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We noticed that you're using an outdated browser, the ProductReview website may not display properly. Bought the leather Delta 4 years ago and it has suffered four children and then a rental family with small child followed by my brother and his three teenage children. We still have some replacement inserts but cannot recall how to change them over and do not want to break the in-situ poorly functioning receptacles. Can Alice perhaps tell us how to take out the old leg receptacles and replace with the new plastic leg receptacle inserts? Terri W, if you are disappointed in your Delta Storage or are seeking assistance with a problem, please call us on 1300 135 464, we will certainly help! We have had our delta couch for around 4 months and already the couch looks terrible due to pilling. Laura the number on your original order and the name in which you made the purchase will suffice. Tamson the notion of sofa comfort means different things to different individuals and there are a number of ways the comfort level of your Delta could be brought closer to your expectation. Service was fine, product is fine in terms of quality but unfortunately we've regretted buying this sofa from the first week. DH have you thought about having a chat to the very knowledgable staff in your nearest King Furniture showroom? Spot the TV sitcom from the floorplans Friends cafe opens in Sydney – is Seinfeld’s flat next?

Even when space is at a premium you want a lounge that’s built for comfort as well as convenience. If you have the space, you can spread out with a modular system that allows you to build the shape you prefer. We look after it very well and make sure not to fill the storage compartment with too much stuff. This is not what we were expecting as we had been sent plastic replacement inserts for the same problem with the original Delta purchased, which fixed the problem.
After seeing family have other couches for 5-10 years without this kind of wear, it is very disappointing. I have also emailed enquires as it's easier for me to communicate via email due to work. A cluster of different shaped, attractive, squashy cushions not only adds colour contrast but can soften the lines of a sofa and make it very welcoming.Give it a go.
You could still get arms fitted and there are other ways to make the modular Delta Storage both functional and comfortable. It could have hidden storage or fold down into an emergency bed for unexpected visitors (or just lying around watching TV).
We neither endorse nor support any products mentioned but we present them as they may be of interest to you. Its a classy lounge that offers great storage & is easy to transform into a guest bed (how can people have issues with this, seriously?) We have had several guest sleep on it who have commented on how comfy it is to sleep on compared to other sofa beds.

Do not buy from King they are rip of merchants I would have been better of with a $200 lounge suite from Fantastic Furniture at least then I wouldn't be bitterly disappointed with cheap Chinese rubbish. Our fabrics undergo stringent testing and are designed to withstand normal family wear and tear. If you are close to a King Living showroom it might we worthwhile popping in to see what is on offer.
The cushions are just too upright and the fact that there are no side arms just means that you never feel secure or cosy in it.
We also purchased a second Delta 1 year ago for home which has suffered various parties and puppies. I understand some wear and tear over time, but for the couch to look this bad after minimal use for only four months - shocking!
Service was fine, everything fine but comfort which is the most important thing I think is just no there.

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