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If you visit a website frequently, you can create a desktop shortcut for the website so that it can be accessed easily without having to open the browser and type the address over and over again.
Now you will see the icon in your desktop, clicking it will take you directly to the website. AddictiveTips is a tech blog focused on helping users find simple solutions to their everyday problems. There are a ton of great websites and resources on the Internet, and there are many ways to find them. Step 1: Open your Web browser and go to the website for which you want to make your desktop shortcut.
Step 2: Right-click the address in the address bar at the top of the window, then click the Copy option. Step 4: Right-click inside the field at the center of the window, then click the Paste option. Step 6: Enter your preferred name for the shortcut into the field at the center of the window, then click the Finish button. If you have a Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime subscription, then you might be looking for a simple and affordable way to watch that content on your TV. You can read this article to learn about more ways to add shortcut icons to your desktop in Windows 7. This short tutorial covers how to pin a website shortcut icon to the Windows 8 Start menu and taskbar when using Google Chrome. From the Create application shortcuts window check Desktop and Pin to Taskbar and then choose Create.
Note: You will notice that the shortcut icon now appearing on the desktop is sort of rough looking in most cases. The great thing about this extension is that it lets you manage the entire list of shortcuts directly from the Omnibar.

Desktop notifications are displayed every time a shortcut is added or deleted from the list. The Shortcut settings allow you to enable desktop notifications when shortcuts are added, deleted or overwritten.
Many might think the extension isn’t all that useful given that Chrome suggests websites in the Omnibar based on your search history but unless you regularly clean your browsing history, you are likely to have a lot of junk suggestions. GIGAOM has put together a nifty article detailing the process for creating a unique iOS home screen icon for your website. When iOS users visit your website and create a home screen icon shortcut to easily access your site again, you want that icon to stand out and be easily identifiable amongst all the other icons, particularly if your site is a web app. Normally, when you create a home screen icon for a website, iOS will create a thumbnail image of that webpage, but by following a few simple steps (using a program like Preview), and entering a few lines of code, your websites can easily be identified by a well branded icon on any iOS home screen. It’s very simple to show the Windows 8 metro-style applications folder on the desktop.
If you are a doing a business and send frequent emails to your clients, you can create a desktop shortcut for sending an email quickly. Type the email address of the person starting with “mailto:”, see the example in the screenshot below. We review the best desktop, mobile and web apps and services out there, in addition to useful tips and guides for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS and Windows Phone.
But this also makes it difficult to remember the addresses or names of sites that you really liked, so you’ve decide that you want to place a shortcut to the site on your desktop so that you can always have a simple way to visit. I go on to explain how to change a shortcut icon from the default, rough-looking icon you typically get from upscaled website favicons. With the Google Chrome browser open to the page you want to pin, look for a menu icon to the right of the address bar that looks like three horizontal lines nd open the menu.
This is because Chrome grabs a website's favicon which is basically a small 16 x 16 pixel image.

Sometime we want to pin any website to taskbar so that we can easily access them.Internet Explorer has this option but did you know you can use similar feature in Google Chrome too. Typing “-” followed by the shortcut removes the shortcut, whereas, typing “+” followed by the shortcut adds the shortcut to the list. You will notice this happen when typing just one or two letters populates suggested URLs that are completely irrelevant.
Type a name for the new Windows 8 desktop shortcut in the text field, such as Apps, and click Finish. Get rid of malware with the best Antivirus and Anti-Malware downloads, block referrer spam, and more. The desktop is one area of your computer that you will always visit with regularity, and it’s easy to locate specific programs, shortcuts and files when you put them there.
To appear as an icon on your desktop this tiny image is stretched larger than it's native size and this often creates a blurry looking image. The process is very simple, if you want to pin any website then open that website in Chrome and then click on Wrench icon on your Google Chrome. The Manage Shortcuts category allows you to add a combination of letters to create a shortcut and a corresponding link for the website. To remove a shortcut, visit the shortcut manager on the extension’s settings’ page.
So continue reading below to learn how to add a shortcut to a website on your Windows 7 desktop.
This is how easy and simple it is. This behavior can be modified to do nothing in the event an incorrect shortcut is typed or you can have it go to a particular URL.

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