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Unbeknownst to photographers who were prepared to shoot Ne-Yo and his fiance’, Ne-Yo appeared with a new lady love on the red carpet after notifying his former fiance that he was moving on via a note posted on Instagram! The mother of your two children, engagement, years together, and you bounce back within a day or two!? The woman on the red carpet with Ne-yo is his new artist Ravaughn, shes signed to his new record label alongside Adrienne Ballone. Ravaghn has appeared with Ne-yo on the red carpet a few times this year, including the Grammys where he presented her as his new artist, she currently has a song out, which has been featured on Love and Hip hop.
And I think Neyo was just posting this as a thank you (still tacky) and not to break-up with Monyetta! That is his artist if you watched the red carpet pre show you would have known that, you need to do your home work, also in the pic you stated she had her engagement ring on which was taken in the mirror her hair parted on the right in the other pic the ring, hair part & bracelet was on the same hand, The right hand.

I’m glad some people have pointed out the new chick is an artist of his but um why Neyo can’t take both his new artist and his woman to the BET Awards Show? Smh, I think whoever wrote this is putting to much in it, thats his new artist and why not present her there.
Jennifer Lopez never ceases to amaze us, and her look at the 2015 Met Gala was no different. Check out our continually updated slideshow for all the red carpet looks from the night -- and don't forget to tell us which ones are your favorites in the comments section! Ne-yo has always given me that messy vibe anyway-look how he keeps other artists’ name in his mouth-so this lil instagram stunt is not surprising to me.
And if he is I hope the EX do him like his old girlfriend did hit em in them pockets with that CS.

Kim Kardashian's Roberto Cavalli gown and Beyonce's barely-there look were equally as risque. Playing house with these men gets you nowhere but on twitter hashtagging your ass off trying to look relevant-when will these broods ever learn?

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