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Metal Lath Galvanized SheetMetal Lath Galvanized Sheetideal as a plaster base and reinforcement for all types of construction in walls, ceilings, and fireproofing of steel beams and columns.
Rolex submariner 2014 in perfect condiction still under guarantee and original certificate.
These are brand new, still in the box, unassembled, "wicker" or "rattan" style resin dog kennels.
Rectangular in shape, the Extra Large Kennel measures 42 inches by 28 inches and 31 inches high, (42" x 28" x 31"). The frame of the kennel is comprised of heavy duty wrought iron, and the front door, also wrought iron, is an attractive arch design that opens both in AND out for convenience.
We also have the Large size, (36 x 24 x 27), available for 125.00, as well, so if "Extra Large" is bigger than you need, perhaps a Large will will do the job. If you are interested in buying this item, or would just like some more information, please call, and ask for Maggie. We have 2 of these very large kennels used for our Bernese Mountain Dogs and no longer need them.

Raised Floor to protect from Cold & Humidity and provide good Air Circulation beneath the Kennel.
Reclaim Your Yard,   Avoid Injuries,   Avoid Lawsuits, GUARANTEED To Be ESCAPE PROOF! If you own Large Aggressive Dogs You should consider one of our Heavy Duty Kennels that can be installed anywhere in Southern Arizona.
No matter what type of dogs you have we offer all types of kennels that will hold any type of dogs.
Many of Arizona Dog Kennels For Sale have Exclusive Features that can not be found elsewhere such as snake proof sides and gates that swing in both directions. Best Quality Dog Kennels in Arizona Installed At Better Prices, All Sizes, All Areas of Southern AZ.
This listing is for the Extra Large Kennels, like the one assembled for the photographs you see here. I will be adding a separate listing for the Large Kennel soon, which has a slightly different side "window" design.

We need styles that are quick and easy to maintain without having to wake up at the break of dawn every morning to get it right. Our Standard Poodle, Lola, loves her new kennel, and she hangs out there whenever she needs a little "me time". Enjoy the peace of mind knowing that your Aggessive Dog is safely housed in Arizona's Guaranteed strongest kennels.
These Arizona Dog Kennels have been called Gorrilla Proof by those that have them installed.
Commercial Business or Residential these kennels are Great for Guard Dogs, Attack Dogs, Pit Bulls, Rottweilers, Doberman Pinschers and other Large Aggressive Dogs. If you are not a home owner we also custom build temporary movable dog kennels for renters.

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