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As you probably know by now, if you’ve been following my work, I LOVE to find cool garden statues! One of my favorite styles, besides all the cute angels, life-size children sculptures and animal sculptures, are also metal statues! Have you ever seen a life-sized (over 6 feet tall) leopard metal sculpture like this one before?
This is definitely a piece that will have everyone just going ‘Wow!’ every time they see it! If you are like me, and are always looking for the most amazing and impressive metal garden sculptures for sale, you will definitely get impressed by this cool metal pig statue with a bluetooth speaker!
Then you are definitely gonna LOVE this ultra-cool, fun and very unique metal lizard statue for sale!
If you are a dragon lover, this is definitely the right outdoor metal sculpture for your home! This cool metal goat statue is one of the most bought recycled metal art sculptures for sale! Then you are going to love this unique and very tall black bear standing bronze statue for sale!
How cool, fun and unique is this very large handmade recycled colorful metal swinging frogs? A Rustic Garden Unique Home and Garden Decor Call Toll Free: 866-514-2733 Wrought Iron Fence and Gates to fit any space! Featured Item Wrought Iron Fence To Enclose Yards - 3 foot Tall$69.95 Testimonials "Just thought you'd like to know that not only did everything fit perfectly, I love it and it's just what I wanted. Bespoke Front Garden Bike Store Paving Slate Patio Front Metal Wrought Iron Rail And Victorian Mosaic Tile Path Yellow Brick Garden Wall Wimbledon London. Thanks, you're patience, guidance and caring and concern for what I was looking for was amazing.

I started gardening as a freshman in high school, building gardens retaining walls, and eventually a waterfall and pond before graduating.
One thing I haven’t done that really is a shame is incorporate garden art into my gardens. This bench will look good in any setting and last many years in both residential and commercial environments.
The synthetic Versa-Slats are made of durable "maintenance free" PVC resin with an extruded aluminum inner support. Normally they have a lift gate to drop the order to the ground and move it to the side.Business Deliveries - To be classed as a business you need to keep hours and be located in a business district. I always want to incorporate garden art with my landscape design clients, but for understandable reasons most people have trouble justifying spending even more money on garden art.
They will not call for an appointment so someone needs to be there during business hours to sign for it or there will be redelivery fees.Residential - The trucks deliver right to your home. Plants and garden structures offer and endless opportunity to craft a landscape, but bringing some sort of garden art in to a garden increases the opportunities and tools you have to beautify your gardens. Depending on what art you bring into your garden you may have a great opportunity by sculpting light to enhance your garden. Lighting up a piece of art is a great reason to come out of your home and take an evening stroll through your gardens. While you have limited control over how the light during the day illuminates your art, you have complete control how it is shown at night.
You can even use the light from a fire to dance all over your light with its red glow.During the day you can use tree branches and arbors to filter the light the hit a piece of art in your garden. Can you picture a stone garden path in front of you leading you into a shade garden and at the end of the path there is a beautiful piece of art with the bright light of the day shining on it. By cutting the right branches in the tree above you can create an appealing contrast of light and darkness.Garden Art MaterialsWood, Stone, and Metal.

There are some great options for materials when you’re looking to incorporate art in the garden. When I picked out my Adirondack chairs I spent months hunting down the exact style I wanted. My father always mentions that they should be sealed and stained but I would have missed the beautiful gray color they became.There are some amazing wooden arbors out there as well. Don’t get me wrong people create some amazing works with manufactured lumber but the imperfections of wood used in its natural state makes a garden seem more relaxing to me. The wood may rot and gray and some day you may need to replace it, but nothing in the garden is forever and most gardeners love a good project.I think I may have to try my hand at building one of these this year. In fact maybe my fiance and I can get married under it and then we can bring it back home for our garden. Stone is a really diverse material when you look at all the shapes that can be found or created with it.
I went to school in a small little town that house that was home to a world-famous artist who worked in wrought iron.
You can spend a few thousand dollars on a piece of garden art or you can be like myself and spend a 20 spot on an old milk jug from a farm.I would love to hear about how other gardeners use art  in their gardens!
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