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I also didn’t want them to be permanent {cemented into the ground}, so I came up with this patio lighting solution. Next, start mixing your cement in the smaller terra cotta pot per the directions on the package. It is a good idea to have something near by to help hold the post straight while the cement is drying.
Before doing that, I put a small layer of soil in the bottom so that water was still able to drain. Word to the wise, remove the bulbs before you hang them, I learned the hard way unless you use plastic ones! I did something very similar last year but I grew a creeping Lazy Susan vine that twisted itself all the way up the posts. I love the pot idea for the stabilizer, and also the brick benches (I am for sure going to try that !!! I have been holding onto this wonderful DIY via my Pinterest board forever and this weekend might actually be the one where my hubby and I try to tackle this! I have been looking for a way to hang lights over my patio table on my side patio but could not think of a way to string the lights to a post that would stand. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
Patio string lights - These popular outdoor patio light strings are ideal for landscape lighting for backyards, patios, cafes, wineries and wedding tents. String lights come with the option of being left switched on, with a chaser pattern and twinkling illumination. Outdoor string lights are although tested, however, it is very crucial to remember that not every type of them is protected.

They can be hung in a different exotic manner and the nice glow out of them will leave you routed to the very spot. I set out to create two posts for the back corners of the patio, and strung the lights between those and the house. This was the first time I worked with cement, and it was much less intimidating than I thought it would be. My directions called for first pouring in the dry concrete mix, so I stuck the post into the dry mix before pouring in the wet portion. Unless you want to hold it straight for the duration of the dry time {which actually doesn’t take that long if you buy quick-dry cement}. I used cable zip ties to attach the lights to the eye hooks on both the posts and the side of the house. Hope you get some relaxation and enjoy a different project I am going to tackle planting some cosmos.
I strung them around my raised deck, then across my shed area to a spruce tree, then to a huge linden tree and i draped them from limb to limb. The creamy yellow flowers growing all the way up the posts look great both at day and at night. We had a covered patio with jasmine climbing up the posts when I was a kid, and I always loved it. Since you have brick, you’d probably have to drill a hole with a masonry brick and used a plastic anchor to screw the eye hook into.
As for attaching it to the house, my husband is not loving the thought of screwing it into the siding, so I’m thinking I could just do four posts and have it in an X pattern. I want to get more and then drape them across to the other side of the yard and back to the deck..

Making a few of these to use when staging a reception would make every planners job so easy!
I made a few changes to help the poles from bending and being a little more sturdy around our dog and storms. Then I zip-tied the lights to the cable, so that the lights themselves aren’t load-bearing. Outdoor lights are made using thick electric wires covered with plastic and attached to them are a number of small socket bulbs. However, it is recommended not to attach three strands of string lights as they may cause a short circuit.
This is a great method if you don’t have a tree or some other tall object near by to string them on.
Being hung along walls, trees, and other wires it is advised to take precaution while using such lights.
We do have a big, gorgeous live oak in the back, but it’s a bit farther from the house than I wanted to string lights. They don’t bother me too much {and the bend actually looks more dramatic in pictures for some reason}. My sister has had the same ones for a while on her patio too and they’re still going strong.

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