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Join the FamilyMailing ListStay up to date on Machine Shed news, features and events by joining our Mailing List! We contract a grower, the owners bring the hogs when they are 10lbs, 10 days old.  Within 160 days, a good healthy weight is 280 lbs. The show pigs like marshmallows and a liquid oil that  tastes like chococlate chip cookies, and Ensure protein drinks!  Show pigs are cared for and treated like our own kids.  Lindsey’s son is in charge of show pigs, he’ll raise and take care of them and sell about 150 show pigs to students and kids.

Hogs are scared of about everything – they will run away at anything.  However, mothers with babies aren’t sacred of anything and will bite you! What questions would you like to ask a farmer?  I’m planning on interviewing another farmer this month!
Looking for a new pie to make this holiday season?  Try  Machine Shed’s very own recipe for Coconut Cream Pie.

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