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Don't let all your hard work on your gingerbread house go to waste because it collapses due to too soggy, weak icing.
I am extremely happy with my latest design and it seems to be attracting attention of all the cashiers as well.
I’ve been saving the poly-woven bags that my cat litter comes in to make up shopping bags. I am sure you could easily make these fit a wristlet.I bought my VB wallet a few years ago.
Make sure your gingerbread house lasts as long as the holiday season - or whenever you give in to your sweet tooth - by making sturdy royal icing.

Over those years I have been on the quest to create the perfect sturdy and durable yet inexpensive cash envelope. If you need to make the words on the boards bigger just click on the image and a larger image will appear. We didn’t start off with fancy envelopes either, just in the last few years have I experimented with making my cash envelopes as fancy as they are practical. Royal icing is the delicious and tough stuff you need to decorate Jennifer Verrill's festive Gingerbread House. Of course, they won’t have the pretty designs like a purchased bag, but the decorative duct tape can dress the white up while the branding can be inside.

Thick and sticky, it holds Sturdy Gingerbread dough in perfect position to add your favorite candies. Fill pastry bags with vibrantly colored icing and have fun (and maybe a bit of a mess) with your kids.

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