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On first seeing the heading I thought I better write him quickly before he does something unthinkable "paint over paneling"?
I especially like this when the paneling is not the $8.99 a sheet stuff from 30 years ago but actual WOOD. It's beautiful wood though and looks like a million bucks when painted - as your photos show. They took crappy, fake paneling and painted alternating sections with the same color but one in matte finish, one in gloss. But your before and after shots are incredable I too can't wait until I have an opportunity to make this suggestion. Paint, paint, paint!!  In terms of selling, you have to appeal to the mass market and this will definitely do it!!
We are very often asked what to do knowing the sellers are not really interested in spending to much $$$ you have proven a little paint can do wonders.

Painting over wood paneling is different as painting over wall, but this is not difficult to be done. Wash the paneling by dipping a sponge in a mixture of dish washing liquid and water and let it to dry. Make sure that when you are painting over wood paneling, you have proper ventilation because you will be working with smelly stuff.
Inspect the nails in your wood paneling because they need to be treated well depend on your need. Use both roller and paint brush to piant them, once the previous coat of oil-based primer dries. If you need to hang pictures, you can just leave them, if you have sticking out nails, you can tap he flush with wood paneling to let them not show and you need to also check for any losing nails. When this coat dries, apply another one to make a better coverage and long-lasting durability.

Don’t forget to cover your flooring when you are working to avoid spilling paint using  drop cloth or plastic covering.
Before painting, you need to apply primer first using a paint sprayer or a roller and paintbrush. You can apply primer in one or two coat until the wood color covered by allowing each coat t dry properly. After that, you can paint the wood paneling using a paint sprayer and let it dry to enjoy the new look of the wood paneling.Painting over wood paneling is a fun job you can easily complete to match the look of your room with the wood panel.
Clean all the tools that you can use in other times in the future.That is the steps of painting over wood paneling.

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