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From the first sketch of the Speedball Special, duplication by the home builder was the primary concern. All of the car’s components are simple, engineered to give no running or service problems. The parts of the bike used are: engine, clutch, transmission rear hub, brake and sprocket, oil tank and gas tank plus all instruments, cable guides and switches.
The first step is to cut both side members to the correct length and curve up the bottoms of the front frame horns as shown in the frame layout drawings. To install these parts, care must be taken to duplicate the geometry of the car from which the components were taken. The reason for the alteration to the rear brake and sprocket drive is that the axle is stationary and the bearing hub rotates.
Although the kick starter shaft could be lengthened and the pedal mounted on the right rear side of the body, an electric starter is a nice finishing touch.
Special attention was given so that all wire installed was uninterrupted from source to fuse block and from fuse block to end. The gas tank used was built up from two round five-gallon drums and a one-gallon paint can.
All strips are butt-glued against each other and glued and tacked with brads to the bulkheads.
Bevel the upper edge of the third strip and taper the lower edge with a plane to the correct amount as determined by your figures.
After the two bottom curves are done, return the body to its normal position on the horses. Plans to build a sports car out of wood from Mechanix Illustrated 1956 “HOW would you like to own this snazzy-looking mahogany-paneled sports car? Sir: Back in 1972, as an architectural draftsman, I became interested in using wood as a means of making a light weight vehicle. The original was put together by an automotive engineer from the remains of a British Ford Escort (very different from the American car of the same name) and is a classic open roadster very similar to a Lotus Seven. The Luxurycontemporaryhouseinteriordesignintheforest published at Wednesday, July 18th, 2012 was a cool and innovative design.
Because we love to share everything about building design, interior design , furniture, and also architecture design idea.
When view at the photo of Luxurycontemporaryhouseinteriordesignintheforest normally we can classified the design as Architecture , individually as house design enthusiast I was so admired. Click on the images to see many other high-resolution Luxurycontemporaryhouseinteriordesignintheforest. A collection and list for some building ideas for Minecraft on PC, Xbox 360, PS3 and handheld devices, enjoy! Not all builds are made by us as we aren't as skilled as many people out there but we just want people to be able to easily find a great collection of minecraft building ideas!
Minecraft Building Inc All your minecraft building ideas, templates, blueprints, seeds, pixel templates, and skins in one place.

You canA?a‚¬a€?and for less than $500 if you are the least bit handy with ordinary tools and not afraid to get your hands dirty.
If you don’t care to get so involved in building the complete car, the body can be built on a stock or modified chassis. The oak frame, plywood bulkheads and mahogany strips are ordinary boat-building operations. The best, and simplest way is to cut them out with a welding torch and position and bolt them to the frame. These units are small and when welded together, two to a side, will make the engine quiet but throaty. Controls and their linkages are always troublesome at best, but because the bike is already set up for cables, the job is extremely simple.
Since this would be hard to service after the body skin has been installed, a 1955 Pontiac fuse block was used.
Now start laying the strips down from the one at the top of the frame to the one next to the plywood. It was left completely exposed to snow and rain for long periods and has stood up perfectly. The best way it can be described is with only the driver, it’s very close to a motorcycle carrying two people.
I have the designs and plans for one of these myself – was thinking of building one as a dedicated autocross racer. If I recall correctly a Triumph motorcycle engine was used driving a VW differential with a roller chain. The basic shape can apply to a front or rear engine chassis and can be lengthened or shortened.
Track measurements if retained, would guarantee that the front-end camber and caster are correct.
A British or a German starter must be used, since all American starters revolve counterclockwise. Post WWII England was not kind to small car makers and it made sense both economically and commercially to build cars with wood.
The front suspension for the rear wheels is twisted to allow the axle shaft to pass within an inch of the coil spring and still allow the bearing saddle support arm to be as short as possible. Some American motorcycles have electric starters as optional equipment and of course could be used. Two stationary headlights can of course be mounted on the top of the front shock absorbers or the hood. Because of its high power to weight ratio, about 12.3 to 1, you will be able to do close to 90 mph.
Cut and drill these cross members to receive the attaching bolts as shown in detail drawing No.
It must be high enough to allow room for the axle below it and for good weight distribution the engine should be ahead of the axle.

Do not cut out headlight holes until all wood has been applied or the contour will not match. You could build a version of this car very easily if you were smart about weight and safety.
Motorcycle wire wheels were used and the result was a very pretty car with the varnished mahogany, copper flashing and a small simple windshield fabricated similar to the mud-guards.
When making patterns for these cut-outs, use a stiff paper and fit only a few inches at a time, taping your pieces together as you go along. Secondly, the bike frame, with the extension for the transfer shaft, must also be high enough for the spare tire to nestle below it.
At bulkhead E, tubing and a small windshield wiper control pulley are used to drop the cable down to the pedal. I would enjoy hearing from anyone who remembers this homebuilt as I have been searching for the MI article for years. Styling features from the antiques were also incorporated such as the outside gear shift levers, emergency brake handle and small suspended windshields. It is important that the two chains, one from the transmission to the shaft and the other from shaft to rear wheel sprocket, be kept as short as possible.
Since all motorcycles have a gravity feed the pump is mounted inside the passenger compartment on the right side and is visible from the driver’s seat, so that the fuel flow can be checked while running. The second strip is paced along a line level with the top of the frame from bulkhead D to I. Measure the gap between the two strips in place at each bulkhead and divide this total by the number of strips needed. It can probably be rented or borrowed from the local body shop over the weekend and with it the entire body can be shaped in less than a day. This old-new construction gives wonderful flexibility to the individual builder, plus the advantage of a familiar material.
Lay a strip along the top, bending it so that its edge is just where the upper body curve begins. The nose piece is notched out so that a radiator hose can be nailed in place and covered with the inside turned out of an old innertube. Get a stout rope and use a bumper jack to pull together the two side members until they are the correct distance apart for inserting the No. Be very careful with the last five strips per side since their fit will be very noticeable if sloppy. The engine support rails and gussets for beefing up the rear suspension points are installed last.

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