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Hand-made from colorful, often upcycled racing sail material on Peaks Island, ME, these wallets and accessories are waterproof, lightweight and strong as steel – and super sporty. Bright and bold pillows, linens, hand bags and glasswear, made in Erin’s Maine mill-based studio.
These little wool dryer balls reduce static cling and cut your laundry’s drying time significantly, saving money and energy. While Angela Adams’ gorgeous rugs are not tufted in the USA, some of her products are manufactured domestically: drinking glasses, hand bags and candles. Consistently earning a spot in every “best of” list, Buoy Bats are a beautiful repurposing of a staple Maine icon: the buoy. The highest quality wooden toys, doll houses, castles, and furniture, made from locally harvested pine, ash and birch, and finished with non-toxic linseed oil.
Deluxe knitting yarns, spun in the US from natural fibers, as well as beautiful knitting patterns available for download. Hand-made from colorful, often upcycled racing sail material on Peaks Island, ME, these wallets and accessories are waterproof, lightweight and strong as steel – and super sporty.
Masey Kaplan is the founder of Close Buy Catalog, a New England School Fundraising Catalog featuring only locally made New England products available to any school or non-profit in New England.
Latest Post: Hypoallergenic, versatile and beautiful: The benefits of laminate flooring for your stylish home! Scroll down & browse our Made in USA Shopping District, a growing collection of carefully curated American-made sources.

We love our Giveaway Sponsors: every one a dedicated company with outstanding American-made products. If you are seeing the footer over the first message please disable compatibility mode in Internet Explorer.
Maine Made and More a specialty gift shop with unique products and locally crafted items such as pure Maine maple syrup, Maine made chocolates, Stonewall Kitchen products and Acorn slippers. Sled is rigid, with attachments for a tow rope(see eyebolts in front), or can be pushed from behind. These products will bring back all the best Maine memories: summer camp on the lake, skiing down mountains and through snowy forests, and romping along the gorgeous coastline. Its premium cotton, linen and wool products are woven on antique shuttle looms by local artisans. Fresh designs, hand screen printed on the highest quality fabrics, Erin pours her heart and soul into everything she makes. With a focus on respecting environmental resources and children’s health, eco kids has created a line of paints, dough and crayons made with all natural botanical pigments.
Extremely beautiful, Angela Adams’ products have been carried by Design Within Reach, and featured in countless national publications.
The Farmer’s Almanac has been getting a great deal of press lately for being spot on this year… goes well with 32 North Stabilicers! The patented Rogue Wallet is contoured to fit comfortably in the front pants pocket so that one’s posture is not affected when sitting.

Crafted with solid hardwood handle, a generous buoy “sweet spot” and a “face friendly ball”, these are a must have for year-round fun. Elves and Angels won the 2013 Top Pick from Mothering Magazine’s Natural Toy Guide and there’s no question why. Have we covered your state yet in our popular state-by-state series on "10 Things We Love, Made in [Your Home State]"? We are honored to be part of the Made In America movement and appreciate your efforts to promote companies like Buoy Sports. When you’re in Maine, be sure to stop into Brahms Mount flagship retail store in Freeport. Sea Bags offers a variety of styles, from totes and wristlets, to home accessories like coasters, bucket bags and wine totes.
Check out their parallel line, Maggie’s Naturals, all natural plant-based food coloring and sprinkles. Each pair is made to order, by hand, and if they need repair, resoling or refurbishing, send them back and you’ll be taken care of.

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