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Now make a list of the equipments needed in the construction of the tree house and purchase them in bulk so as to reduce the costs. Nail some well-polished wooden boards together across two strong branches that are close to one another.
Now add some more wooden boards on three sides of the base of your treehouse until a railing is formed. Pick up a plastic trap and attach it to the trunk of the tree, making sure to angle it to the far side of your railing. You can make a terrace to savor the surrounding environment or to have a cup of tea with your family and friends. SANS10400 are the Building regulations in South Africa, and both international and national standards, are fundamental to successful building and construction projects, both big and small. A homemade treehouse built just for fun.NOTE THAT THERE IS INFORMATION ABOUT MINOR BUILDING WORK AND THE LAW AT THE END OF THIS POST. There’s nothing better than making, or creating, or building something special for your kids. We built a treehouse once – when our three kids were still young enough to appreciate the adventure!
We used 90 mm gum poles as support beams, and secured these to the trees with 100 mm x 100 mm brackets and coach screws. To strengthen the support structure, we nailed a V-brace to the tree and the end of the cross beam against the tree on both sides. To strengthen the support structure we used split poles and nailed these to the ends of the top poles and the tree to form a V-shaped brace below the beams. We nailed split poles to a cross beam at each corner – with the flat part of the  facing inwards. Before the roofing could be fitted (we used flat fibrecement, but corrugated fiberglass would be just as good) we added a central beam, screwing it into the top of the framework on each side.
The house was made mainly of exterior-grade plywood (which is weatherproof), and the floor was constructed from  solid shutterboard. As an author, if I am going to suggest to anyone how to build a treehouse, I do realize that safety is a primary factor. In reality, not all local authorities will find it necessary to have an application for a little treehouse. Minor building work is defined in Part A of the National Building Regulations and Building Standards Act.
If you think a treehouse would go down well in the land of your offspring… offer the opportunity, and engage them in the experience.

Even if it is minor building work – what if it is along the boundary wall of your neighbour?
If you make the decision to make a treehouse an awesome addition to your yard, here are some ideas that may help you in the planning process. The anticipation kept building and unlike other yard projects that can be a drag, this one we looked forward to because we knew it would provide a family escape and offer fun for years to come. This is a great and wonderful idea on how to plan out the treehouse without getting confused. If you are lucky enough to have a house with big trees in the backyard, chances are your cute children have requested for a treehouse.
Make sure to select a tree with sturdy and thick branches so that they can support plenty of weight. There are many tree house designs and you can get an idea from many online websites that offer simple but unique treehouse plans. If you do not have a ladder, then nail a few equal size wooden boards to the trunk of the tree to use as steps.
Grab a saw and trim extra branches of the tree which can disturb you during the construction process. It was set in the branches of two well-established pine trees, raised 2.5 m above the ground, and had a floor area of about four square metres.
Published in 2003, and called The Complete Book of Outdoor DIY, the book is sadly now out of print.
The only trees in the garden were established pines, and there was no one tree with lateral branches that were close enough to the ground to be incorporated in the structure. Then we bolted more poles on top of these beams, against the two tree trunks, using cup head bolts. Then we bolted two more beams across the top of the support beams so that there were four beams at 700 mm centres to support the floor. It featured in another of our books, Build Your Own Outdoor Structures in Wood published by New Holland Publishers in 1996, and then given a new look cover in 2001. So first off, you will need to ensure that the wood you use is going to last… well as long as it needs to. The fact that something is minor building work does not necessarily mean it can be constructed alongside a boundary wall.
So plan accordingly as to how high you want your little adventurers playing and how high you are comfortable building. It is always better to select a tree with parallel branches since they are perfect to build a treehouse.

However, you can make the roof with wooden blocks as well, putting them together the way you formed the base of the treehouse. But there were two trees growing 2.2 m apart, and we opted to use the trunks of both as primary supports.
This won’t be a permanent home, but you really, really DO need to make sure it is safe. What you require is a strong tree at the right location and a few tools, which will be easily available in the market.
The third possible option is steel roof sheets, since they are easy to install and are great for rainy days. Once the floor was in place we completed the framework for the treehouse, using 90 mm split poles.
However, you really have to be careful about the design and safety measurements of the tree house.
What about a 15 foot climbing wall or a fire pole?My children are still naturally able to climb, and helping them keep and improve this ability was a priority for my husband and I. Stop thinking and start your treehouse project in order to surprise your kids with some unforgettable hours of enjoyment with their friends. Every aspect of the treehouse, from the zip line to the slide to the monkey bars is strong enough for an adult to use.Risky?Some aspects of our treehouse would be considered risky. The climbing wall is at least that high and they could potentially fall from 8 feet or higher in a number of places. Boys should be allowed to climb tall trees and walk along the tops of high walls and dive into the sea from high rocks… The same with girls. One side is a climbing wall and a climbing rope that goes to the top of the enclosed clubhouse inside. There is a 9 foot speed slide that comes out of the enclosed building.The zip line attaches to the pine tree and goes to another tree that is over 150 feet away. To use the zip line, the children have to climb up, hold on to the zip line, ride it to the other tree, then run the 150+ feet back to the treehouse for the next person go. I’m interested in the natural stain – what brand did you use and where did you buy it?

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