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The multiple routing operation Horizontal Router Table makes tall auxiliary fences, multiple featherboards or jigs UNNECESSARY. Quickly and easily make mortise & tenon joinery, raised panels with vertical raised panel bits, moldings and picture frames.
Includes 3 Solid Carbide Spiral Upcut router bits (#5146, #7467, #7468), plus the Horizontal Router Table. Includes Crown #7865, Architectural #7899, Molding Plane Profile #7965, plus the Horizontal Table. I bought this product in Australia and, miraculously, paid less for it than it costs in the USA.
There are not many of these horizontal tables available commercially (not in Australia, anyway).
Before purchasing the unit I did review all the previous reviews and found them to be helpfull in making my decision to purchase the table.
The table was easy to assemble and the assembly directions were among the most accurate I have used. The only downside was a need for some shims to bring the router plate flush with uprights and fence.
I have to agree with the previous reviews to some degree, but it was obvious to me that MLCS had made an effort to correct some of the previous shortcomings the table had. I had no problems with the directions, probably because they were written in this country and not China.
Sealing up the rear of the table looked like a difficult proposition to me, so I chose to build a fixture that slides into the front opening under the table with a 4" hose connection. With all this said, being able to run various projects over a horizontal router is a vast improvement in safety and convenience, take it from a guy with a couple chewed up fingers to prove it.
You will find (and this is the most important) the router plate is not flush with the horizontal pieces your work rests on. You cannot use a tool like this when the relationship to the bit is not 90 degrees to the surfaces you ride the wood on. The extruded aluminum is not to spec with the router plate or the plate is not to spec with the extruded aluminum. However, once you have your DIY kit together and shimmed and tweaked properly so everything aligns as needed - IT WORKS. However I don't think all the trouble I went through to get it together properly was worth the cost.
1 - make the runner on the extruded aluminum the same depth as the thickness of the router plate.
2 - Make the router plate mounting block line up with the bottom of the track on the aluminum posts the router plate rides on.
2) After you have cut your panel to its finished dimension, install a vertical raised panel bit in your router.
4) Turn on the router and working from left to right, make the first pass on the end grain of the panel. 5) After cutting the end grain on the panel, cut the two remaining edges (with grain cuts). 7) Loosen the two locking knobs on the router plate and adjust the bit up a small amount. NOTE: Older style Horizontal Tables will require the installation of a miter t-track (MLCS #9871) into the existing table top. NOTE: Older Horizontal Tables will require the installation of four threaded inserts to use this accessory table. The Premium Upgrade Kit includes a new Handle, Dust Port Adaptor and Storage Drawer, improving your routing experience with the MLCS Horizontal Table.
The premium upgrade kit includes everything you need to enclose the base of your horizontal table and make it dust collection ready. A large storage drawer has been added to the front of the table, with enough room to hold a large selection of router bits and router accessories.

The Premium Upgrade Kit can be added to any MLCS Horizontal Table by just drilling a few holes, and replacing a few parts. The Precision Table is cast-iron, extruded aluminum and steel with a Tilt-Up sliding top, & clamping system. The Heavyweight Table features a Cast Iron Tilt-Up top with split fence, power switch, and miter gauge.
The Bench Top Router Table heavy gauge steel stand is mounted to a table top with split fence and dust port. Includes the complete Mini Trim Router Table (with fence, plate and dust port) and the Rocky 30 Trim Router.
MLCS Drill Press Table adds versatility and precision to your drill press at a great price. The Heavy Duty Tool Stand features solid steel construction and sturdy splayed steel legs with adjustable rubber feet. The Pro Router Table Stand is designed to work with the U-Turn Router Lift but also works with all MLCS Router Table tops. Perhaps I am a tad bitter that I did not receive wrenches with the two extenders that I purchased, but my biggest problem with this set is that the collets do not cough up bits easily enough. MLCS NOTE: This customer ordered a lower priced version of the collet extension before we offered the wrenches as part of the package.
I only gave the extensions 4 stars because I found it difficult to remove bits that were narrower than extension collet nut. Kreg PRS1020 Router Table Top is made in heavy-duty construction to work with larger routers and lifts.
If you are looking to buy a long lasting router table top, consider buying this MLCS Woodworking Router table top that has durable melamine surface and polyethylene plastic edges. The perspex router base mounting plate is solid, but it doesn't quite fit flush with the aluminum supports.
There is no track provided, and the knobs holding the router assembly plate get in the way, preventing you from running stock that's more than about 5 inches high over the blade. First of all the wooden block that attaches to the plexiglas router plate is now pre-drilled even though the instructions to drill it yourself are still included. Years of trying to understand translated Chinese directions, made using the ones from MLCS a snap! In the on-line video the entire table is dropped into a recess built into the bench and this recess contains the dust collection system. Easy enough to build, but it doesn't address blocking off the lower opening in the rear under the router plate. You will find the mounting block to far forward so it pushes the router plate to far forward. The bolts bind in the tracks because the router plate holes don't align with the tracks the hold down bolts ride in.
I am not trying to get the router plate to travel with the smoothness of a fine machined part. So -you will be shimming the router plate to be even with the face of the extruded aluminium. Some simple QA checks during the manufacture of this product would make it a very good product.
Or if you already purchased a bunch of them, purchase router plates that match the depth of the extruded aluminum track. Cut the end grain first so that any tear out can be cleaned up when you cut with the grain.
TIP: Taking many shallow passes will yield a better cut than trying to cut too aggressively which may lead to a poor cut quality or excessive tear-out.
By adding this extra strong and extra long handle, the force required to make precision adjustments is much less then the original stock handwheel.
Tapping on the side of the collet nut with a mallet should allow the bit to release safely.

Using the extender and a bearing guided dish cutter bit, I can use a template and remove stock to a depth of approx 3".
They have made all the difference in the world in the ease of changing bits and obtaining the exact height I want. On most bits as the nut is loosened it pushes the bit out of the collet, but on a bit that is the same diameter or less than the collet capacity, the nut slides past it. This center mount table is a perfect choice for using the Wonderfence37 fence without positioning. I used the machine to construct a sliding dovetail in a table leg and skirt board with excellent results. Unfortunately, this does not improve the smoothness of operation when raising or lowering the router.
Not feasible for those of us who don't want to build a new bench or seriously rebuild an existing one.
I'm thinking about drilling the pre-drilled holes in the router plate a little larger to give the bolts a little more slack to release some of the binding. A back panel encloses the dust collection area and still allows for all height adjustments to be made. I had to clamp the bit between 2 pieces of wood (with extreme pressure) and pry the collet away. At first I tried changing bits while the extensions were still in the table but found it easier to pull the extension and change the bit out of the router. This is an efficient edge-banded MDF top that has micro-dot surface, and it is easy to slide. It required about ten strips of masking tape to achieve a flush surface, so I would suggest that either the perspex base needs to be slightly thicker, or the rebates on the aluminum extrusions need to be re-machined (made less deep), to prevent this happening. The units are quite heavy and all three corners, the same corner on each of the three units was damaged. And trust me, I worked hard to get the holes on the router plate to align with the tracks in the aluminum posts. A six inch piece of the plastic edge banding on the table had come loose, and broke off during assembly, but this won't affect the way the table works. I believe both wooden pieces should be replaced with metal, providing more precise alignment. This is caused by the xy T-track assembly that is between the bottom table and the top mortising table.
This high grade steel reinforced heavy duty Kreg router table delivers impressive result when it comes to safety, quiet operation in any workshop.
Amazingly, the table comes pre-installed with an aluminum miter slot for greater accuracy, and aluminum T-track slots for mounting router fences. While Supplies last, SAVE BIG on our Router Table Top & Fence with a slightly Off-Spec (but still fully functional) Aluminum Insert plate. MLCS might give this method some thought and provide some other hose attachment method, as I feel dust collection is an important part of most shop operations. Usual router plate needs regular adjustment but INCRA plate leaving system puts flat head levelers in the table rather than putting in the router mounting plate. It was easily put together, but be carefull not to turn the screws to tight, the threaded insert might come loose as what happened to me. It comes with Hex head adjusting screws facilitate a good level insert to top, while the small magnets keep holding the insert in place. You will also find threaded inserts on the bottom of the table top for mounting a leg set of cabinet. I think you will be amazed how little you need to really turn this unit into something special.

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