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Storage spaces come with features that provide resiliency, scalability, high availability and ease of administrative operations.
Storage Spaces gives administrators the option to deploy a resilient and highly available storage system utilizing cost-efficient hardware – commodity SAS JBOD (Just a Bunch Of Disks) enclosures, and commodity SAS adapters. Storage pool: Provides a means to administer, aggregate, and isolate a set of physical disks.
Storage space: Provides an abstraction for resiliency, provisioned capacity, and performance level. Storage Spaces provide resilient storage in the form of mirror spaces with dirty region tracking, and parity spaces with integrated journaling. Windows’ Failover Clustering is a feature that enables multiple servers (known as cluster nodes) to be formed into a cluster which provides high availability for the underlying storage and supported workloads, such as File Server and Hyper-V.
Thin provision allows administrators to have straight-forward storage planning, focusing on the minimum number of physical drives to deploy and the near-term size of their datasets. Mirror Spaces: Stripes and mirrors data across a set of pool disks, supporting a two-way or three-way mirror, which are respectively resilient to single disk, or double disk failures. Parity Spaces: Stripes data across a set of pool disks, with a single disk write block used to store parity information, and is resilient to a single disk failure.
Suitable for large block append-style workloads, such as archiving, in non-clustered deployments. The mirror and parity resiliency delivered by Storage Spaces allows administrators to still have access to their data even after a drive failure has occurred.
This allows enterprises to deploy industry-standard storage hardware and save costs, without any degradation in tolerance to drive failures and power loss events.
Simple Spaces: Stripes data across a set of pool disks, and is not resilient to any disk failures. Suitable for high performance workloads where resiliency is either not necessary, or is provided by the application.
To ease the creation of pools and spaces, storage spaces allows the administrator to set default resiliency values, such as number of columns and stripe interleave, for individual storage pools.
Journal: In the event of power loss and similar server fault events, the integrity of parity spaces is protected through journaling. Storage Spaces in conjunction with Failover Clustering can deliver a resilient, highly available, and cost-efficient solution which can be scaled from simple deployments to the needs of a large datacenter.
Storage spaces with clustering and CSV while using commodity storage can allow admins to have a cost-effective, scalable, and manageable solution.
Storage Spaces and Failover Clustering can scale along with business needs through the addition of multiple deployment elements of homogeneous or heterogeneous configurations, up to a total of 64 nodes, or 16 4-node deployment elements. Consolidation of multiple workloads into a single server often results in multiple datasets sharing the same storage hardware.
Thin provisioning affords administrators the opportunity to provision more capacity than initially available physical storage.
Storage Spaces allows administrators to create spaces which use fixed and thin provisioning in the same pool. In order to provide easy sharing of storage capacity, each thinly provisioned space only consumes the capacity it actually requires to host data. Storage Spaces provides on-demand provisioning with automated capacity reclamation, using the trim and unmap commands. The pooling model used in Storage Spaces enables flexible and granular administrative control.
Storage spaces significantly reduce the cost of available, reliable, and scalable storage because it does not require a storage network and external storage subsystem. It is easily scalable, highly resilient, highly available and easy for administrators to manage.
To help deliver advanced, enterprise-class storage capabilities, Dell today has announced full support for Microsoft Storage Spaces, a new technology part of Windows Server 2012 R2.

I’m looking for a Network Attached Storage (NAS) server for a small office (about 100 employees) with a mixed Microsoft and UNIX client base. This fully-updated master class gives you 12 hours of detailed instruction on all aspects of a Hyper-V based virtualization environment. You'll explore current capabilities in Windows Server 2012 R2 and look to the future with Windows Server 2016.
Dell announced several new storage appliances today to address the new realities of the enterprise storage market.
Dell's disruptive pricing mantra is unending, but the company also aspires to pair economy with flexibility. Dell's 2010 Compellent acquisition went well for the company, and as a natural result of the integration it is combining its PS Series, which has over 160,000 systems under maintenance contracts, and the SC Series (from Compellent), into a single product line. Dell's entry-class SCv2000 Series array sits under the PS4000 and SC8000 Series in the product stack and starts at a $14,000 list price. The SCv2000 Series offers many of the core features found on Dell's premium models, such as the SC8000. Dell's SDS "Blue Thunder" Solutions Portfolio already has several key players in the stable, including Nutanix, VMware, Nexenta and Red Hat. The continuing competition from whitebox vendors and ODMs is beginning to take a toll on many of the traditional storage vendors.
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Dell, in cooperation with Microsoft, announced the release of their supported hardware for Windows Server 2012 R2 Storage Spaces and Scale-Out File Server. Dell’s announcement is an exciting development which will help more customers take advantage of the performance and availability of virtualized storage with Windows Server.
Microsoft’s Storage Spaces, a technology in Windows Server 2012 R2, combined with Dell’s PowerEdge servers and PowerVault storage expansion solutions, can help organizations like hosters and cloud-providers that don’t have the feature-set needs for a separate storage array to deliver advanced, enterprise-class storage capabilities, such as continuous availability and scalability, on affordable industry-standard servers and storage. Dell has also published Deploying Windows Server 2012 R2 Storage Spaces on Dell PowerVault. BTW, when I checked out the Irish pricing, the Dell MD1220 was twice the price of the DataOn DNS-1640. I just checked with Didier Van Hoye, a Dell Rockstar and Hyper-V MVP, and my source on all-things-Dell. I know that there are distis in the UK that do sell Chelsio – our purchasers managed to find at least one.
Interesting as I remember that the MD12xx series didn’t support failover clustering in the past. The difference is on the MD12xx, it is not supported to connect a HBA to the out port on the EMM controller. The stuff I see I cannot share, but I see Broadcom come up over and over and over and over.
I’ve been left in the unfortunate position where the previous guy bought a load of servers with additional Intel cards, but forgot to change the LOM from the default Broadcom.
At an absolute minimum update to the latest firmware and drivers, it will eliminate flapping problems with switches and alleviate most other connectivity issues. I recently started working on Dell MD1200 and their PE R710 servers to try out how scale out file server would work on dell hardware. Anyway I ran into an issue for some reason I cant see the Generic SCSI Enclosure Device in the device manager or anywhere.
WaiverAnything you do to your IT infrastructure, applications, services, computer or anything else is 100% down to your own responsibility and liability. Click Sign In to add the tip, solution, correction or comment that will help other users.Report inappropriate content using these instructions. With ReFS, scrubber goes further by ensuring that if a corruption occurs to a subset of copies, it corrects the corruption from a good copy.

Hence, parity spaces quickly recover from a power loss or similar server fault event by replaying the journal.
The JBOD enclosures are connected to all of the servers in the deployment element with data access resiliency as noted in a prior section such that each server has redundant paths to all of the disks in each JBOD enclosure. In either case, running workloads that support high availability can quickly failover to another server in the event of a server failure or maintenance need.
This allows administrators to add drives in advance of the pool’s capacity becoming fully consumed.
Storage Spaces fully integrates with Active Directory and the Windows security model, providing a familiar model and tools for administration. Storage Spaces supports mixed deployments, so it is possible to utilize both SSD and HDD media types and control placement at storage space granularity. Utilizing Dell PowerEdge servers and PowerVault storage expansion, hosting companies, cloud providers, and datacenter engineers can now utilize Microsoft's software enabled storage capabilities to virtualize the storage stack. Dell has been on a self-professed quest to redefine the economics of enterprise storage, and in that vein, it recently introduced the entry-level Dell Storage DC4020 AFA (All Flash Array) for a mere $25,000. New architectures and services, such as cloud computing, are challenging the established norms of traditional IT environments. The company also combined the worldwide design teams in a move to streamline the design process and reduce cost. The arrays come with central management, RAID tiering, remote and local data protection, thin provisioning, and Dell ProSupport services worked into the base cost. This new update, which is free to all of the existing 160,000 PS Series arrays, adds a robust set of new functionality. Dell is expanding the portfolio with the addition of its Dell Storage with Microsoft Storage Spaces products, which come in five configurations. This is placing tremendous pressure on the industry stalwarts to innovate and offer competitively priced solutions, so Dell's latest line of value-centric appliances is timely.
The PS6610 and Dell EqualLogic PS Series Array Software 8.0 will be available globally in early Q3, and the Microsoft Storage Spaces products will roll out in June. I only pick the Broadcom cards for the RDMA support, I’m having trouble finding anyone in the UK who actually resell any of the cards you mentioned, will have to fire off a few more emails. These features help ensure that space is not wasted and data is stored in an optimized and effective method. Dell indicated the hybrid version increases performance up to 7x over the previous generation, and it comes with 10 Gbe connectivity.
The software update adds VMware VVol (Virtual Volumes) support, compression (up to 50 percent with snapshots and replicas), default daily snapshots and space borrowing with replication. Dell aims to stay quick on its feet through the merging of its design teams and continued focus on low-cost alternatives, which should help against the whitebox invaders.
Please independently confirm anything you read on this blog before doing whatever you decide to do. Administrators can scale capacity without additional capacity licensing fees, and there are three expansion units available in the the SC100, SC120 and SC180. Much like storage mirroring, a virtual disk can be created from available resources across all available drives in the pool. This enables a virtual environment to automatically pull additional space, where needed, and helps virtual machines to continue running even in the event of a drive failure.

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