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Bunny Lane attempts to give the best of both worlds: an authentic farmhouse feel in a contemporary loft environment. The old style porch extends out into the open space of the industrial shed with a cozy seating and dining area and house lamps. While I don’t thing Kalkin was advocating people actually build blocks and blocks of suburban megamansions, the juxtaposing design is totally unique, ingenious and innovative, particularly since this is a project he did way back in 2001. Another of Kalkin’s best-known projects is the Push Button House, which does exactly what it says it does on the can– turns into a house at the push of a button!
Adam Kalkin’s architecture is featured in his book Architecture and Hygeine and you can explore more of his works on his website.
For over 150 years, a limestone house built on the tiny island of Coll in Scotland was left abandoned, watching over the crashing waves, whistling with the wind that danced through its cracks. I can't believe it took me so long to stumble across this incredible gem of a house but never mind, here it is.

Here on MessyNessyChic, we've seen quite a few obsolete buildings given new life through ambitious architectural projects, but none have been quite as astounding as this one. In the late 1970s, Roger Minick set out with his wife in their VW camper on a road trip around the western United States, with the sole purpose of photographing sightseers. It's debutante season for mid-century London's high society and Life magazine was on the scene to capture all the tea drinking and social climbing at its finest.
If you were asked to draw a bicycle right now, from memory, without cheating, would you be able to remember the exact anatomy of the seemingly simple two-wheel design? What is it that makes someone start a collection which alters the course of their entire life?
If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly. On one end you have three stories of exposed cement block rooms with modern fixtures, metal staircases and a lot of windows.

When the custom metal doors are rolled up, the space opens up even further to the outdoors– 3 acres of property.
Nope, this is a real home (within a home) built by quirky architect Adam Kalkin in suburban New Jersey. It looks a bit like a theatre set or a dollhouse, or it might even remind you of the TV show The Hollywood Squares!
On the other is the white-washed New Jersey home sitting on display as if it were in a museum, filled with antique furniture and inviting warmth. Kalkin has made a bit of a career experimenting with the juxtaposition of family living against industrial materials such as shipping containers.

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