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Lifetime storage sheds model 60035 provides you a long-lasting, low-maintenance solution for your outdoor storage needs. Q: Will the driver move the boxes to the backyard (or anywhere on the delivery property)?
Please note that these videos are meant to provide general information for this product and have been created by individuals that have owned or used this shed. If you live in an area that is subject to high winds and extra-heavy snowfall, consider beefing up your 8 ft Lifetime storage shed with the Lifetime Extreme Weather kit.This kit anchors the shed to your shed platform from top to bottom using interior steel support channels which bolt from the roof trusses directly into the floor to reinforce doors, walls, and roof trusses. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.
At SM Garden Sheds we have been overwhelmed with the initial reaction to our presentation of our Lifetime storage products. From the moment you open the boxes, from the quality of the packaging, the way it is packaged to the building panels themselves, you can see the research and development that has been performed in every detail of this superlative garden product. We have also received requests from industrial locations where there is a requirement for safe and secure storage. This model can be purchased in its basic form or with extension kits allowing the largest model offered to be 8x12.5 and is presently the lead selling item in the range.
The building is manufactured to a high specification that includes a heavy-duty floor and roof space (including skylights), which can be used for storage by means of the strengthening cross beams.
You can build on the basic structure of the shed with accessories, which are superbly designed. This model allows the purchaser to accumulate additional features by adding to the basis structure. We have included this model to provide an all-inclusive choice for a purchaser who wishes to have a larger storage area. Both Storage Boxes, 300 and 500 litre options, are made from the same materials as their bigger cousins and are constructed in the same way.
Of the plastic storage products presently available, you will find a multitude of choice at the lower priced end of the market.
Lifetime outdoor storage sheds are double wall-steel reinforced and built with the finest polyethylene parts. The Lifetime 6413 - 8' x 2.5' Storage Shed is perfect for condos, townhomes and small spaces. However, as our cost to do so is very high, Canadian customers are frequently able to get the product across the border cheaper than we can.
Orders for the 60035 Lifetime Storage Shed generally leave the warehouse within 2 business days. Roof trusses are reinforced with 4 large gussets (front and back) per truss as well as an additional short truss brace across the top for each long truss. If you have an 8 x 12.5 ft Lifetime shed, you will need to purchase one additional Snow Load Kit. In the garden sheds sector it is difficult, if not impossible, to find a more complete and well-finished building which is so relatively easy to build.
All components can be re-cycled and the wall and roof components are made from a material, which includes UV inhibitors, making all finished products resistant to harmful sun-rays as well as ensuring that the walls and roof will not crack, chip or peel.

Clearly, in this environment the only real viable alternative is a building made from heavy-duty steel. This plastic shed, including extensions up to the bigger sizes, has proved to be the most popular so far. The opening size is offered without a window to maintain the lowest price option and if extended to 8x7.5 a window appears in the extension provided. In this way he is offered maximum flexibility to acquire the shed he wants to suit his requirements.
It includes all the basic features common to the range in general and includes a specially designed concealed vent and a heavy-duty floor and specially designed window. Sales here have been very good and we intend to ensure that stocks remain at such a level that we can cope with the seasonally high demand.
For this reason, they retain many of the features that are so attractive in the bigger buildings.
A heavy-duty floor is an integral part of the design with a lid which is strong enough to allow the box to be used as a seat. 130 Gallon Deck Box with Spring Hinged Lid & 80 Gallon Low Maintenance Outdoor Storage Box. All exposed steel parts and trusses are powder coated and they only use high impact polyethylene. All Lifetime Outdoor sheds are UV-protected to prevent fading and cracking and have weather-resistant seams to keep interior dry. If you have a United States address we can ship to, you will typically save money bringing it across the border, paying the required fees, then for us to ship directly to you.
The Extreme Weather Kit increases the roof load capacity of your shed from 23 psf without the kit, to 30 psf with kit installed.
The number of components is very small for the intricate design of the product with many parts pre-assembled, including all steel bracing, already inserted and concealed in the panels. The Lifetime sheds are sometimes preferred as those metal alternatives which may be in a similar price bracket do not combine the same style and facility. The shed is also fitted with a large air vent to mitigate the potential of internal condensation in the winter months. Through exhaustive consumer research and studies of the competition, Lifetime discovered that all vinyl sheds have a few great features, but significant weaknesses. Polyethylene has superior strength and durability and it won't degrade outdoors as well as they won't crack, dent or mildew.
With one of our outdoor plastic sheds, you’ll be able to find what you need, when you need it. With a Lifetime 6418 storage shed, you can easily keep your gardening or lawn care equipment organized and right where you need it. With a Lifetime 6406 storage shed, you can easily keep your gardening or lawn care equipment organized and right where you need it. With a Lifetime 6411 storage shed, you can easily keep your gardening or lawn care equipment organized and right where you need it. Lifetime sheds are very low maintenance, designed with stain-resistant flooring, and a worry-free, no paint, no rust exterior.

Shipping costs on the shed is noted in the "Check Ship Rates" link at the top of the listing. This particular feature ensures that no frame needs to be erected before the panels are inserted into the floor which itself, goes together with consummate ease. We eliminated all of those weaknesses and combined the best features into one complete package. They make great Tool Sheds, Garden Storage Sheds, and just Great Outdoor Vinyl Storage Sheds.
Our outdoor plastic sheds come with handy shelving units so your garden supplies at right at your fingertips. The customer must be present to sign for the package and move the boxes where they need on the delivery property. Backed by a 10 year warranty, Lifetime sheds are without a doubt, the BEST OUTDOOR VINYL STORAGE SHEDS made today. Delivery appointments are scheduled through the delivery company before delivery is attempted. The kit will also increase the wind speed rating from 11 psf to 20 psf (65 mph without the kit to 94 mph with the kit installed).
The customer can either contact the freight company themselves once they have the tracking number, or they can wait for the freight company to contact them to schedule the appointment.
The 60035 includes several storage shelves to help you start organizing your shed immediately.
Ltl freight carriers will frequently have some flexibility with scheduling delivery once the product at the delivery terminal within 7 days (not business days) of the item arriving at the terminal.
Constructed with high-density polyethylene plastic (HDPE) with steel reinforcements, Lifetime resin sheds are built to weather many storms. The terminal can hold on to the item longer than that as well, but they will begin charging storage fees to the customer after 7 days of the product sitting at the delivery terminal.
While most competitors use very little support in their wall construction, the Lifetime plastic sheds have double-wall technology that is unmatched in quality and design. Note This shed must be built on a flat level foundation of wood or concrete (not included). Lifetime Outdoor Sheds are Spacious - Without having to crouch down to enter or move around, the space can be used to stack boxes, park a riding lawn-mower, or even as a garden planting room. Proudly Made In the USA - You can be assured that the quality of the Lifetime Outdoor Storage Shed is the best in the world!
Ten Year Warranty - The manufacturer backs that American-made quality up by offering the best warranty in the business - A 10-year warranty that covers everything on the shed - top to bottom! Important Note:Please check your local city, county, and neighborhood restrictions before purchasing this shed.
Door Latching - Internal Spring Latch Mechanism.Door Locking - Exterior Padlock Loop with Two (2) High-Impact Plastic Deadbolts on Interior of Left Door.

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