal injury, or property damage, and in some cases, death.
QR-код — это двухмерный штрихкод (бар-код),предоставляющий информацию для быстрого распознавания её камерой на мобильном телефоне. My Neighbour had an old cedar gazebo that he didn’t want any more and his plan was to take it to the dump. I was originally going to use plans for a shed to build a new one, but I decided to convert his gazebo into my new shed. So instead of taking the wood gazebo to the dump, we removed the cedar shingles and walls and built a new shed. In this article I will discuss steps 1 to 4 and in the article next week I will finish off the project and discuss steps 5 to 7. Luckily our lots are side by side and we were rebuilding the fence so we could basically drag it from one property to the other. It was important to leave some of the walls up and braced it a bit so it would not fall apart as we moved it.
A few weeks later another neighbour was using a bob cat to do some work in his yard and we used it to drag it onto my property. My backyard is sloped, so before we could start working on it we made sure the floor was level and square. As you can see in the photo we made each wall like a panel on the floor of the shed and then moved it into place.

I had already picked out the spot where the shed was going to go and had been dumping dirt from the garden to level out the pad.
Instead of making the entire 10×10 foundation level, I made sure it was pretty close but then focused on making sure the concrete pavers were level front to back and side to side. We wanted to wait until the shed was in its final resting place before we put the cedar siding on. We first tried to move the shed by leveraging from the back with two big posts and moving it forward.
We then found a much better technique that you can see in the photo and the short video below. Once the shed was on the foundation we checked to make sure the main posts were on the pavers and the floor was level.
The information is based on converting my neighbour’s old cedar gazebo into a new garden shed for me. Part two is less about the converting the gazebo and more about constructing the garden shed. When selecting the siding you want to check the ends of the boards to make sure they are not cracked. You can see this in the middle photo above. Then it is quick to check each board and nail it in. This is because it is easier and cheaper to install than cedar shingles and we are planning on replacing our existing roof with asphalt shingles in the near future. If you are installing a brand new roof, you will need to put down plywood, also called the sheathing, to nail the asphalt shingles too.
You just need to nail down the shingles, ensure they are overlapping and then cut off the ends. Make sure the next layer covers the previous row as required by the manufacturer’s instructions and that you do not line up shingles. You will probably need to cut more tabs off the shingles to have enough ridge caps for the four seams. Once we were happy with the door installation, I painted the shims the same color as the shed and they blend in perfectly. The overall structure and the floor were in good shape, but it needed a new roof and some TLC. Of course there is more to it than that and in this article I’m going to discuss how to build a shed from a gazebo. After all of the dragging the gazebo was starting to look a little wobbly and crooked and we decided we needed to frame the shed to add support before we moved it any more.
This was done by propping up the sides to make it level and also sturdy so it wasn’t going to move around while we worked on it. Since the 2x4s will be covered with cedar siding and away from the elements I used the pine 2x4s available at Home Depot. This was because the original gazebo floor was bigger than the shed and I wanted to cut it down a bit. This was a bit different because I had to prepare the foundation and then slide the shed into place.
This save me a lot of time and no one would be looking under the shed when it was finished anyway.

We placed blocks near the sides of the shed and then used old fence post to leverage it in the air and then pushed the post backwards to move it forward. You may see this if you are purchasing a lower grade of cedar or their stock is low in the wood bin. You can purchase a starter strip or just cut the tabs off a few shingles and then nail them to the roof. I recommend that you read the information on the shingle package or talk to a representative from where you purchase the shingles.
I like to line up each second row then you know you are correctly covering your roof from the elements. You can replace the hooked blades with a straight blade and it made this work a lot easier and the cuts were a lot easier. I like painting because you can see your progress, but painting a 10×10 shed in the hot sun is a lot of work. He used wood that he had milled with the sawmill he made. We were looking for an old fashioned looking barn door and I think he delivered it! Since it was made with wrought iron the hinge was a bit stiff, but once it was installed on the door there was no problem opening the door. 12X24 BARN Sixteen tenner 24 gambrel barn plans download on unloosen books and manuals look for & IBE A M B-complex vitamin uranium L D.
Garage Plans single Car Gambrel 384 G1 16′ disco biscuit one and only car By Behm Design. A couple of years ago we removed our shed to build a new second story deck and I was always dreaming of a new shed in our backyard. We cut the top and the bottom 2x4s to the length of the shed minus the size of the corner posts.
These would line up with the three posts that were on the bottom of the old gazebo, or new shed.
The main thing was to ensure the foundation was stable and the pavers that support the shed are level.
The framed shed was pretty sturdy but we did add a few temporary braces just to make sure it wouldn’t move. We also have several local sawmills that produce good quality cedar siding at a reasonable price.
For now if you want to see a picture of the finished shed you can go to the top or part 1, by clicking on converting a gazebo to shed. 10X12 BARN Simple-minded concise and easy to read barn plans with the owner builder in Two story with attic surgery full second floor the Gambrel Barn family has up to 4320 total satisfying Plans with loft or second gambrel shed plans 16×24. Once this was done we cut down the sides of the floor to line up with the walls and then screwed it down.
This is because you have four sides that are getting smaller and smaller as you go up the roof and you have to take into account they overlap on the sides.

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