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I just love the feeling you get when you walk into an old dusty thrift store and discover a little treasure just begging you to take it home and give it a face lift so it can enjoy life again.
Once the hardware and drawers were removed I wiped down the entire surface with a damp cloth to clean any grime and cob webs that had found their way onto its surface. Once she was sanded down I used a clean soft cloth to remove all the dust particles that come with sanding until she was clean and dry.
Once the piece was fully painted I used my sanding block a final time to make sure my surface was smooth and free of any paint imperfections. And here she is again in her new home right between these 2 awesome chairs and holding a turquoise lamp. Great photos and I’m glad to see the younger generation not doing this very same thing. How to Achieve a Black Distressed Finish {paint furniture}Here is a wonderful video tutorial detailing how to paint and distress furniture. I am so dissappointed that I never heard an answer the first time,(around 2 weeks ago) about the distressed corner cabinet. We all have those old, boring, or even damaged furniture pieces that we are tired of looking at. Prepare a work area, either outdoors, or a tarp in a well ventilated area, such as a garage. This painted dresser becomes a pretty cool sideboard with some fantastic blue paint, a little paper on the doors, and some new hardware. We love this fern painted dresser… this one was handpainted by artists, but the complete DIY is at Art is Beauty.
The Sassy Pepper has this great project for re-painting an old thrift style dining set… She used great paint, and little distressing and a happy, modern print fabric for the seat covers. The Lily Pad Cottage offers us a tutorial on how to use chalk paint… In case you haven’t heard of chalk paint, its one of the easiest ways to get a distressed furniture look, and apparently there is no sanding or priming needed! Lastly, these DIY gold dipped barstools from Clever CraftsA just go to show that little details make a big difference. Do It Yourself Sensational Sliding DoorsSliding doors are a great space saver in a small home. Small and Functional DIY Mud RoomsIf you have a family, chances are you deal with the problem of "stuff" that comes into the house every day. Creative Indoor Vertical Wall GardensI don't know about you, but in my small home, horizontal surfaces are few and far between.
Kids Rooms: Shared Bedroom SolutionsMany of us who have a small home also have fewer bedrooms. Enamel paint is one of the best paints for outdoor furniture because it becomes hard and glossy when it dries, and it is usually washable.
Water-based enamels dry faster and are easier to use than oil-based ones, so many agree that they are the best option for outdoor furniture painting. Latex paint, which has strong wear tendencies, can also be used for either indoor or outdoor furniture. Newer latex paint products can resist yellowing and fading over time, and are resistant to mildew.
You may find our earlier post on Enamel vs Acrylic paint an interesting read if you’re having a hard time deciding between the two.
Although it makes your furniture harder and more durable, there are also a lot of disadvantages when it comes to using oil paints. To learn more about oil based paints please read our earlier article Water Based vs Oil Based Polyurethane.
Latex paint, on the other hand, is definitely not the best paint for wooden furniture because it has a water-soluble base that will cause rising in the wood’s grain. We sanded it with 150 grit sandpaper to remove the brush strokes from the previous paint job. Then you need to wipe it clean with a damp cloth, let it dry and then spray with Odorless Kilz spray paint primer. Let primer dry, then sand with 220 grit sandpaper, wipe clean again, let dry and then respray primer. Now that you have a nice white flat surface due to the primer and sanding you can check out the piece and see if there are any small flaws that need to be addressed. I know this may seem extreme and that it might make more sense to do the wood filler first and then prime, but getting a good coat of primer on your piece first will help highlight flaws that you may have not seen otherwise. When we use traditional paint like Behr latex paint on furniture our go-to top coat is water based polycrylic like MinWax Polycrylic.
Thanks for laying out all of the steps- I so would just srapy, dry, spray again so clearly, I need some instruction on spray painting. Our handles were a really weird size and they would have needed custom pulls if we wanted to switch them up and that wasn’t an option so we sprayed them the same color as the drawer to have them disappear.
Would you mind sharing why you opted for the spray paint, rather than the new cool compressor you have? I love the compressor, but it’s on the large size and in the garage that was covered with snow.
I have a couple of automotive spray guns and two small compressors and one larger (five hp single stage). In early 2011, I attended a two-day program in New Orleans, where design bloggers heard all about the background of this new product’s development then, had the chance to test it ourselves. This system does not require that you strip and sand your cabinets – what a pain that is.
Two months after the product was introduced, I was helping to renovate my mom’s bathroom.
Close the heating and air conditioning vents to the room you are working in, so that the blower does not send dust particles onto your project while any of the finishes are drying. Be very careful to know whether you are working on real wood or wood veneer — or on laminate.
If you buy the large kit, which has two cans of paint, you can tint each can a different color.
Idea for how to choose the paint color for your kitchen cabinets if you are going for a wood tone: How about matching the color of the wood trim elsewhere in the house? Finally, if you have wood cabinets — and you want to freshen the wood finish (rather than paint it), Rust-Oleum has introduced a kit product to do that, too. I’m about to close on midcentury bungalow that has an a********** [edited] updated honey oak 80s kitchen.
I don’t think there is any way you will get the smooth finish of the original with the Rust-Oleum product, though.
I have mobile home cabinets that came with factory cabinets, those with factory made faux wood design(wallpaper overlay) on particle board.
I’m wondering if you would recommend using a sprayer at all or if that creates a problem? I attend the Rustoleum Cabinet Transformation launch event in February 2011, and file this report. Our first reader report: Connie uses Rustoleum Cabinet Transformations on her kitchen and master bathroom.
Rustoleum also has created a similar product -- Rustoleum Wood Refinishing System -- to revive (rather than repaint) wood kitchen cabinets.
When we moved into our house a few years back, we had two hot pink couches and a mattress on the floor. Last week some friends were moving and they gave me a bunch of furniture from their basement.

I paint the majority of my real wood pieces this way, too, so it really works for just about any sort of wood furniture.
Once you allow your primer to dry (You probably only need to wait a couple hours, but I let it dry overnight.), it's time to paint the dresser.
I'm happy with the way it turned out after spray painting the hardware, and it feels like it just fits in with the rest of the bedroom. A few hardware spray painting tips: Since I didn't want the pulls to be bright chrome, I decided to layer some spray paints. So, today I've compiled a list of my top 10 ways that you can use spray paint to transform items in your home. As a reformed hoarder of thrift store junk, this is probably my favorite way to use spray paint.
In the above example I used some antique white spray paint to update 2 bronze candlesticks and a green vase. Over the past few years, I've slowly replaced most of the outdated light fixtures in our house. I also recently spray painted two thrift store lamps in our guest bedroom a high gloss white.
You can even make your own frame out of some scrap wood and then spray paint it, like I did on my DIY gold leaf art.
This is one of my favorite spray paint techniques, combining spray paint and painter's tape to create stripes.
Over the years, I've learned a few things about the different spray paint products available, and I've used all sorts of different brands.
Depending on a type of distressed look or interest you desire, paint with a second color and let dry. Distress your piece by sanding with 220 grit sandpaper or a wet terrycloth sponge or washcloth. Seal the complete piece by massaging Annie Sloan Soft Wax for a beautiful soft glow, remembering to wipe off excess wax, and buff to desired sheen. This entry was posted in Vintage Furniture Maryland and tagged annie sloan chalk paint, Annie sloan chalk paint products, annie sloan chalk paint technique, Annie sloan paint in Hagerstown Maryland, Annie sloan paint in Maryland, Annie sloan paint in Pennsylvania, Annie sloan paint in Virginia, annie sloan paint location in maryland, Barn crawl, Barn Sale, buy vintage furniture, furniture painting technique, old white, paris grey, purchase annie sloan, Refurbished Furniture Sale, repurposed and refined, Repurposed and Refined furniture in Maryland, Repurposed and Refined furniture in Pennsylvania, Repurposed and Refined Warehouse, Repurposed and Refined Warehouse Locations, repurposed furniture, Tag sale, used furniture in maryland, vintage furniture, Vintage Furniture Sale, Vintage Sale, Where to buy Annie Sloan chalk paint, Where to buy Annie Sloan products by Nina.
It all began 5yrs ago when two woman who loved to paint and design met at their sons little league. Spray primer, black spray paint, silver spray paint, hand sander, block sander, clean cloth, foam brush, and water based sealer. Usually hardware is easy to remove as there is a screw on the inside of the drawer, but that was not the case with the pull handle hardware from this piece. Then I took my handy palm sander and 150 grit sandpaper and worked my way over the all the surfaces I was going to be painting. I taped of the slider hardware where the drawers slide in so that they wouldn’t get all gunked up with paint.
Once the final coat is dry, I used my sanding block to lightly sand the entire surface so it was smooth. It is very important to use light, even coats to avoid drips and messes on your furniture, which is probably the most frustrating part of refinishing. After the entire surface was dry I used my foam brush to apply a thin layer of water based sealant over the entire piece. Now I just need to figure out what’s going on the wall behind them…always a work in progress! It’s wonderful that you take the time to share your work , ideas and the how-to for all of us .
Funny but I have this same exact full set (dresser, night stands, tall dresser) from when I was a kid. Instead of replacing them with newer models, you can use paint to update and freshen your furniture, and it isn’t a difficult project!
There are numerous special paint treatments and looks, and below we’ve tried to give you not only some inspiration, but some links to some good instruction on how to achieve them. The credits are at the bottom of the page for Marion, as they would be on a magazine page… Thanks for being concerned about her work, as we always want the artists and bloggers we feature to get proper credit! You can have a paint or home improvement store color match almost anything though!Take your phone or tablet in and show them! No need for permission to pin or to feature 1 or 2 pictures with full watermarks intact that link back to the original project.
It can withstand a lot of abuse, and it is more resistant to moisture than other types of paints. The application method you choose should be decided by the type of the paint you’re using and what you plan to use it for. However, it is mostly used indoors because it isn’t toxic and it has fewer odors than oil paints.
Other than everything mentioned above, enamel paint can also cover stains and other small damages.
First of all, its fumes are toxic and it is quite flammable.  It also gives out a strong odor, so it is best to use facemasks and work in well-ventilated areas when working with it. One type of paint may be the best for one type of furniture while another type of paint can totally ruin the furniture, as in the case of latex paint on wood. When possible we prefer to use spray-paint or the paint compressor, because we get a nicer finish (no brush strokes). We were going for a high gloss almost lacquer finished so we needed the smoothest surface possible. It can be tricky when you are painting your piece white, because a lot of poly finishes cause yellowing. Our basement is finished and has a man den, laundry room and shop full of tools, our heating tank, and a work station.
They did pay for my trip to test the product and for a kit that I later used on my mom’s vanity.
This kit helps you achieve professional-quality results on your own — at a dramatically less price.
By Room 2 of painting, she said, he made her drying racks and was taking down all the doors.  Connie was a very early user of this product.
There are certain woods, like severely worn oak, that we do recommend priming first when using the light tint-base kits.
Rust-Oleum continued with their line extension with an even smaller kit with the products sized to paint furniture (rather than an entire kitchen).
One of the most common questions I get about painting laminate furniture is if it should be sanded first.
Laminate has a shiny finish and if you just try to paint directly on it, the paint will not adhere well and you'll visibly see the paint bubble up as soon as you apply it. I was able to do the entire dresser with one small $3 sample of Behr flat paint in Marina Isle. Lawless, I was browsing their store and found that they had an amazing selection of antique restoration hardware. Just take any plain jane trinket, none of which will match if they come from a thrift store, and cover them in spray paint.
In the below picture, I used my favorite silver spray paint to update a mirrored tray, a vase, and the frame on that artwork. For instance, I updated the brassy pulls on my blue dresser with a little spray paint trick I learned. You can completely ignore the current color of items, and just pick stuff up based on the shape.

I spray painted the frame a high gloss black and then used chalkboard paint on each drawer front. I bought a bunch of plastic pumpkins at the dollar store, spray painted them silver, and used them for decoration. There is an unspoken charm to furniture and decor that look old, weathered and pieced together. You can rub off some of the paint to add another layer of distressing, or add strips of paint to areas. That meeting has transpired into a wonderful friendship and a business partnership, thus Repurposed & Refined. I knew I wanted to take it home, but oh, how to fit 11 brass chandeliers and one little table all in my compact car? This helps the spray paint adhere by removing any sealer that’s on the existing surface and roughing it up just a little.
I find the foam brush leaves a smoother finish than a paint brush, especially in the deep south where it’s always hot and humid outside.
Painted furniture adds color and style to a room without having to repaint the walls, and gives the furniture pieces themselves unique personality. The best paint for furniture must be compatible with the type of furniture you are going to paint or you may run into problems a few months down the road.
Latex paints are generally better for touch-ups than oil-based paints, but enamels work just fine as well. Cabinets and other wood furniture that need harder finishes are examples of furniture that are best painted with oil.
It also takes longer to dry and is difficult to clean up because it requires mineral spirits or turpentine.
If you are not sure which paint you should use on your furniture, you can always ask the advise of professionals.
Sand with 220 grit sand paper and then re-spray primer, let dry and then re-sand with 220 grit paper. I love that you sanded so much, i bet those drawers look just as great up close as the do in the pics. I have been wanting to spray paint handles on a dresser I have, but have been concerned that I will botch it up and they will be stuck in one position and not be usable.
You are totally inspiring me to muster the courage and go ahead and spray paint the handles on my vintage dresser!
We had a drop cloth on the floor and then hung up a drop cloth from the clothing line that is also in the shop to prevent it from spraying everywhere. At the same time, I thought the quality of the finished cabinets looked very good — and in particular, the glazed cabinets have that high-end look. For example: Use the tops on how to be able to turn over doors and get both sides painted in the same wave. It was based on her feedback — along with feedback from other customers, I am sure, that Rustoleum added more glaze to the kits.
However, if you do this, you are going to have to work with a paint store that will fuss with you. Some woods produce high levels of tannin oil which interact with the water-based bond coat. They also have some different, kind of wilder colors — like Apple Green (I like!), shown above. Although the old hardware wasn't bad, and could have been easily updated with a coat of silver or ORB spray paint (seen here), I decided to try something new. So I spray painted the base silver and added a new drum shade with a black ribbon hotglued around the top and bottom.
I prefer the quality of Rustoleum over anything else, but sometimes use Krylon and Valspar as they both have more color options than Rustoleum.
Shabby chic techniques include adding cracks, antiquing, wearing off paint in areas, rubbing off paint, and distressing paint. You can also use stencils, markers and other furniture refinishing tools for extra interest.
So I took out a screwdriver and hammer and pounded on the hardware through a hole on the inside of the drawers until the hardware popped out. I used gray primer since I planned to turn my piece black and started with light coats, letting each layer dry about 15 minutes between. Although the sealer goes on milky, and dried clear, it will leave a white residue if you let it pool up on the corners and sides of the piece, so make sure the entire piece has a light and even cover.
Would rather have these piece fill my home over something from ANY brick-and-mortar company ANY day !
You can paint existing furniture, or scout out the thrift shops and second hand stores for some sturdy pieces that just need a little love… Here are some easy step by steps to painting furniture, and some great inspiration. When using this kind of paint, make sure that the surface you are painting is perfectly clean because latex doesn’t stick to dirty or dusty surfaces. One advantage of latex paints over any other kind of paint is that it is very environmentally friendly. It also requires solvent-based thinners and cleaners, which also give out fumes that are toxic and have strong odors. Again, though, I think you can tint colors to any color you want, although you will need to work with a helpful and experienced color-tinter. So rather than wax it like I do to my chalk paint pieces (like this one), I decided to use polycrylic. It ended up being a really pretty pewter, and because it has some dimension to it, it doesn't look so spray painted. Annie Sloan chalk paint allows you to create a shabby chic look to just about any piece of furniture in your home. Once the sealer and hardware are dry you can reinstall the drawers and hardware and start using your piece! Primer will adhere to the laminate, and it will create a surface that your paint can adhere to.
The three in the center (below) are my favorites: Pure Gold, Titanium Silver, and Oil Rubbed Bronze. It will keep your paint from scratching or peeling off, it will cover up the wood stain, and it will even cover up that musty smell old furniture tends to have.
I use the angled paintbrush to get into all the crevices and corners, and then I smooth everything with the small foam roller as I go, getting rid of any brushmarks. Polycrylic is great because it's durable like Polyurethane, but it doesn't yellow over time and it's really low-odor.
When I'm in need of a shinier chrome silver, my go-to is Rustoleum Bright Coat (far left). My Mother has the Wagon Wheel living room set and it has been refinished and recovered twice. I am so scared I have ruined this beautiful corner cabinet painted black sanded and waiting for me to act!!!Where do I go now?? If you can see any brushmarks, you can sand lightly with fine grit sand paper once the polycrylic is dry. It would be great if you have that project could I please have the link and if not I would be wonderful to see the process .AS i am new and clueless !

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