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We had added code in our blog , but when we copy code and pasted on Facebook chat , it looks separated like below image.
Krrish , i think everyone knew this name .It is the first Indian super hero like Super Man , Batman and thousand of other Man.
The Silicon Valley company is developing a new product designed to allow users to chat with colleagues, connect with professional contacts and collaborate over documents, competing with Google Drive and Microsoft Office, according to people familiar with the matter. It's worth mentioning that Slack, the white-hot chat system used by dozens of corporate clients, including Fast Company, is estimated to be worth north of $1 billion.
And Facebook's more derivative products like Facebook email, as well as its multiple copycats of Snapchat, have not performed particularly well, largely because users have no qualms about spreading the different facets of their online identities across different platforms. Einfach einePause im schnellebigen Alltag machenohne der Zeit Beachtung zu schenkenist ein Erlebnis, das ich gerne teile.
Facebook employees, however, use it to get work done, reportedly using a special internal version of the social network to send messages, collaborate on documents, and upload files.

They'll use Facebook to post status updates for family, Snapchat to waste time with a few close friends, Instagram to post vacation photos, and Twitter to talk to strangers. If normal ol' Facebook comes across as confusing for people, will big corporate offices trust Facebook to handle whatever secret projects they're working on? The Mechanist happens to be heading into town that same moment and sees the mercs at the bar. With a protectron at his side and seeing them off guard The Mechanist feels he can take them on knowing they will have some good loot.
The mercs jump up from the bar and start shooting and a massive shootout starts in the middle of Canterbury Commons streets.
Protectron charges forward takeing another merc out not knowing that one of the mercs is carrying pulse grenades they make short work of the protectron. Now three mercs left pushing forward The Mechanist now alone starts to run towards his lair.

With the mercs unloading on him as he runs he gets caught with a bullet in the right arm and drops his rifle knowing it could happen again he just keeps running and leaves it. The mercs decided not to proceed after looseing three men already and only one pulse grenade left and knowing the Unique Laser Rifle is worth more then the contract anyway. Now back at Fort Bannister with a failed mission the mercs present Commander Jabsco with this Unique Laser Rifle.

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