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04.12.2013 admin
Give them half an hour on GeoGuessr and I reckon they'll learn more about the map of the world, what countries are where and basic topography than they will during a whole term of normal lessons.
Basically it uses Google Maps and Street View to plonk you in a random location somewhere on Earth.
I tend to get South America and Australia mixed up quite a bit, although I am remarkably good at spotting Romania. My best result was within 50 metres of the location but that was when I cheated and Googled the restaurant I could make out on the picture. Anyway, if you want to get your kids excited about the world and geography and all that stuff then stick GeoGuessr in front of their noggins for a while this week and see what happens. Thursday's Firestation Book Swap guest, Conor Woodman, revealed that he arranges his bookshelves in colour order. Finally, if you have some time to kill you may want to enter this competition to create poetry out of book titles. Authonomy is a writing community set up by HarperCollins which enables unpublished authors to post their work which can then be read, rated and reviewed by other members. I do like listening to the wireless - younger readers may be unaware that this is an affectionate term for radio amongst us elderly folk - I like to fall asleep listening to it but Mrs Big Mouth isn't so keen.
No subject suitable for discussion on the radio has ever been improved or enhanced by a member of the general public phoning in to have their say on the matter. Although the antagonistic style of interviewing we tend to be treated to really gets my goat, so perhaps they shouldn't bother.
Late Junction on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings is still the best thing on our airwaves and whilst I am getting a bit too old to stay up and listen to it live I do make full use of the iPlayer to catch up during the day.
TuneIn, like many similar sites, offers connection to pretty much any radio station on the planet that has a live internet feed. At night I sneak a headphone into one ear and doze off listening to ABC Radio Australia, the international service of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. I will also channel hop a fair bit and have recently checked out traditional Chinese music, Canadian news from Vancouver Island and some mad Japanese talk show of which I understood not a word. They are about to launch a new station which will play unsigned Australian bands 24 hours a day. You could always visit my other blog in which I read and review a different short story every bloody day of the year.
My wife, Rhian Winslade, now has a transactional website where you can buy her many ceramic and crafty creations. The Literary Platform is a new website which showcases projects that experiment with literature. I want to tell you about a website I like called Moshi Monsters.Moshi Monsters is a place where you make your own monster character. Featuring contributions from dozens, if not hundreds, of established and up-and-coming writers it is an entertaining and thought-provoking web magazine which I have bookmarked for some time and check out pretty much daily. The new revamped version is really rather swank and I think most of you would enjoy it very much. If you are a published author and fancy contributing to TNB then you can contact Brad via the site.

If you already follow me on Twitter then you will know about the fantastic offers on Friday Project eBooks at the moment because I spent much of yesterday bleating on about them. My old school pal Tim has just launched a website to support a series of novels he is writing for teenagers. Lots of great recipes and she has a refreshing unpretentious style, rare from food writers these days. Every month, the top five titles are passed on to readers within HarperCollins for a critical assessment.
It has its flaws and problems, what doesn't?, but we are hoping to make a bunch of changes to make it a lot better. You don't have to put your work up there, you can just browse the reading material that is on offer. I like to have it on in the background when I am pottering about the house or typing away on my keyboard at work. Radio 4 is largely splendid although I prefer to listen to the World Service breakfast show rather than Today as the presenters put very little spin on the stories, offer pretty fair and straight interviews and you get a much broader coverage of world news. The apps enable you to browse the whole list by genre or location (or via maps on the iPad version), bookmark your favourites, record shows or songs for playback later and access any of the listen again options offered by the different stations.
I have found, for example, that while I hate listening to people in my own country phone in to a talk show I find it fascinating to hear New Zealanders calling Newstalk ZB, especially in the afternoon where I am which is the early hours of the morning where they are. It is a bit like BBC 6 Music but without the celebrity presenters or current wave of 80s-obsessed bands, which is a relief, but with added swearing. I had been on there for two weeks and still hadn't quite worked out what the point was. It seemed that everyone I was connecting with on Google+ were people I am already friends with on Twitter or Facebook.
My email inbox at work is being spammed with updates from Google+ users who have presumably entered that address as a contact. And perhaps the most important of all, I really don't need another distraction to get in the way of my reading, writing and generally hanging around living my life. If you do try out the App do please follow me, I am meandmybigmouth, and I can follow you back. Scott Lockman, the man behind the show, posted a short two-minute episode in which he said he simply did not have the time to keep doing it.
A number of books have been signed up after appearing on there, not all of them by HarperCollins, and there have been three Sunday Times Bestsellers out of that bunch.
There are lots of great manuscripts on there that could be successful with a bit of tweaking and the clout of a big publisher behind them and I intend to make sure that happens. Radio 3 is also great at that time of the day with some wonderful and varied music on offer. It has led to some wonderful music discoveries such as Seeker Lover Keeper, Owl Eyes, Boy and Bear and Lisa Mitchell. You can download everything they have ever done right here.LoveReading are featuring They Is Us by Tama Janowitz at the moment.
I can check out their breakfast show in the early evening but there is usually something decent on at any time of the day.

It is called Corvus and serialisation will run for 48 weeks, although impatient people can buy the full book if they can't bear to wait.
Mary's blog is a must read for anyone interested in her work or writing or books in general as she talks about all of this and more.
They also have a hilarious political satire called Restoring the Balance that is well worth checking out. I recently commented on Robin Who?, a comic novel about a time-travelling history teacher, and Make Cake, Not War, a cracking piece of chicklit. The latest post is a welcome addition to the debate around controversial children's novel Tender Morsels. If you have any teenagers or fantasy fans in the house then I would certainly suggest pointing them in its direction.
Scott would record while doing the ironing, while looking after the kids, at his desk but most frequently on his commute to work as an English language teacher at various schools and colleges.
I have also just come across this new publisher of European literature and their blog.I would be very interested to learn of any good literary sites you have come across recently. There are puzzles and if you get them right you earn rocks which you can use to buy stuff for your monster. These latter shows were my favourites, full of the noise of the city, subway tannoy announcements and an often rambling monologue from Scott (from which the title of this post is taken).Scott would also take time to point out and recommend the work of others. You can also print off cards to give to other people so they know how to find you on the site.Most of the site is free. You can pay to become a member and get more stuff or visit more places but I just use the free version because I want to spend my pocket money on other things.If any of you have kids and they want to visit me on the site I am usually on Saturday and Sundays just before lunchtime. A view of Japan through the eyes, and mouth, of an American with a Japanese wife and family.
He was honest, a little haphazard at times, but always entertaining.I would listen to his podcasts on the walk to the station in the morning.
It was certainly before iTunes had podcasts listed, I was using iPodder Lemon (now Juice) to download them then.But why am I going on about this? This man has been letting me listen in to chunks of his life for a number of years, and then, with no notice, he has stopped.
I am sure he has very good reasons, and juggling a career in a foreign country, a marriage, three kids and various web-related projects cannot be easy, but I did allow myself a short sulk once I realised the show would be no more.And this got me thinking.
And very few of them have ever stopped or ceased to be.Therefore, to an extent, I take them for granted. I am not going to suggest that I have suddenly become all philosophical about things but it has given me pause for thought. Anyone who takes the time to blog, podcast, or broadcast in any way is giving up quite a bit of time to do so.

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