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I was talking to a friend of mine and we decided it would just be so much easier if we let our kids go on a candy-buying spree and then locked the doors and stayed home and ate candy all day on Halloween. Honestly, it was kind of impressive that Sam even agreed to be in the same room with the pumpkins. It was totally worth it though, because he took knife in hand and carved his pumpkin entirely by himself for the first time. Sam is in middle school now, so he didn’t have a Halloween party at school, but Jack and Quinn both had theirs at exactly the same time. Quinn and I hung out in his classroom while the rest of the school marched around the halls. A kid at a different table opened up a bag of sour cream and onion potato chips, sending Quinn running out to the hall, where he stayed until I made him come back inside.
Quinn must be on guard at all times—for sensory stressors, for things that scare him, for things that make him gag and throw up (e.g. And he didn’t even get kidnapped from our house, which was my primary concern in letting him stay home and answer the door at night—something I expressly refuse to let him do when he stays home alone.
I made a quick Sophie’s Choice, decided Jack would be fine with his friend, and ran home after Quinn, hanging up on a disoriented insurance agent as I searched for Quinn, whom I eventually found trembling under his bed.
Collaboration and family bonding: My kids spend a fair amount of their time acting like they want to kill each other.
Art: Every single ding dang day my kids use reams of paper making Minecraft-themed drawings. Also, these are in color and today’s are black and white, so I thought you might like these more.
It will not, however, serve as a lesson in grammar unless I decide that my editing their work for proper punctuation is more important than their artistic integrity. I figure that by the end of the summer one of two things will have happened: They will have lost interest and abandoned their blog almost immediately or they will be fluent in HTML.

They are welcoming comments over there, so if you like Minecraft, you’re welcome to hop on over.
In the meantime, I plan on not feeling the slight bit bad about letting my children play hours and hours of Minecraft this summer because of the, you know, LEARNING.
Stimey believes rodents are funny, autism may be different than you think, and that if you have a choice between laughing and crying, you should always try to laugh—although sometimes you may have to do both. I've actually put a lot of thought into this when creating my server spawn & even the arena. There are all these little hoops that you have to jump through, some of which Team Stimey accomplishes better than others.
Except every kid has to have their own pumpkin, but they are too young to go about whacking at a pumpkin with a butcher knife, so what really happens is that Alex and I end up taking orders from our kids about how exactly they want a perfect six-point star for a left eye and a square for the right. I think the only people who have a harder time than parents with school Halloween parties are the poor teachers who have to supervise them. I wanted to go to both, but that ended up not working out, what with my not actually being two people. Sometimes we make them, sometimes we cobble them together out of stuff we have, sometimes I buy them, one memorable year I had someone sew one, and this year I threw a million dollars at Amazon and had them send me two insanely expensive boxes for Quinn and Jack to wear.
This means that I get to take my kids trick or treating by myself at the same time as I hand out candy at home.
My kids all run in a million directions and I end up shouting at them to stick together and they don’t and it is a whole thing, but they usually have a really good time. My kids and I were heading out of the house to meet our neighbors who we were going to trick or treat with when my cell phone rang.
I figured that I could give my kiddos at least one gimme day of just hanging out and doing whatever they wanted to do, which pretty much means that they got to play a lot of Minecraft.
He briefly began a love affair with the Magic Treehouse Books, but then he discovered Captain Underpants and his non-cartoony chapter books phase ended.

Yet if you put something interesting about Minecraft on the computer, they will all cram into one chair to pore over it.
Quinn was playing Minecraft and Jack was humming the exact same song as was playing on the screen. They are also looking for topics that you’d like to hear about in their future blog posts. I have a ton of sensory issues, so I understand a lot of what he goes through, but he is really intense. This usually entails me putting out a bowl of candy and hoping teenagers don’t take it all before we get home. All creations copyright of the creators.Minecraft is copyright Mojang AB and is not affiliated with this site. He so badly wanted to go to his class party and get all the treats there, but he was absolutely terrified at the idea of walking in the costume parade—even with a box on his head to obscure his vision. He also totally channeled me later in the evening when we still had a ton of candy left and he started shoveling handfuls of it in trick-or-treater’s bags.
Like when Quinn sees a costume that scares him and he can’t relax because he is working so hard to avoid seeing it again.
I was too lazy to walk into the living room to take photos of today’s art that was on the coffee table.

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