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Longhaired Whippets are fantastic dogs for most people (including novice owners) but, like all breeds, are not right for everyone - make sure you do your research before deciding on any breed. They are true sighthounds and love to run - daily off-leash runs will keep a LHW happy and fit, a;though they are not a necessity. Though they love to run they are often called a€?35 mph couch potatoesa€? - more than content to just laze around for most of the day. Choiriodal Hypoplasia (collie eye anomaly) - This is a congenital disorder in which the eye develops improperly. It is recommended that any dog used for breeding is first tested for MDR1 and CEA, and has CERF and cardiac tests done regularly to check for any problems. The stud book is still open and we will continue to backcross to whippets, in order to maintain a healthy amount of genetic diversity in the breed. Studies have shown that dogs with only one copy of the gene (carriers) can be affected as well, though to a lesser effect. No, studies have indicated that the levels of Ivermectin in heartworm preventative are not high enough to cause a problem, so ita€™s still safe to give them this.
Unfortunately this gene is extremely common in the breed - it is found in roughly 70% of the current population.
As long as they are properly socialized as puppies, most LHWs are outgoing, sweet, and gentle.

They do like to stretch out and run on a fairly regular basis, and will be happiest in a home with a fenced in yard or some other nearby safe area. If an MDR1 positive dog is administered one of these a€?problema€? drugs, it can cause a reaction or even death. The severity of CEA varies from dog to dog but most are mild - many affected dogs show no eye problems at all. In the 1950s, Walter Wheeler of Windsprite Kennels bred an interesting litter: the dogs bore some resemblance to whippets but had substantially longer hair.
I hope to see the LHW continue to gain popularity as well as recognition by more kennel clubs. There are alternative drugs for most drugs on the list, so ita€™s very important to let your vet know.
If you cannot provide them with opportunities to run, it is your responsibility to provide some other means of exercise. This disorder is extremely common in some herding breeds as well as Longhaired Whippets and Silken Windhounds.
Keep in mind that sighthounds have been used for hunting for centuries and most will chase after anything that moves - electric fences will not contain them and you should never let your LHW off-leash unless you are absolutely sure of their recall. They are also good cuddlers; if you want a dog that will be happy to stay off furniture a LHW is probably not for you.

Most love the outdoors - because of their longer coat, they can enjoy cold climates and especially the snow that comes with it.
If you suspect your dog to be a mix or purebred of one or more of these breeds, order a test kit (website in on the link page). They are fine with cats if raised with them, though ita€™s probably a good idea to keep any smaller animals out of reach.
Although they may seem lazy at times, a fit LHW is energetic and athletic, and can take as much exercise as you can give. Since then, evidence has surfaced that Wheeler most likely bred one or more Shetland Sheepdogs to his whippets to obtain the long coat. They are great with kids as long as they are well socialized, though young children and dogs of any kind should always be closely supervised. LHWs make great buddies for skiing, jogging, hiking, backpacking, and even canoeing and kayaking, or just lounging around the house.
Thankfully, other breeders in the US showed interest in the breed, which was almost extinct by the time.

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