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05.10.2014 admin
With the release of Mac OS X Yosemite, Minecraft stopped working for anyone who has updated (or any new Yosemite users, such as a new computer purchase). Also, some in the Minecraft support community have been telling me this has been around since Mavericks was introduced, as that is when Apple stopped installing Java by default. A real fix needs to come from Mojang, in terms of a new launcher that properly recognizes other Java versions (or the latest version), as well as install instructions for Java as needed. Important: As noted above, there seems to be an unresolved Java issue where version 7 and 8 automatically use a dedicated GPU if available (vs integrated GPU). Same as above, check your Internet Plug-ins folder (for Java-related items) and look for a Java folder. My desktop iMac has an additional Java install location with an alias into the above folders.
I haven’t upgraded this system to Yosemite yet, but am planning to do so in the next few days.
This is an important step, as most of the Java insecurities you’ve probably read so much about over the last year or two were vulnerabilities accessed via web-sites being visited.
Note: pay attention to the warning that this only applies to the current logged in user if you have multiple users on your computer. You can put this file in your Applications, or maybe on your Desktop (or an alias to it on your Desktop). Of course, if Oracle updates Java this will vary and you SHOULD be able to update Java via the control panel or by downloading and installing future updates.
Oh, and if you need a website or know someone who does, please check out our Website design services! Can you tell me a bit more about your setup… maybe I can do some testing and figure something out. And, with Minecraft, did you have any of the settings in the launcher modified, or was that stock? I had to give up, remove everything and install version 6, after removing everything and trying to install 8 a few times. Interestingly I spent some time looking into this and found the root problem here is that Mojang are using the Apple provided Java to app wrapper provided by Apple. The downside is that you end up with an unsigned APP and have to override the gatekeeper warning or sign the app somehow.

I was surprised that this was still an issue when I upgraded the kids computer to Yosemite. JavaOne 2012 Review: Make the Future Java by Steve Meloan Summary of the jam-packed JavaOne 2012 conference. While a month is quite a while to wait for such a crucial update from a major software vendor, Mojang at least had access to Yosemite since the PUBLIC beta offering on July 24th, 2014. I seriously don’t remember installing Java when I bought my Mavericks based laptop or when I upgraded my desktop to Mavericks. Minecraft is my ONLY Java based concern here, so I did no testing to see if this fix impacts other Java dependencies.
This might impact battery performance negatively until resolved (integrated GPUs typically use far less energy and might be quite capable of running Minecraft). First look in Internet Plug-ins and get rid of anything Java related (probably just a Java applet plugin). It is my production machine, and is the result of at least a couple of years of OS X upgrades (last clean install was probably Snow Leopard). So, we’re effectively trying to replicate that security advantage via these settings.
If you’d rather play Minecraft with a console controller rather than your keyboard, there is an excellent way to do so on the Mac. While I read a bunch of articles on the topic, this one ended up being the closest to what I found to work best (though, I found I didn’t need the Java JDK step, and wanted to refine it a bit more).
I’m going to have to try with a freshly installed Yosemite VM (now that I have Parallels 11). I spent several hours today trying to figure out how to get Minecraft up and running for a class my son wanted to join. And, one might expect that they started testing Minecraft on Yosemite, along with other software developers, back on June 2nd, 2014. I had not been reading about any crucial problems so I decided to upgrade my mid-2013 MacBook Air, as I primarily use my desktop for business work. Maybe Steve Ballmer was sent over on a last contract project to teach proper support etiquette? As noted, I don’t feel that is a good solution, and certainly is a pretty lame thing to just leave the way it is by Mojang.

And, what is even better is that this should be a pretty comprehensive fix, with rebuilt launcher and bundled Java (to try to get everyone on 64-bit, the latest version, and kept up to date). I’m running a mid-2013 MacBook Air with integrated Intel HD Graphics 5000, so this is not an issue for me.
You should almost never need Java via the browser (or if you did for some reason, only enable it for that one trusted purpose, then disable it again). If you are unsure, check individual browser settings to be sure Java (not JavaScript) is disabled. It even supports PS3 controllers via Bluetooth with the native Mac hardware Bluetooth (OSX Lion and above).
If you’re not enough of a geek to figure out setting up an account and installing Minecraft, you are left searching for assistance. I am not a techie so I was on the verge of throwing in the towel (and throwing out my Mac) when I stumbled upon your directions. I started looking at the bug reporting system and noted several tickets addressing or related to the issue. This way, everything should always be running the latest and greatest, and the install is as simple as any other Mac app. I’ve talked to parents, for example, who have been interested in Minecraft for their kids, but felt intimidated over how to get it going. Also, please read my update in the article about the fix Mojang is working on… finally! I only have an iMac and MacBook Air, but I’m going to upgrade Parallels and try to do some testing with various virtual machines if I get enough details back. So, if you’re hankering for some Minecraft over the holidays, it might be worth trying our tutorial.
I posted this because my kids love minecraft and I had to fix the same problem for another app.
There was, of course, the annual Oracle Appreciation Event held on scenic Treasure Island—a private rock concert for 20,000+ with a Ferris wheel, a full-scale midway, and the main-stage rock offerings of Pearl Jam, Kings of Leon, and X!

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