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Indeed, WordPress is my most loved CMS for building a site, somewhat because of its usability and adaptability. After the establishment of WordPress is finished, it’s a clear matter to set up your site, beginning with the establishment of WordPress formats. Do you dream of displaying your beautiful craft products online, but aren’t sure how to go about developing your own website to showcase your ideas?
Make Your Own Website in WordPress is a flexible, exciting course, designed to show you how to get started using WordPress and its functions. I am sure for many of you the world of WordPress is a world full of the unknown, a world of a million choices! Well, this may be true, but what we aim to do is introduce you to the basics of WordPress, be there with you to celebrate your successes and to support you if you need it. We here at the Creative University are thrilled to be working with Sara-Tace on this course. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.
All other names and logos are trademarks of their respective owners, TemplateToaster is not endorsed by Joomla, WordPress, Drupal or Magento projects.
When WordPress was first released in 2003, it was primarily used as a simple platform for personal blogs.
No coding is required:  Once upon a time, creating a website meant learning HTML coding to ensure that everything looked right. Anything is possible:  If you wish to sell products online, WordPress is a perfectly capable platform for eCommerce (with the right plugins). Plugins add functionality:  While themes deal with the core appearance of WordPress sites, plugins deal with functionality.
Here at Make a Website, we have a team of expert developers and Web entrepreneurs who live their daily lives surrounded by content management platforms, themes and plugins. Before you can do anything, you need an address for your website (a domain), and a place to host your website (Web hosting service). We have produced a very detailed step by step guide to registering your domain and setting up your hosting.
If your basic site isn’t yet live, you may need to wait a little longer for your domain information to propagate. The WordPress dashboard is where you control all the content and functionality within your website. At the time of writing, a default installation of WordPress comes with a choice of three themes.
Assuming you are going to have some blog content, decide if want your homepage to have a different layout to your blog section. Pages are individual areas of your site, usually accessed through the top or side menu bars. Posts are individual blog posts, that usually appear in reverse date order as visitors scroll down the page.
In the screen shot below, the green arrow shows a link to a page, and the red arrow shows a post. After creating a couple of pieces of content, it should become very clear how to start to build up your site. As we discussed above, plugins can extend the functionality of your site, and you’re sure to find them for anything you want to achieve. It makes sense to tell a few friends first, and ask them to alert you to any problems or errors they see.

If you want to create a clean, minimalist, responsive and GORGEOUS e-commerce website to start selling products or services online, just follow the steps in the video above!
Hi Katrinah, I am following you along in this video and got to the part where I need to download woodojo. Hi Katrinah mam, Please help me its like almost 4 months to looking for this in my stile theme. Hi Katrina, let me tell you that your videos are wondeful and have been a great help for me.
You can construct a website  which works as an online journal or a business site with website usefulness crippled. By and large, I want to utilize free formats and you can discover an incredible a considerable lot of them here, both business and free. Permitting you to effortlessly make, few specialized abilities are obliged, completely tweaked, astounding and responsive configuration layouts.
Using a variety of methods including videos, worksheets and assignments, this interactive course covers many aspects of WordPress, ranging from  how to link your site to social media to generating site traffic.
As an artist, lecturer and entrepreneur, Sara-Tace has worked in colleges and universities as well as having her own web design business, so has plenty of tips and advice for creating your own website. Since then, it has evolved massively into a fully-fledged Content Management System (CMS), used as the backbone for websites of all kinds. There are plugins out there for pretty much everything you can think of, from adding photo galleries to integrating online shops. You will find endless WordPress support forums to help you, and thousands of developers and experts if you ever need any specialist help or customisation. First of all, we are going to change the fundamental appearance of your site by installing a theme. Company websites often treat blog content as a secondary thing, but if you are creating a personal site, you probably want people to arrive straight at the blog content. The best thing to do now is to spend some time playing with the features and adding some real content of your own. As you will have seen, WordPress installs some demo content that you’ll want to get rid of, and there are a few other things to think about too. If your theme lets you have a custom home page (not showing blog posts), then create a new page according to the guide for your theme, and then go to Settings > Reading, and set it as your home page.
However, try not to get too carried away, as an excess of plugins will slow down your site.
This adds floating social sharing buttons to your site, so that readers can share content they like via Facebook, Twitter or similar.
Website caching can speed up your website significantly, and Google does pay attention to website performance when determining their search results. If your site becomes popular, it will become a target for spammers, Akismet is a decent free system to stop some of the spam in its tracks. No coding experience required, this advanced WordPress training will guide you from the beginning. Hostgator is providing all my wonderful subscribers (You!) with an exclusive discount on web hosting. However, when I tried to download the plugin from WooThemes, the website says that product has been retired and it's no longer available.
I want to ask you if you can make a video on how to realise a news website where  we need to create more than one dynamic page on the site.
That as well as numerous facilitating suppliers have a programmed WordPress establishment capacity.

In six easy-to-understand lessons, experienced web design professional  Sara-Tace Conde will lead you step-by-step through the process. When finished, you will have the knowledge and skills you need to build your own successful craft website! She is also the founder of The Art and Craft Network, providing tutorials, business development, web design and an advertising community for creatives.
For the purposes of this tutorial, we will stick to the basics, and use one of the templates provided with a standard WordPress installation.
However, here is some general guidance to keep in mind while you hunt through the bewildering array of themes available.
Cracked themes may contain malicious code that can harm your website, steal your information and insert links to malicious websites. Social networks can prove a huge source of traffic, so this plugin is practically essential! While it may not prevent a dedicated and skilled hacker, it will still stop opportunists from using your site for malicious purposes. I have the latest version of mystile but I cannot go on without this plugin, could you help?
If you could do it, i would be thanlful, if no, what you are doing is more than enough anyway. Indeed before your guests find the data or the gimmick they are searching for, they will judge your site, its outline and most likely likewise its route. Part, Template Creator must be introduced on your site, and then you’ll have the capacity to make and produce your layouts. Sara-Tace will be available throughout the course to answer your questions on the discussion board and provide individual feedback on your assignments each week. Some are included with WordPress (as we will see later), and others are available online for free or at little cost. Even if you just want a simple site to use to upload pictures of cute kittens, WordPress can do it all…and more. Usually, you would download the theme as a ZIP file, and upload it after selecting this option.
Three or four column themes are very flexible and good for websites with tons of content, but sometimes appear a little cluttered.
By caching it, a lot of elements will be served as static cached files, making the whole thing faster.
Configuration is simple: all you have to do is enter the email address you wish for messages to be sent to, and choose the form fields you want to show on the page. One thing to be mindful of is that not all subjects are equivalent, and you regularly get what you pay for. Once created, you can trade and introduce your layouts as you would do with whatever available layout. But sometimes I found that my wordpress doesn't have the function that you have in your video. Like in this video, when you upload the banner picture, it gives you option of the size of the picture. I thought it was because I was using windows but then I changed to mac it showed same as on my PC.

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