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When defining filter patterns, keep in mind that URLs are normalized before filters are applied.
The configuration properties proxyHost and proxyPort are used to define a proxy for the web crawler (i.e.
If you use SMILA for your own project, please change userAgent to your an own name, URL and email address.
You can configure the proxy the web crawler should use by defining the proxy in the configuration file (see above). To make it easier to extend and improve the web crawler it is divided internally into components. The WebCrawler worker is started with an input bulk that contains records with URLs to crawl. First a VisitedLinksService is asked if this link was already crawled by someone else in this crawl job run. If the content of the resource was fetched, the LinkExtractor is called to extract outgoing links (e.g. If outgoing links were found the current crawl depth is checked and if a maximum crawl depth is configured for this job and it is exceeded the links are discarded.
In a last step the RecordProducer is called to decide how the processed record should be written to the recordBulks output bulk.
Both fetcher and link filter will check the input links against the robots.txt file of the site.
This parameter does not affect handling errors reported by the accessed webserver like "404 Not Found", "400 Bad Request", "500 Internal Server Error" etc. The fetcher tries to get the content of a web resource identified by attribute httpUrl, if attachment httpContent is not yet set. For each input record, an input stream to the described web resource is created and fed into the CompoundExtractor service.
HCM has made a strategic investment and purchased a significant interest in Wenco International Mining Systems, Ltd. Phil Walshe, the President and CEO of Wenco, stated, "This investment by Hitachi will provide Wenco with a new and strong corporate foundation that will significantly increase our opportunity to provide customers with a high level of product support and enhanced technical service. HCM's main product line is hydraulic excavators, with the company manufacturing many models, from medium-sized and mini excavators all the way up to 780-ton ultra-large excavators. Wenco International Mining Systems was founded in 1986 and is headquartered in British Columbia, Canada.
This article was provided by the Ontario Mining Association (OMA), an organization that was established in 1920 to represent the mining industry of the province.
Papua New Guinea’s largest gold mine (based on 2008 gold production), LGL’s Lihir Island operation, has proven itself as one of the world’s safest mines after achieving a record 365 days without a Lost Time Injury (LTI).

Developed specifically for mining, quarry and construction applications, this product is intended for 40 - 100 tonnes nominal payload off-highway trucks in order to help them keep materials moving at high volume with lower costs per ton.
July 8, 2009 - Toronto, Canada - Geosoft announced the availability of its 2009 mid-year software release today. Tracked excavators in the 16- to less-than-21-metric-ton range sit on the cusp between compact models and medium size diggers. Notice that you enter in a starting website, a word to find, and the maximum number of pages to search through.
As described on the Wikipedia page, a web crawler is a program that browses the World Wide Web in a methodical fashion collecting information. It starts at the website that you type into the spider() function and looks at all the content on that website. Google has a whole fleet of web crawlers constantly crawling the web, and crawling is a big part of discovering new content (or keeping up to date with websites that are constantly changing or adding new stuff). However, if the task cannot be finished successfully within the configured number of retries, it will finally fail and all other links contained in the same bulk will not be crawled, too.
It just takes the domain as the host name without the first part, if at least two host name parts remain.
Each of them is a single OSGi service that handles one part of the crawl functionality and can be exchanged individually to improve a single part of the functionality. The producer could modify the records or split them into multiple records, if necessary for the use case. To prevent multiple access to the same site's robots.txt, the disallowed links will be stored in the job-run data of the crawl job.
It uses a configuration file with the same properties in the same configuration directory, but named An include pattern is defined to make sure that we only crawl URLs from "below" our start URL. The new entity will combine Wenco's leading expertise in fleet management systems and software development with Hitachi's long experience in the manufacturing and maintenance of mining equipment. HCM is a leader in the area of construction machinery, and has manufacturing facilities in Europe, the U.S.
Using the latest GPS, wireless broadband communication, computer technology, and software applications, Wenco provides proven and sustainable benefits to the mining industry.
The milestone equates to more than 12 million hours worked at the site, and is considered to be an outstanding record by global safety standards in mining. However you probably noticed that this search took awhile to complete, maybe a few seconds. The crawler will just ignore all links that start exactly (case-sensitive) with one of the "Disallow:" values.

If the mime type of the resource is suitable for link extraction, the Fetcher also gets the content. The mining industry continues to need evolving technology solutions to improve operating efficiencies and manage costs.
When it was still part of Hitachi, HCM was involved in the production of Japan's first mechanical excavator, more than 50 years ago. Wenco has experience in implementing and supporting systems in a wide variety of mines from the Canadian Arctic, to Siberia, to the Australian Outback. LGL Executive General Manager Noel Foley said the result was well ahead of world’s best practice, with the most common safety benchmark in metalliferous mining an LTI frequency rate of 5. Each time it visits a web page it collects two sets of data: All the text on the page, and all the links on the page. The only exception is an empty "Disallow:" value meaning that all links on this site are allowed to be crawled. Otherwise the content will only be fetched in the WebFetcher worker later in the crawl workflow to save IO load.
HCM also markets wheel loaders, off-road dump trucks, and other products made by HCM Group companies or in partnership with major manufacturers.
Wenco provides solutions to the mining industry's largest, most respected companies such as BHP-Billiton, DeBeers, AngloGold, Teck, and US Steel. LTI frequency rate is the number of lost time injuries multiplied by 1,000,000 divided by hours worked over a 12-month period. If the word isn't found in the text on the page, the robot takes the next link in its collection and repeats the process, again collecting the text and the set of links on the next page. Again and again, repeating the process, until the robot has either found the word or has runs into the limit that you typed into the spider() function.
Indexing means that you parse (go through and analyze) the web page content and create a big collection (think database or table) of easily accessible and quickly retrievable information.
So when you visit Google and type in "kitty cat", your search word is going straight* to the collection of data that has already been crawled, parsed, and analyzed. In fact, your search results are already sitting there waiting for that one magic phrase of "kitty cat" to unleash them.

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