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Pre-fabricated housing pioneer, Foster Gunnison, cut his modernist teeth on lighting design. A few years after the Empire State Building opened in 1931, Gunnison turned his estimable talents and machine-age mindset in a new direction.
Gunnison began this cutting-edge venture in New Albany, Indiana, an Ohio River town with good transportation networks and a long history of wood product production. In 1937 the firm changed its name to Gunnison Housing Corporation, and in 1944 to Gunnison Homes, Inc.
The Gunnison Factory in New Albany, Indiana, still looks much as it did when Foster Gunnison constructed it in 1944. Now known as Gunnison Homes, Inc., the firm manufactured thousands of prefabricated homes selling them through dealers and shipping them across the nation.

Gunnison homes were constructed and still stand around the country, although it’s likely that most have been altered in some way, usually with new siding covering their original insulated-plywood exteriors. The Gunnison Homes factory in New Albany still looks very much as it did when it was a cutting edge Machine-Age marvel in the 1940s. He opened Gunnison Magichomes in 1935 and began the assembly-line production of pre-fabricated houses. World War II temporarily halted production, but in 1944 Gunnison began construction of a new modern factory on Grant Line Road in New Albany. They were mass produced and elements were interchangeable in a number of different floor plans and extras. Gunnison homes could be purchased for $2,800 to $5,000, depending on which options were chosen.

Steel, but the firm continued to produce homes at the New Albany factory under the new name, U.S. Steel kept Gunnison as general manager of the firm and went to work producing his homes at the new streamlined factory.

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