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Now you can play with Lego blocks on any device that supports Google's web browser of choice just by visiting the Build with Chrome website.
It can be a pain to put away Legos after playing with them, but this website does away with that inconvenience entirely. Either it doesn't like Chrome Beta, or your phone is missing certain libraries that chrome LEGO uses. Can't watch right now because my internet connection is dog slow for some reason, but how does this stack up to the Lego Digital Designer?
Yeah, and what if Google's next Nexus device (smartphone and tablet) had LEGO studs in the back of it, instead of that smooth rubber texture?

Okay, so this may be a stupid question, but how the heck do you edit the buildings you've already created?
Sure, these blocks may be easier to build with using a keyboard and mouse, but a phone or tablet just makes them so much more portable.
I'm sure it will get fixed, or at least an explanation as to why you're getting that message. I made one, and I published it to save it, and now I want to continue, but I can't figure out how! Those of you getting the same error msg, what version of Windows (assuming you are on Windows)?

It's a task so intuitive that even babies can grasp it without being directed, and regardless of how old you are, the fun just doesn't go away. So even though Google's latest Chrome experiment isn't particularly revolutionary, in this case, that's a good thing.

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