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Dylan Thomas lived in a house on stilts that overlooked the Taf estuary, but when he wanted to write, even this wasn't remote enough for him. In 1906, following in these DIY footsteps, George Bernard Shaw built a hut to write in, too. On a similar note, the composer Gustav Mahler wrote most of his symphonies in a shed overlooking an Austrian lake. Hemingway worked in a small cabin which, while not exactly a shed, apparently had all the appearance and atmosphere of one.
The children's author and Whitbread prize winner Philip Pullman says that the garden shed is the place where he finds his inspiration.

Out of creativity or a need to keep up with the literary Joneses, Shaw built his shed on a revolving platform so that he could follow the path of the sun. The old wooden shed in his back garden was the location where The BFG, James and the Giant Peach, The Witches and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory were written. He moved to the shed when his son began music lessons, but he insists that this had nothing to do with it. It's not known whether he cared too much that his place of work was known to the locals as "the shack". The shed was big enough to contain a wing-backed armchair, a suitcase to be used as a footstool, six yellow pencils, and a sleeping bag to provide warmth.

Whatever the original reason, 15 years later he still writes in his shed every day from 10am.

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