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If you no longer wish to be on this emailing, please respond to this email with the word REMOVE in the subject line. With Google Custom Search enabled on your site it is possbile to make money when user use the search function on your site because the Google custom search function will display targeted text based ads on the search results pages. The Google Custom Search function is a search tool which allows visitors of your site to search on your website by using Google’s search technology. Give searchers search refinement options so they can easily find the information they are looking for. Monetize your Google Custom Search function by adding Google AdSense ads to the search result pages. The search results can be shown either on your own website or on a by Google hosted search result page. Google’s search results are more relevant and precise than most default search options used in CMS websites. This tutorial will show you how to set up Google Custom Search and make it blend into your site.
Go to Google Custom Search Engine homepage and click the ‘create a custom search engine‘ button.
If you want to show ads on your search results pages you can select the Show Ads on results pages button. Now you should enter some keywords that are related to your site so Google will show ads related to your keywords. Now you have created your custom search engine you want to make it blend into your website so the search result page has got look and feel of your site.
Here you can choose the colors that you use in your template for your background, links, headers, border and titles. You can set up Adsense by clicking in the Make Money area that you already have a Google Adsense account or need to create an account. If you type in a name for your channel, you can track the amount of searches and money you are earning from Adsense on the search resutl pages. If you click the Code tab in the control panel you can select iframe and with the Overlay option you can show the first 8 search results in a overlay popup.  This option does not allow you to make money using Adsense but it is a very nice feature if you do not want Adsense on your search result pages.
On this page you have to enter the URL which we have saved in step 1 so we can display the search results on this page. I wanted to be the first to comment on this post and say that the points you have touched here are really interesting and inspiring.
If you want as many people as possible to find your website, you need to do a few extra jobs to ensure your site ranks highly on search results. It’s easy to add your site to search engines so friends or people with similar interests can find it. You must have a publicly visible website to be able to add it to a search engine, so dedicated web hosting is essential. Web search engines are capable of searching through content from all over the internet almost instantly. If your site is hosted for free and you don’t have your own unique domain, you won’t be able to do this project. Crawling is the process by which search engines find out about new and updated web pages that need to be added to the index. The web pages are downloaded, analysed and broken down into words and phrases, which are stored in the index. Searching involves matching the keywords that are searched for against words and phrases from the index to find relevant web pages.
Adding your own website to a search engine for crawling is simply a matter of going to the submission page, such as Google, Yahoo! and Microsoft’s Live Search. There’s no charge for this, but you’ll have to wait a few days for the crawler to visit your website and update the indexes before your site appears in the search results.

Each search engine uses a different set of rules to decide which web pages are most relevant to a search query, so it’s difficult to work out how to make your own website rank well.
Search engine providers generally disapprove of people trying to beat the system by artificially improving their search ranking. Sometimes you’ll need to prevent Google and other search engines crawling and indexing content from certain parts of your website. You might want to do this if certain web pages contain information that you don’t want to make searchable, or if you have web pages that link to many gigabytes of data. Google has a set of free tools called Webmaster Tools, which can help you create a robots.txt file and get more information about which parts of your website are being indexed.
The first section, Diagnostics, is where you can find out about any errors that Google encountered when crawling your website, such as broken links or pages with missing titles.
The Statistics section provides various reports, including what kinds of searches people are using to find your website and an overview of keywords found in your indexed web pages. You can also see a list of the top phrases used in external links to your site, such as in anchor tags.
Sitemaps are meta data files you can add to your website to describe its layout, ensuring that crawlers can find pages they might otherwise miss.
The final section, Tools, has several useful utilities, including a page to create and analyse robots.txt files. Although SEO is a complicated subject, you’re now armed with the knowledge of how search engines work, so you should be able to lift your site up their rankings. What’s up, yeah this piece of writing is genuinely nice and I have learned lot of things from it about blogging. On this page you can test if you get the desired results with your Google Custom Search Engine. In the control panel you can click on the look and feel tab to design the style for your search box and the style of the custom search result pages. You need to copy the first HTML code and enter it where you want your search box to appear on your site. Google knows what’s on all these web pages, and can search through them so quickly because it holds a huge index of the words and phrases found on all the pages. Each search engine has a different method for calculating which are the most relevant results.
However, you can strategically design or modify web pages so they achieve a good ranking In search results. However, by following some simple guidelines It’s easy to ensure that your website can be successfully crawled and indexed. Search engines will use this tag as a source of important information about your page, and will often use it as the basis for the link in their results pages.
This should describe the page in greater detail than the title, and may be used by the search engine to generate an excerpt of the content in the results page. Search engines will identify these tags as a source of significant keywords and will increase the relevancy score when searches are made using them.
Search engine crawlers tend to use a lot of bandwidth as they download all the reachable content on your website, so it’s easy to exceed the maximum bandwidth limit of a hosted website by having lots of content available.
This gives instructions to the search engine crawlers about which parts of your website should not be processed. Webmaster Tools let you find out more about how Google (and hence other search engines) sees your website. These are divided into five main sections: Diagnostics, Statistics, Links, Sitemaps and Tools.
You can also see an overview of pages that were excluded by the robots.txt file to ensure that you have it set up correctly.

Google is interested in how other people link to your site and includes this information in its relevancy calculations.
This is particularly useful if you have web pages with dynamic content, using JavaScript to create page links, or pages that don’t have links to them. Here you can make sure your robots.txt file is up to date and test any changes before uploading a new file. Using utilities such as Google Webmaster Tools, you can create a custom robots.txt file to fine tune the way the crawling process interacts with your website. Check the ‘Only sites I select‘ option and enter the sites you want to be searchable from your site in the Sites to Search area. This index works in much the same way as the index in a book, which lists words alphabetically, so you can quickly find the word you’re looking for and, hence, the pages in which the word appears. This is usually achieved by an automated computer program that runs on a large number of computers.
The factors for what makes one result more relevant than another can be quite complicated and are often a well-kept secret. Don’t repeat keywords In hidden parts of the page that the user cannot see in a bid to fool the indexer. Exceeding your bandwidth limit can make your website become temporarily unavailable or lead to expensive hosting bills.
They also help diagnose problems that are preventing pages being searchable, and improve your overall search visibility. After you’ve logged in, you can add URLs for the websites that you want to use the tools on.
You can use the ‘Remove URLs page’ option to resolve issues with pages that no longer exist, or those that create problems by being in the Google index.
You’ll find plenty of information online with more tips for targeting specific search engines.
Search engines all work differently, but there are three main steps used by them all: crawling, indexing and searching. The indexing process can extract information from sources other than HTML web pages, such as images and even Flash files. Since Google is the most popular search engine, we’ll concentrate here on how to improve your rankings with Google. As many companies rely on their websites appearing highly in search results, SEO has become a lucrative business. You can type in any URL, even those you do not own or control, which is a security problem. The crawling process begins with a list of URLs generated from previous crawl processes and new websites submitted by webmasters. Before you can use the tools on a particular website, you have to prove to the tools that you are in charge of it. As the spider visits each of the web pages in the list, it records the links found and adds them to the list of pages to be visited.
In the worst-case scenario, the search engine will discover what you are up to and remove your website from the index completely.

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