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TweetThere are many ways to make money with a website on the internet, but most people are going about things the wrong way. Most try to go straight into this by battling the best of the best and of course they get nowhere. Too many online marketers try to go straight for the money and once again, they end up making nothing.
Just like the real world, you don’t want to try and open a coffee shop next to the biggest coffee chain in the world, because it will give you almost no chance at making any money. Whatever the case may be, my market was very,very tiny compared to what the internet has to offer. This is where targeting can be very beneficial to you, but I want to explain how even this .001% of the internet can make you a fortune! This is another department where most people get confused and this is probably the biggest thing you need to understand before you get into affiliate marketing. Building your own website does not require ANY technical skills and you can literally have one up and running in 5 minutes. If you want to learn more and see exactly where I learned how to do all this fancy online marketing, you need to checkout the Wealthy Affiliate. If you have any questions about niche marketing or making money online for that matter, please leave a comment below and I will get back to you as soon as I can. 5020Share on Pinterest021I was looking SO forward to week 4 because I figured we would have some big updates to share.
Google rolled out the second wave of their Hummingbird update and 6 of our 20 sites took a serious hit. This is now the fourth Google update we have endured with our sites, and while it definitely sucks to have Google roll out a whole whack of changes and switch up how they view and rank your site, it is all a part of the game.
What I mean is this: If you want to get involved online and run a website that is reliant on free traffic, you are going to have to wrap your head around the fact that this shit happens. In fact, after each update we’ve gone through in the last 2 years we have come out on the other side of things even stronger, and making even more sales.
Wacky, I know; but the thing about these Google updates is that you have to stay patient, figure out what the update was targeting (there will always be a TON of websites discussing the current updates whenever they roll out), and then implement the new strategies that are deemed acceptable by the big G. Another thing I want to stress about these updates is they are actually useful to anyone who has to endure them.
Because it helps you hone your skills, develop new strategies, become a better business owner, harden up, and not just rest on something that is comfortable. This time we see the update for what it is: A good kick to the pants to keep developing our approach and our strategy. The Google Hummingbird algorithm was announced on Google’s 15th birthday—back in late September 2013. Instead, it currently favours websites that are deemed authorities in their industry (with high page authority) and don’t JUST target exact match keywords—this is especially true with long tail keywords, ie. That doesn’t mean it is completely snubbing keywords, it just wants you to up your game with the quality of the content you create—meaning more of a focus on what the reader wants and less on keywords.
Now with that all being said, it is still completely possible for an affiliate site to attain the top spot! That means, product-based websites should still have a good fighting chance at hitting Page 1 with relative ease (and good links), as these big websites don’t typically target brand names but more so topic-based keywords. As of right now, all our websites that are targeting brand names in the URL have remained untouched *knocks on wood*, as well as our two big skincare and beauty sites.
The rest of our sites—which each target a topic-based keyword—have taken a hit, prompting us to focus more on brand name URLs for our future websites. That means if you are following this case study and getting involved with the challenge of creating your own affiliate site, you might want to consider a brand name domain and keywords. Since the focus is now more on conversational searches and results, you no longer need to worry about finding sub-keywords for each keyword you target. Again this could change, but as of right now just targeting one main keyword—and using it once throughout your content—and solving the problem that the keyword relates to should be more than enough to demonstrate to Google that your page is relevant to that particular search query.
These keywords aren’t typically targeted by the big content websites so you should still be able to rank relatively easily. Just make sure you don’t over-stuff your keywords into your post and instead try to focus on solving the problem each searcher would be looking for with each query or keyword. In an attempt to show you exactly how you can build and monetize your own affiliate site we think it is only fair that we show you both the way we always used to do this, coupled with our new approach to affiliate marketing. However, if you aren’t at that stage yet, you can still use my basic keyword research method. For the theme of the site, we stuck with our favourite (and simple!) theme—the Niche Site Theme—as it is easy to customize and we have had great success with it before.
As far as content is concerned, we are still sticking to the content model we outlined in Week 2. Finally, the only other aspect we will be switching up with this new site is our linking strategy.
We are still going to only drive links to the homepage and use our silo strategy that we mentioned in Week 2 to keep the link juice flowing and feeding each page, but for this site we are only going to use our private network of websites to drive links.
Remember, we aren’t trying to discourage you from attempting to build and monetize your own affiliate website. Discover the EXACT process that we used to build & grow our first ever 6-figure online business!
I did a bit of research on this product (obviously not for myself but out of curiosity) and there are almost no reviews of non-affiliates, so it must be a worth-while niche. I think it’s ok to have a fake personality on the website to protect privacy, but it should still be honest. But I also think that for some people it is more difficult to test out everything they want to promote with their sites.
Still totally stand behind the powers of guest blogging and think your site (or any site for that matter) can benefit from it! We just believe that for sites this small, you don’t necessarily have to grow the kind of community you would necessarily have to grow for bigger, more branded sites. However that is not saying that you CAN’T do that with yours…you absolutely can! En Internet podemos encontrar cientos de casos de bloggers americanos o australianos que han conseguido vivir de un blog, pero lo sorprendente no es esto. Me atrevo a decir que en Espana hay menos de 1.000 personas que vivan al 100% de los ingresos de sus blogs. Tambien las cantidades que generan no tienen nada que ver con las de los casos anteriormente mencionados.
El ir varios anos por detras…?quiere decir que en espanol hay mas nichos de mercado rentables o con menos competencia?
Yo creo que como tu dices, nosotros vamos muy atrasados, pero creo que con ganas de trabajar y con una buena organizacion se puede vivir muy bien de un blog en Espana.
Me animo yo tambien con mi primer comentario, ya que este tema me interesa mucho y es la duda principal que tengo para lanzar mi blog.
Siguiendo la misma logica, puede generar tanta pasta un blog ecuatoriano como uno espanol por el mero hecho de estar en castellano?
Yo que vivo en UK encuentro que aqui es mucho mas facil que en Espana el generar ingresos pasivos con blogs, pero tambien me da la impresion de que los blogueros britanicos tienen dificultades para generar el mismo volumen de ingresos que los americanos, a pesar de que ambas comunidades escriben en ingles. Un blogger residente en UK perfectamente puede tener un blog enfocado a un publico residente en Esados Unidos.
Ademas ir con cierto retraso tiene sus ventajas, ya se sabe mas o menos por donde van los tiros.

Ya te sigo desde hace un tiempo y aprovechando con el tema que tratas en este post, te iba a preguntar lo mismo que Juan acerca de como te va el proyecto de Viralshopping, ya que he pensado en hacer algo parecido, pero un poco mas especifico. Viralshopping como he dicho es un proyecto a largo plazo, no se puede esperar obtener resultados a corto plazo de un proyecto de ese tipo el cual depende de obtener cientos de miles seguidores en Facebook, algo que no se consigue de la noche a la manana.
Franck es uno de los pioneros y creo que es de los pocos que se aproxima o incluso iguala al mmercado anglosajon, lo que pasa es que es imposible mencionarlos a todos…solo queria poner 3 o 4 ejemplos, aunque obviamente hay muchos mas. Es cierto que con el ingles es mas facil llegar a muchos mas lectores, aunque el espanol tampoco se queda muy atras. Franck no creo que supere los 6000 euros al mes limpios de beneficios , lo cual no esta mal pero no se mueve en esas cifras del mercado anglosajon .Me baso en un email que mando a sus seguidores donde explicaba detalladamente su auditoria de todo un ano , lo cual me llamo la antencion y por eso lo lei . Creo que estos ultimos meses le han aumentado considerablemente sus ingresos, aunque no te lo puedo confirmar.
Es cierto que la mayoria terminan delegando trabajo pero estar mas libres, aunque en algunos casos son una sola persona detras del blog.
En cuanto a si se gana igual, claro que se gana igual, Internet no tiene fronteras politicas, todo es cuestion de posicionar tu blog con las palabras clave que utilicen en dicho pais. En el caso de blogs de Espana creo que Franck es el negocio online que mas factura anualmente, este ano bate record, y lo digo con conocimiento porque estoy dentro de los lanzamientos y es brutal.
Hola Andres, he venido a parar a tu blog por un comentario que dejaste en marketing de guerrilla (creo recordar) y este post me ha parecido interesante por lo que me apetece dejar mi opinion.
Yo tengo desde hace mas de cuatro anos un blog personal, lo abri como una forma de compartir mis preocupaciones y emociones en un momento determinado de mi vida.
En el tiempo que llevo en esto he llegado a la conclusion de que con constancia y trabajo se pueden conseguir muchos logros pero en este mundillo tiene que gustarte mucho lo que haces y no hacerlo pensando en unos beneficios economicos porque es muy dificil llegar a esas cantidades de las que hablas y muy facil abandonar antes de conseguir nada.
Estoy de acuerdo en que hay muchas formas de monetizar un blog, y un blog te abre muchas puertas y al igual que te puede generar ingresos, tambien te puede generar oportunidades o beneficios.
Creo que la gente se equivoca cuando piensa que solo se puede ganar dinero con un blog que hable sobre como ganar dinero o sobre marketing online.
Considero que los blogs anglosajones son nuestro modelo a seguir e implementar, si, es cierto que nos llevan anos luz pero a priori cada vez son mas los hispanos que se deciden por el mundo online asi que esto nos da muchas mas posibilidades a futuro para llegar a facturar grandes cantidades de dinero, en mi caso ya puedo decir que vivo de mis blogs y aunque no sea una millonada los ingresos valen la pena.
Otra cosa, es que a traves del blog tengas negocios paralelos como formacion, asesorias, agencias, ecommerces, tutoriales, etc….
Por supuesto que por otro lado hay mucha gente mas que vive de como dices negocios paralelos. Por otro lado, en Google Adsense, es obvio que tambien pagan muchisimo mas por clic en paises como USA, UK, Australia, Canada, etc.
Pero de todas formas, no es tan asi que en el mercado espanol no haya tanta gente generando ingresos altos, en realidad, yo diria que no se esta generando tanto en transacciones online (y pienso que eso tiene que ver mucho con la predisposicion de las personas a comprar online), porque si nos ponemos a pensar, hay muchisimos hispanos generando ingresos grandes con plataformas de publicidad como adsense o networks (el caso de El Rubius que no baja seguramente de 50.000 al mes o Soy German, y muchos otros youtubers que no son tan reconocidos.
En conclusion, creo que si hay mucha gente generando bastante dinero online en nuestro mercado, pero me parece a mi que principalmente es a traves de publicidad, ya que los casos de exito de afiliacion y productos digitales son muy pocos o anonimos.
Yo soy de Costa Rica, y aqui es, como decirlo, se da poco lo del bloging, he buscado y son de turismo o de humor. Simple Sites Big ProfitsA is one such course, which gives users step-by-step instructions how the concept of creating niche sites can bring in a recurring source of income on a daily basis.
Marcus Campbell is the man behind Simple Sites Big Profits and he’s been able to make a decent amount of money in the past by searching out niche markets, building tiny sites around the concept and getting them to rank in the search results.
This all worked fine and dandy until Google came around and slapped his little niche business off the map, taking his earnings per day from $1,000+ down to around $100-$200. Inside Simple Sites Big Profits, you will gain access to the members area and be able to walk your way through the course material as you like. Affiliate marketing, Amazon and Google Adsense are two of the best methods when trying to monetize a niche site. While organic search traffic is always the best method for a niche site, paid advertising opportunities also exist. Through the use of WordPress and easy to use site builders, it’s never been easier to create simple niche sites with high quality content.
Writing content for your niche site will only get you so far, you need to actively build backlinks, use social media and reach new audiences on a daily basis. When building content for your site, focus on the long tail keywords you want to rank for, while also providing quality and giving the user an end call to action. To effectively rank higher in the search results, you will need to actively increase backlinks to your site. Other topics covered within the course includes a directory of recommended affiliate networks, how to reduce your advertising costs through Google Adwords, creating attractive ads for your campaign and also how to setup a mailing list for longterm revenue and repeat visitors to your sites.
Using these same methods, Marcus continually provides examples and screenshots of his own sites and their success. When you look at the screenshot above, you might be thinking… how can you possibly make $320 off just 20 clicks and 4 conversions? The high conversion would come down to the content that is found on the site and the keywords it’s organically ranking for. This model will work with any niche, it’s just a matter of going deep enough, yet still having enough volume to make it worthwhile.
At the end of the day, niche sites are always going to make money… just like Google is going to continually moderate and penalize sites that lack in quality content. To learn more about niche marketing and how to create sites in a similar fashion as Marcus, you can visit his Simple Sites Big ProfitsA site for more details.
My name is Zac Johnson and I have been an online entrepreneur for the past 18 years and blogger since 2007.
I've been making money online for nearly 20 years now and would love to help you do the same. This is the absolute best way to make money online, if you do it the right way and understand exactly how it’s done. However, doing things online definitely has its advantages, but you can really screw things up if you don’t do it right. The point I’m trying to get across here is that, YOU NEED TO TARGET SOMETHING VERY SPECIFIC!
That my friends can be a BIG problem and is exactly what’s causing a bunch of people to make $0. This is where choosing your niche comes into play and what I want you to really understand before you get involved with something like internet marketing.
I had to give that shoutout to that man for showing me everything I know about making money online.
Unlike you, I didn’t get this clear understanding of what a niche really is, so you can consider yourself lucky. There is a lot more you need to know about making money online, and you will learn absolutely everything there. I am a proud father and I love spending time with my kids, so I found a way to make money online to allow me to do just that. And it happens at least every 6 months, in an attempt to keep their search results relevant. Now, throughout the previous updates we would get sucked into the negativity of them and wallow in our sorrow for losing a big chunk of money. There will be no sub-keywords and the primary keyword will only appear throughout the post once, unless unavoidable. After all, it is our go-to keyword research tool and we can’t speak highly enough of it. If you want an easy-to-customize theme that works with WordPress and is virtually fool-proof, download the Niche Site Theme!

That means we’ll still be using our silo strategy to link from page to page, with affiliate links on each page as well as a CTA at the bottom of the post.
We KNOW that you can do this, and we have all the faith in the world that you will make money with your website if you adhere to what is currently working. Are you using the product yourself to and posting a review or do you get someone else to test the product for you?
I think for projects like that, the reviews should be authentic, so good job finding someone who tried it. I was just about ready to launch my first SEnuke campaign, but now I don’t know what to do Is it worth it anymore?
Me gustaria utilizar este post como debate para que los lectores compartais vuestra opinion con respecto a este tema. En el tema de afiliados, Luis Eduardo Baron, Alvaro Mendoza, me parecen que tienen cifras mensuales respetables, como afiliados (unos miles de dolares).
Pero la capacidad de generar ingresos de unos y otros, ?no esta mas relacionado con el pais del blog que con la lengua en que esta escrito?
De esta logica cabria incluso inferir que un blog en castellano necesariamente tiene que generar mas ingresos que uno en ingles, porque los hispanohablantes somos mas en el mundo. Efectivamente cada blog es diferente dependiendo del nicho de mercado al que esta enfocado, cuando hablamos de anglosajones nos referimos a que en general en el mundo del blogging anglosajon hay muchas mas personas viviendo de esto que en nuestra blogosfera.
Lo unico pienso que todos los que ganarn esa cantidad como blogueros , uno tiene la sensacion de que es una sola persona la que se lo lleva todo , y pienso que al final se crean pequenas empresas con gente trabajando por detras donde la imagen de una persona o el nombre de un blog es el que sale a la luz pero eso es solo la,punta del iceberg . Conforme tu proyecto crece necesitas incrementar tus gastos tanto en tus colaboradores como en herramientas mas potentes.
Poco a poco empezaron a llegarme mails que me ofrecian colaboraciones, algunos con muchisimo morro puesto que yo no veia mi beneficio por ningun lado, pero con otros he ido trabajando, a veces he cobrado dinero y otras he recibido productos que me han supuesto un ahorro en mi economia diaria. Porque me da la sensacion de que cuando se habla de monetizar blogs cerramos el circulo a blogs de tematicas similares al tuyo o blogs de afiliacion de referidos, cuando resulta que hay otros muchos blogs tematicos con beneficios (nunca como sus homologos estadounidenses), existen bloggers de moda y tendencias muy importantes, bloggers de literatura a los que las editoriales tienen en cuenta en cuanto publican un libro,….
Asi que sigo en la marcha pues la meta es aumentarlos gradualmente hasta llegar a la suma esperada. Aqui si hay mucha gente que vive de estos negocios paralelos que en muchas ocasiones han surgido a raiz de tener un blog. Es algo logico ya que la implatacion y el uso habituado de Internet es mucho mas antiguo que en nuestro ambito. Conozco de casos y he comprobado otros de personas que viven de los ingresos de publicidad y afiliacion de sus blogs. Por ejemplo, si te vas a una plataforma de afiliacion como clickbank, veras que en ingles hay muchisimos mas productos para vender que en espanol, ademas, con la gravedad se puede ver que se venden o por lo menos se estan comercializando mas. The concept of a niche site is also quite simple… focus your time and effort on creating a very niche specific site loaded with high quality content and rank organically for relevant long tail keywords. This all goes back to the concept of building very simple sites, but also putting in the work to realize what niche markets to go after and which to stay away from.
The course material is broken down into 9 different steps, while also offering mini-guides, resources and tutorials along the way. While Marcus uses many different examples of niche markets to go after,A the process behind each of them follows this actionable 9-step formula. The goal is to find yourself somewhere in the middle where you can build out multiple sites that rank well, while keeping Google happy and providing value to your audience in the process. The price of the courseA is aA one-time fee of $297, which gives you access to all areas of the members site, guides, tutorials and private forum area. Using the suite of tools provided by Thrive Themes is the fastest way for you to create your own website or blog that is fully optimized for maximum conversions. You have the entire world to market too (literally), and you have no reason why you can’t make money online. Instead, we are just stick with driving links from our own network of high authority websites.
Why remove that from the linking strategy exactly, is is essentially the same as using the PBN, except you would never reject your own guest posts?
The product line has good reviews but the product I have been considering turns out the have no reviews. Y en cuanto al tema adsense, en foros he leido de gente que saca 40 mil dolares al mes, pero son anonimos, no exponen sus exitos. Antes era impensable para mucha gente comprar por internet ya que no habia confianza mientras que en el mundo anglosajon se hacia sin ningun problema. Esto en muchos negocios online es inevitable y muy necesario si quieres escalar e ir delegando cosas para disfrutar un poco mas de tu tiempo. Yo ni vivo de esto ni tengo intencion de hacerlo, pero en mi circulo bloguero tengo amigas que aunque no se puede decir que vivan de ello tienen beneficios muy importantes como la que no necesita comprar ropa a sus hijas en un ano porque se la regalan para que hable de ella. Por suerte con la nueva generacion de empresarios le estan dando un fuerte impulso a todos los negocios por internet. Con ese solo ejemplo se puede ver que hay mucha mas oferta, ademas que en el caso de la afiliacion, las personas en el mercado anglosajon parecen estar mas acostumbradas a comprar ebooks y productos digitales.
The formula still works today just like it did a decade ago, however there is a TON more competition and Google isn’t just allowing any sites to rank like they used to. Well, that all comes down to the niche focus, traffic to your site and how much time and effort you put into it — all valid points that the course material tries to help you achieve. Through his Simple Sites Big Profits course, Marcus walks you through the process of how to search out hidden niche markets, while also going through the process of looking at their competition, profitability and the best way to build a small targeted site around each niche focus. Create a niche site around that topic and promote a credit repair service and you could start making a few leads per month on auto-pilot after spending some time on the site. The concept stays the same… the process of how you get there just continues to change. In full disclosure, it is safe to assume that I am benefiting financially or otherwise from everything you click on, read, or look at while on my website.
With over 1,000 original and real life experience based articles, I will continue to walk you through the ups and downs, and in and outs of affiliate marketing and how others are making money online. By-the-way the product is an anti age wrinkle treatment with solid reviews and over 3000 monthly searches.
Es decir, puede generar tanta pasta un blog britanico como uno estadounidense por el mero hecho de estar en ingles? Creo que lo fundamental es el mercado al que va dirigido, lo cual logicamente comportara escribir el blog en un idioma u otro. Ahora cada vez mas se compra por internet en el mundo hispano y pienso que esta tendencia ira en aumento. Por tanto, cada vez se conseguiran mayores ingresos ya no solo mediante los blogs sino en todos los negocios online. I created this blog to help people start their own blogging business and pursue the "blogger lifestyle". My name is Chris Lee and I'm the founder of this good-looking blog you are reading right now. I've created this blog to help people like you become successful at blogging and make money with it.

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