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Every time I update an app, I have to clear all app's caches and usually uninstall some other app. Sent from my Nexus 7 using Android Central Forums Having the same issues here, good to know it's not due to dropping it into the toilet. Forum Samsung Android Phones Samsung Galaxy S2 Sprint Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch Insufficient Storage??
Originally Posted by mikefour77 Can someone please explain to me why I my apps won't update?
Originally Posted by Golfdriver97 Just to make sure, you cleared the devices cache in recovery mode, right? I missed the distinction between the application and device cache you made in your previous post where you refer to recovery mode.
If you see the message 'insufficient storage available' on your Android phone or tablet and you do have space available, follow these steps to clear Android's cache and you'll be downloading, updating and installing apps again in a matter of minutes. You can check out our step by step guide below but we've also made a video showing you exactly what to do. If you're getting the error message 'insufficient storage available' you need to delete the app cache. The 'insufficient storage available' error often pops up if you have moved large amounts of media from the Android device's physical storage to a microSD card, and is caused by the cache not being properly erased. You can clear your app cache in a matter of seconds or a few minutes, depending on just how bad the problem is on your device. If you haven't already tried deleting anything on your phone and are receiving the 'insufficient storage available' error, this would be a good place to start. Google Photos is a great option for backing up as many standard-resolution photos and video clips as you like, making them accessible from any device on to which you can log into your Google account and allowing you to delete them from your Android phone or tablet without losing them forever. Now that you have freed up some space, your device will hopefully allow you to download the small app that automates the process of clearing the app cache. The app cache cleaner is very easy to use; you simply opent the app and let it scan your device for your app's stored cache. Assuming you already had some space on your internal storage, despite the error messages, you should now be able to download or update the app you were having difficulty with. If, however, you are having problems even installing the app cache cleaner app, go to the next step and we'll show you how to do its job without using an app. The third-party app we mention in this workshop isn't strictly necessary, since it's possible for you to perform the same action without it, but it does automate and therefore make easier and quicker the task of clearing your app cache. First check whether your device has an option to clear the cache for all apps without manually clearing each. If you don't have such an option or, for whatever reason, don't want to clear the cache of all your apps, you can also do so on an app-by-app basis. Now you want to be able to see a list of all apps downloaded or running on your phone, which will probably be achieved by selecting a tab at the top of the screen. If there are any apps here that were preinstalled on your phone but you do not use you could always uninstall any updates from this same menu to free up some more space, although if you have automatic updates set up in Google Play your device will only download them again.
Android Enthusiasts Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for enthusiasts and power users of the Android operating system. First of all this is a bug somewhere on play store side so I think we can only get a work around not an actual solution, said that I solved freeing more space than it would be theoretically needed, using old version of play store works too. As for the black border I've had that problem since some months, I didn't dig much on the issue but I think they changed image format (new one is webp) and the transparency layer is not working well in our phones.

Try uninstalling the updates to put Google Play Store back to factory version, disconnect your connection, then set "Do Not Update" in Play Store settings. Download the apk for 4.8 from android police, decompile, change package name, compile, install. Because it has attracted low-quality or spam answers that had to be removed, posting an answer now requires 10 reputation on this site.
My new unused 8 gig tablet only gives me access to 100mb of internal storage despite displaying 4gigs of free memory. Cache is a file which contains all images, files, icons, videos that are required to display a web page. Before 4.4, the card was an external storage device - anything could write any data to any part of it.
You have a phone with 4GB of internal storage and, today, that's pretty much used by Android.
Give me and the poor person whom started this thread an answer as to why recovery mode wont change that storage hog, and why my volt running on the same system updates and the same build of kitkat are OPERATING VASTLY DIFFERENT ON THE SAME 4GB INTERNAL STORAGE!
I have so many games installed on my phone and half of them are in the 300 to 900 MB size range, whilst her phone after wiping the phone and booting it up after the last update rolled out to her phone ( since wiping the phone doesnt remove that update) she only has 1 gb free internal storage. Samsung unveiled its first high end smartphone to feature a metallic frame and compact design – the octa core Samsung Galaxy Alpha.
Most smartphones from Samsung use plastic as the casing material which made them feel less premium to others. However, the Samsung Galaxy Alpha only has a 4.7-inch Super AMOLED display with 720p resolution.
On the photography department, Samsung Galaxy Alpha boasts a 12MP autofocus main camera with an LED flash and a 2.1MP front snapper.
It’s worth noting that it will also have a finger print scanner at the home button which is certified by Paypal and a heart rate monitor which will be controlled by the S-Health app. This is automated by a free app, or can be manually achieved by deleting individual app caches. If it allows you to install it, downloading a small (around 2MB) app can automatically clear the app cache on your behalf; if your phone won't allow the installation then you'll need to manually go through deleting the cache for each app. There are more than likely apps you have previously downloaded, never used and forgotten about - check the app tray rather than the home screens for these, since the app tray will list everything on your phone and, unless you're running Marshmallow (which lets you uninstall apps from the home screen), makes it easier to quickly uninstall them.
If you're using WhatsApp, also check its files in a File Manager app or by plugging it into your PC as it may well be storing every photo and video you send as well as those you receive. The only catch is you'll need to download the Google Photos app to your device if you don't already have it, which may be an issue if you are seeing the "insufficient storage available" error. Try this by launching the Play store, searching for and, if you can, downloading the free app called App Cache Cleaner – 1Tap Clean. You can then either clear the caches indivually by clicking on the rubbish bin icon next to each app, or delete all the app caches by selected the Clear button at the bottom of the screen. However, if your phone or tablet is being so fussy about insufficient storage that it won't even let you install this small app, here's how to manually clear the app cache. For example, I can quickly clear the app cache on my Samsung Galaxy S6 by opening the Settings menu and choosing Storage, then taping on Cached data and selecting Delete in the prompt 'Clear cached data. Again in the Settings menu this time choose Apps or Applications, depending on what software your device is running.
If you are still lacking storage space, a better alternative would be to read our advice on how to add storage to Android and how to move apps and data to an SD card.

Before giving you more information about cache, let me tell you about the problems we encounter when our Android phone cache is full. The Device Memory will calculate and show you the system memory, used space, cached data, miscellaneous files and available space. When you tap the Cached data, your phone will prompt you to confirm if you want to select the option. In Chrome, when you want to delete browser history, the browser will ask you if you want to clear cache. Im gonna try to make this font nice n large for these people that dont seem to understand much of anything but still leave replies acting as if they know every little detail about,,,, everything.. BTW i have almost as much as her and our phones ARE THE SAME SPECS (memory wise) but she hasnt installed even a contact yet? The new design will be carried on by future Galaxy smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy Note 4.
First is the lack of a microSD card and second is the seemingly insufficient 1,860mAh battery capacity.
In the meantime, you could always plug your Android device into a PC or laptop and copy across any media you want to back up. For some reason, when apps update, sometimes Play Services does not remove the app-lib directory for that app. For example, my capacity is 2GB and the minimum allowance or free space left required to download is 160MB. You'd have two play stores, keep the original and wait for an update that fixes it, but use the other one in the mean time. Quite often our Android phone runs out of memory and defers us from installing any further application and in the worst case the phone hangs frequently. We always see that while loading a website for the first time, it takes longer time to load but from the next time onward the web page will take comparatively lesser time to load. The only apps I have downloaded are Twitter and a work schedule app, I have less than 30 pictures, and 1 song.
It does have 32GB of onboard storage and the smaller screen means lesser stress for the battery.
Check when Play Services was last updated and version, as it may be Play Services not Play Store causing the left behind app-lib folders.
We delete apps, remove media files, transfer files from Phone to MicroSD or PC but still the problem is not solved. The important files which contribute in opening the webpages are stored in the cache memory.
After the cleaning process is complete, go back to the Play store and see if you can now install the updates.
Then the last option which we are compelled to do is resetting the phone deleting all files. Therefore one substantial solution is clearing the cache memory which will essentially remove the remnant data of the webpages.

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