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Well anyway, this is part 1 of How to Make a Mobile Phone Case where I show how to make a custom-made pattern. In case you’re not sure if the phone case fits, make the pattern wider rather than narrower.
Mark the height, measure the length from mark to bottom edge and mark on the other side as well. Mark and don’t forget the seam allowance (1cm) before you cut the rest of the paper off.
You can do that anyway, it makes the pattern a lot easier, but it may look a little awkward. This entry was posted in Arts & Crafts, DIY tutorials, Sewing and tagged DIY, last minute, pattern, phone case, Sewing by thisblogisnotforyou. To add interesting organic shapes, sandwich wires between matching pieces of self-adhesive craft foam. If you choose to make these multiple tier wire mobiles, try it yourself first, be patient, and expect a lot trial and error. If you want to try this with a whole class of upper elementary students, I would keep it simple. The Princess Artypants blog has a great Calder kinetic sculpture project, including video links. Salamander Art has a super fun-foam hanging mobile project that ties in with children’s mystery The Calder Game.
Leaf ‘Collage’ + Photography K-6 Art Nominated for 2012 Art Ed Blog of the Year! When it comes to a baby boy’s room, keeping the theme classic and timeless is always best. If you have older kids, this spin art mobile is a great project for them to make for the new baby.

For those who are open to taking on a larger project, this one-of-a-kind mobile also becomes a room sculpture.
Santa Monica, CA based Annette is the creator of the interior decor lines, House, Little House and Annette Tatum Collections. For my part, I also like the nautical mobile, but I really love DIY stuff and I think that me and my kids would have fun with that spin art mobile.
After sharing the whale shower yesterday, it’s only fair that we do a quick followup and show you how to make the driftwood mobile. Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on CraftCrave today [11 Nov 02:00am GMT].
That particular size drift wood makes a great drawer pull to replace your store bought handles,,,on cabinets or bureaus, etc.
In Denmark we hang these outside our beach houses because, traditionally, they ward of witches. I found a German youtube video on how to make an iphone case and figured you can basically make this with mobile phones of any size. Therefore I made the strip 8,5cm since the fabric is quite thick and I was afraid that the phone might not fit it. Take into account that the phone should protrude a little so you’re able to pull it out quickly without having to fumble for minutes. To do that mark the edge by folding the corner, unfold, fold both sides together (see picture below) and cut off. I teach a Calder wire project each year, but I have never successfully made a Calder-inspired mobile. Not only are they a great way to incorporate a little personality into your baby’s room, they can also be a magical decor statement. Instead of having grandma make a keepsake blanket, have her create smaller versions to be attached to an embroidery hoop as a mobile.

She is also the author of The Well-Dressed Home, which features her universal style guide for translating your sense of fashion into home design.
Using a drill bit a little larger than the diameter of your rope, drill holes in the center of each piece of driftwood. Alternate larger pieces and smaller pieces of driftwood until your entire mobile is complete. The phone case with the owl fabric was made for an iphone, the one in this tutorial is for an old nokia phone.
Whether they are handmade, one-of-a-kind or just plain fun, these are a few of my favorites. Then push it through the center holes (I used a combo of pliers, a screwdriver and scissors for the pushing and pulling). Look along the peak swell lines where it is fullest in the early srping, and by summer there should be lots of dry-ish driftwood once the river has dropped.Also, as a child I used to pick driftwood along a quieter river that was mostly bounded by woods, in a non-urban setting. Alternately, this gem functions as the perfect garland for a whale themed baby shower (in my case, both!). I've been in the city shores of both of the aforementioned rivers, and no driftwood was visible. I think the key is rocky or sandy (not muddy) shores, and some woodland bordering it upsteam, and being out of the city and you'll find a cache.Good luck!

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