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With Instructables you can share what you make with the world, and tap into an ever-growing community of creative experts. We used an online program to play around with some of the measurements so we're off to the hardware store to pick up supplies. The cozy interior and extra large glass doors and windows let in plenty of light for crafting and other hobbies. I have just returned from testing this yurt at Burning man and it was sadly unable to withstand the strong gusts of wind coming off the playa.

I was able to keep it up for the first few days using pvc cement glue at the joints but ultimately it collapsed. I used a parachute ($60 included in the total cost) to cover it  which works great as far as size however it is not very breathable so rolling up the sides helps during the day. After being on the playa for the first time this year I see that most structures of this size are made of steal however I am confident this structure will be playa proofed by next year.
Since coming back from burning man it's been erected in our backyard as our getaway house.

Also i want to look into making a better cover as the parachute catches the wind like it's supposed to. If you aren't fighting the worst conditions possible it should stay up and provide plenty of sheltered space.

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