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The cost of storage units which do not offer the climate control may vary from $35 to $175 per month. The cost of this kind of storage unit may high as it will also offer you additional facility and prevent your important items from environment change. If you are moving, downsizing, or simply looking for a place to store an excess amount of stuff until you can sell it, you may be asking yourself: How much do storage facilities cost? I’ve seen portable storage containers with windows and air conditioners, do you sell those? Containers can be modified aftermarket to meet the needs of the situation.  If you have special container needs we invite you to call one of our Storage Specialists at (855) A-BIG-BOX (Texas) or (855) 9-BIG-BOX (Northern California) and we would be happy to help you with any of these things.
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Portable Residential Storage Units are a popular convenient solution to your pressing storage needs.  And moving has never been any easier. Need to store things for longer?  Pack your unit at your own leisure and then let us move that unit to our local secure warehousing facility until you’re ready to access your things again.  Our monthly storage rates are competitive with any storage facility, without the hassle of transporting your items to storage by yourself. Do you need to access your unit before you’re ready to unload it?  No problem!  Simply call our Jacksonville storage facility to setup  an appointment and we’ll have your unit ready to access once you arrive. Portable Storage Units are often perfect for temporary on site storage needs.  There are many situations where keeping your belongings close at hand is the best way to go. Get the space you need while keeping your valuables near.  It’s the most convenient way to store while you’re going through a transition.
Moving is complicated enough without the hassle of trips to a storage unit to hold your stuff while in between homes.  Order a portable unit to make that transition smooth and painless.
Getting ready to sell your Springfield home?  Or just need to clear some space?  Temporary storage is a perfect solution to provide a clean, organized environment to show your home and catch your breath. Our units come in multiple sizes to meet your exact needs: 10’ x 8’, 15’ x 8’ or our largest unit 20’ x 8’. The beauty of our portable storage options is the flexibility you have for your storage needs.  Whether it’s a short term weekly rental or a longer term monthly storage need, we can service your request today. Our Jacksonville Storage Facilities are secure and climate controlled for both temperature and humidity.  Coupled with our 24 hour surveillance, your items will be both safe and protected from damage and loss. Request your free quote and place your order today.  Your unit can be onsite and available from 24 to 72 hours.
Yes, someone over the age of 18 needs to be where the unit is to be placed.  When the unit is delivered, your driver will go over all the paperwork and show you how to properly use the unit. Rent a Shed Instead of a far away lockup self mini storage unit or an unsightly storage container. If you rent a house, your only other storage options are renting an offsite mini storage unit or an unsightly storage container.

For about the same price as a far away storage unit or a storage container, you can store your stuff right outside your door. You will actually use your storage shed and won’t have to pile into your car and pay for gas every time you need to access your stuff, which will save you money. An attractive, well built shed will blend right into your yard, unlike a storage or shipping container.
Other variables on which the cost may vary are climate control, security, ventilation, and electricity supply etc.
A small storage unit of size 5ft x 10ft may cost from $35 to $55 per month and a large storage unit of size 10ft x 30ft may charge $175 per month.
A small size of storage unit can cost $120 to $180 per month and a large storage unit may cost up to $350 per month. It can be done if you are thinking to setting up something for a long time like shops, family storage for upcoming multiple generations. The answer really depends on how much you need to store and the type of facility you need to rent.Average StorageIf the items you are storing are not susceptible to mold or damage under extreme temperatures, you likely do not need a climate controlled storage facility.
Most of us don’t have much experience of self storage other than squeezing things into a loft or garage space. And no big trucks to drive.  We’ll come, pick up your unit and drop it off at your new home. Short and long term storage shed rentals offer affordable, convenient and secure storage for all your home or commercial needs.
You rent a storage unit and then store the extra items into it from your home or your any business purpose.
The standard size of any storage unit can have any one from these: 5ft x 5ft, 5ft x 10ft, `10ft x 10ft, 10ft x 15ft, 10ft x 20ft, 20ft x 20ft, 10ft x 30ft. In order stay competitive as well as provide the lowest possible prices to all of our customers we provide fast, free quotes on our website as well as over the phone at (855) A-BIG-BOX (Texas) or (855) 9-BIG-BOX (Northern California).
Rent one of our great looking storage sheds instead of a self storage unit or shipping container pod. Before renting a storage place you should prepare to choose the unit which satisfy your requirement and suitable according to your location and price. Some security offers gated security, motion activated floodlights and also 24×7 CCTV surveillance. Perfect for renters, home staging for a real estate sale, seasonal business storage, temporary storage during a home remodeling project or simply as an affordable on-site storage solution. Whatever the reason there are a few things you should know about renting storage.If your household goods need to be put into storage between moving out and moving into your new home, your moving company can provide storage options.
If you can't sell it, donate it.What Do You Need to Store?The next question is, what are you storing?

Even you can easily rent a unit with climate and moisture control, electrical hookups and even ventilation and light.
The cost may be $5 to $15 per day and it also depends on how far the storage unit will go from your house. If you are considering storing art, valuable documents, wooden furniture, collectables, or anything else that might be damaged under extreme temperatures or high humidity, you may want a climate-controlled storage facility.
Even if it costs a little more to use their service, it may be worth the extra amount for the convenience of having the movers deliver your items directly from your home to the storage facility. Or if you're storing valuable papers, you may want to ask about climate-control facilities. One can find exterior storage unit which has no control on climate and another is established inside large interior structure with control on environment.
On average, you can expect to add about $20 to the average price of the unit for a climate-controlled unit.Additional CostsMany facilities require a deposit as well as the first full month of rent up front. If this is an option, make sure you ask if you have access to your things and if you do, what kind of notice is required. Just keep in mind that climate-control storage costs more, but will prevent temperature changes from damaging your belongings. The interior storage units cost high because it will assure you that your items will be safe in any situation. If you intend to insure your property (this is highly recommended) you can expect to pay an extra $10 to $20 per month. The information provided below is pretty standard for most companies, although most companies can accommodate what you need by rearranging moveable walls. Just remember to properly label storage items and load them as a group either first or last depending on when the truck will be unloading at the storage facility.You can also contact the local police station and ask about the crime rate in the area where the facility is located. Larger real estate companies have offices across the country and can usually give you a reference in another location.No matter where the storage facility is located, preliminary information can be obtained over the phone. You can ask questions about size, cost, climate-control, and your ability to access your things when you need to. If you are able to conduct an in-person tour of the facilities, set-up an appointment with your top three companies. If this is not feasible, ask the company enough questions so you can make an informed decision.

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