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Team members at Red Stick began restoring metal buildings in 1981 and have since completed over two million square feet of metal building roof coatings. Red Stick offers customers unparalleled experience in the metal roofing restoration business.
The manufacturer guarantees the system against leaks and the installer backs it up for a period of three years.
The best candidate is a standard metal building with primary steel, which consists of heavy gauge column beams and steel beam rafters.
If your steel building roof has been repaired over the yearsa€”maybe even several timesa€”it is a great candidate for a retrofit project.
The largest public elementary school in Baton Rouge, LA, Claiborne Elementary was rebuilt at twice the size of the original three buildings that it replaced.

We also offer metal building restoration, which consists of restoring the structure to its original condition using original factory components and then repainting to improve it's appearance. There is no risk of widespread corrosion and having to replace the roof, or at least a portion of the roof.
Our custom building solutions provide you the flexibility to create your own unique building.
Cangelosi Ward General Contractors brought to life the design of Coleman Partners Architects, LLC, breaking the large facility into smaller units to keep students and faculty engaged and inspired in their surroundings. Sometimes, it is not economical to repair metal building roofs because of their advanced state of deterioration and a coating may not be successful. The three nodes are arranged to surround a courtyard providing a link to the outdoors visible through transparent passageways.

At that point we recommend a roof a€?retrofit,a€? which is an accepted industry practice that essentially places another metal roof over the existing roof. In the process, a€?existing K-13" insulation in the building does not have to be removed. This process eliminates the extensive labor involved in removing the existing roof, saves money and it reduces completion time by approximately forty percent.
This also does not have to be removed or changed for a retrofit project; however, insulation may be added between the existing roof panels and the new roof to increase energy efficiency.

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