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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. It is a fact that over two thirds of the estimated half million bicycles stolen yearly in the UK are taken from in or around the home.
The dilemma is how do you store your bike securely while at home, without it being in the way or depositing oil onto clothes or upholstery etc.
As gardens and gardening have grown in popularity, so the price of machinery like lawnmowers has increased. Leave a sign or sticker in your window or where it can easily be seen stating that all items in your property have been marked. There are some beautiful pieces of garden furniture available which can add up to quite a large amount of money.
Crime prevention experts agree that it is wise to lock valuable articles away in a secure garden storage building. Securing items to a secure anchor point is extremely useful and will foil the most persistent criminal. Sign up to receive Time To Organize's newsletter and receive a FREE copy of the E-Books "Secrets to an Organized Household" and "Six Small-Space Decorating Tips" or a FREE Professional Organizers Goal-Setting Planner! Take some time to peruse the many storage box options at your local home goods stores and online. About SaraSara Pedersen, Professional Organizer helps busy Twin Cities families organize, simplify, and discover time to do the things they love. She brings a unique mixture of compassion, humor, creativity, and common-sense to each client session. Sara lives in Shoreview, Minnesota, with her husband, two children, and tabby cat, Mulligan. A pleasant holiday in the backyard may not always be without its stresses, though.   When we realize that it’s a good idea to figure out a way to organize things we’ll have in the backyard, storage solutions are something to think about. In this post, we’ll go over how common backyard items such as patio accessories, pool toys, barbecue equipment, and beverages can be easily stored in outdoor deck boxes. Great for use on patios and in the yard, our deck and patio storage boxes provide a good place to hold seating cushions, tablecloths, citronella candles, paper plates, plastic cups, and more.  They’re also highly suitable for storing gardening tools, including shovels, watering cans, rubber hoses, and work gloves. In addition to being a good storage space for pool supplies, our seat top boxes offer an easy option for poolside seating.

In addition to the backyard storage uses outlined above, there are many more ways deck and dock boxes can serve your needs both during the summer, and year round.  To spark ideas of your own, read about how our customers are getting unconventional uses from them. Deck and patio storage boxes give you a convenient and reliable way to keep things organized. This is always a problem as a bicycle is generally seen as an outdoor item, yet is usually a valuable possession. Even communal hallways are not that safe and despite designers best efforts there are still not many burglarproof options to protect your bike.
This can be very attractive to thieves, making it important for householders to check that their home insurance also covers items kept outdoors. This should put burglars off as they prefer an easy life and may warn anybody planning to buy the stolen goods.
Another reason to ensure that burglars cannot get access to tools is that they can be used to break into your home. Incidents of garden and patio furniture being stolen are increasing and the Nationwide Building Society have stated that outdoor furniture tops the list of all the claims it receives for thefts from gardens.
Top quality heavy duty garden sheds and bike stores, like the Asgard Security Range are manufactured from 1.2mm steel and are exceptionally secure.
The Stronghold 500mm underfloor locking kit is perfect for protecting any valuable items kept in your outdoor building.
Drop leaf extensions open up to offer a total of 40 inches of cutting and prepping surface. Some companies choose to print their logo or part number on each corrugated carton, while others require a custom size.get a quote! During the first couple weeks of January, stores will be pushing their organizational storage containers. She focuses on not only creating useful spaces, but transferring organizing skills so her clients can maintain everything after she leaves. When she’s not working with clients, she enjoys finding new and creative ways to organize and decorate her home! Reformed thieves have attested to roaming the streets in order to identify unattended bicycles, only to return in a van after dark armed with angle grinders and bolt croppers.
It is a good idea to mark items with an invisible pen and take photographs to help identify recovered stolen objects.

Dense bushes, fences, gates and security lighting all provide great barriers between an intruder and your property. For similar reasons ladders should not be easily removed from where they are stored and are best secured to an immobile object. These items are not only more secure from theft when placed in garden storage, but are also protected from damage by the elements. The Asgard Centurion has reinforced hinges and panels, toughened doors and a strong five point locking system, with a pick resistant mechanism. These innovative security features can be attached to the floor or wall and when used with cable, chains and padlocks, will give you peace of mind. Cabinet space below leaves plenty of room for organizing condiments, napkins and grilling implements and accessories.
Everywhere from Target and WalMart to Home Depot and The Container Store will have plenty of sales to encourage you to stock up now.
They would be perfect to organize supplies in your home office, bedroom, living room, or just about anywhere you want to stash your stuff stylishly! And because she also loves to also create beautiful spaces, she adds a little “oh la la” where ever she can. She also loves to dig in the garden, take evening walks, eat chocolate, and explore the North Shore of Minnesota. Many of these types of crime are opportunist meaning the burglar is helped by people carelessly leaving items lying about. The Biohort collection of tough garden sheds includes the Biohort Europ a, which will keep all of your stored items dry and safe, with ease of assembly, secure twist handle lock and spare key. Lawnmowers, bicycles, machinery, ladders and tools will remain safe and sound when stored in this way. They often need no tools as the cycle has merely been leaned up against a wall in the front or back garden, or placed in an unlocked or ineffective garden shed.

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