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After a good deal of frustration and silliness I found out how to access virtual host through a windows browser on a virtual machine on a mac.
You can find out everything you need to about these two steps at MAMP’s help page on setting up virtual hosts.
Now that you’ve got the Mac running your little dev environment just fine, we want our windows running through parallels 5 to be able to do the same thing.
Just like we did on step #2 above, when we edited the host file of your mac, we need to do the same thing on Windows so the nickname (virtual host) is defined for windows as well as mac. It’s time to restart MAMP and close and open your browsers because this just might work. Guides and help on using basic Linux commands & basic Unix commands with step-by-step example. Step by step on install configure manage and using Linux Fedora on clients server computer presented with screenshots examples. Step by step Install Setup and Configure Linux Fedora Core Server and Network Management with Screen Shot and Example. Guide on install using and configure Microsoft Windows operating system on PC and server computer with screenshot example.
Virtual Host ( Known as Server Blocks in Nginx) is used for hosting multiple websites on single server. We are assuming that you already have Nginx installed on your system but in case you don’t have installed it already, Use following command to install it.
Edit new virtual host configuration in your favorite text editor and add the below configuration for HTTP and HTTPS settings.
After making all the configuration in your website Virtual host, Let’s restart Nginx service using following command.
A LFCE (short for Linux Foundation Certified Engineer?) is a trained professional who has the expertise to install, manage, and troubleshoot network services in Linux systems, and is in charge of the design, implementation and ongoing maintenance of the system architecture. In this article we will show you how to configure Apache to serve web content, and how to set up name-based virtual hosts and SSL, including a self-signed certificate.
Note: That this article is not supposed to be a comprehensive guide on Apache, but rather a starting point for self-study about this topic for the LFCE exam. You may already know other ways to perform the same tasks, which is OK considering that the Linux Foundation Certification are strictly performance-based. Please refer to Part 1 of the current series (“Installing Network Services and Configuring Automatic Startup at Boot”) for instructions on installing and starting Apache. Note: That the above command checks for the presence of either apache or httpd (the most common names for the web daemon) among the list of running processes.
The ultimate method of testing the Apache installation and checking whether it’s running is launching a web browser and point to the IP of the server.

The main configuration file for Apache can be located in different directories depending on your distribution.
Fortunately for us, the configuration directives are extremely well documented in the Apache project web site.
The most basic usage of Apache is to serve web pages in a standalone server where no virtual hosts have been configured yet. Unless matched by the Alias directive (which allows documents to be stored in the local filesystem instead of under the directory specified by DocumentRoot), the server appends the path from the requested URL to the document root to make the path to the document.
The format of the access log can be customized according to your needs using the LogFormat directive in the main configuration file, whereas you cannot do the same with the error log. You may refer to the LogFormat directive [Custom log formats section] in the Apache docs for further options.
Both log files (access and error) represent a great resource to quickly analyze at a glance what’s happening on the Apache server. If both IP address and port is specified, then the apache will listen on the combination of given port and network interface. Please note (as you will see in the examples below) that multiple Listen directives can be used at the same time to specify multiple addresses and ports to listen to.
The concept of virtual host defines an individual site (or domain) that is served by the same physical machine. Name-based virtual hosting allows the server to rely on the client to report the hostname as part of the HTTP headers. However, if your server will expose content to the outside world over the Internet, you will want to install a certificate signed by a 3rd party to corroborate its authenticity. The following steps are explained using a CentOS test server, but your setup should be almost identical in the other distributions (if you run into any kind of issues, don’t hesitate to leave your questions using the comments form).
In this post we have shown how to configure Apache and name-based virtual hosting with SSL to secure data transmission. If you have any questions or problems regarding this article and want help within 24 Hours?
First of all, thank you very much for all your work, I am really grateful for all your effort.
I am practicing the tutorials on CentOS7 virtual machines and I ran into a confusing snag… Apache service would not (re)start with the log files specified for virtual hosts. For the LFCE do you know if they specifically specify an Apache server needs to be setup or do they just say webserver?
If you want to access from a Windows system you should point your browser to the IP of the CentOS server. There is a missing link between the first part that contains the list of all 12 tutorials and this one.

Thanks for updating about that missing link, I’ve included the link in the first part of this series. That is, if you want to develop websites on your mac, and then do cross browser testing (internet explorer) on a virtual machine running inside your mac (with Parallels or VMWare, or other), read on. So, the desired result here is to open up internet explorer, go to sicksite.local and have it display the website running locally on our computer. In this tutorial you will get details about creating Virtual Host (Server Block) in Nginx web server on Ubuntu servers. We should be presented with the following screen or at least a message confirming that Apache is working. The DocumentRoot directive specifies the directory out of which Apache will serve web pages documents.
Needless to say, they are the first tool a system administrator uses to troubleshoot issues. This option instructs the server to respond to requests from any of the listed addresses and ports. Each site is then enabled or disabled with the a2ensite or a2dissite commands, respectively, as follows. Either way, a certificate will allow you to encrypt the information that is transmitted to, from, or within your site.
If for some reason you ran into any issues, feel free to let us know using the comment form below. He works for a worldwide leading consumer product company and takes great pleasure in using FOSS tools to increase productivity in all areas of his daily work. If it doesn’t work try disabling the firewall for a minute (iptables -F) and see if it works. Otherwise, the failed event will still be logged to the access log but with a 404 (Not Found) response. This process is transparent to the end user, to whom it appears that the different sites are being served by distinct web servers. Go download the free (non pro) version of that (unless you want to pay for a few more features. When I did the step above it gave me an IP Address that was different by one little number, and sometimes, that makes all the difference.

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