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We are very happy to help with planting schemes and to advise on the basics of garden design. Notice how repeating plants in a garden design makes this design cohesive while using fewer  plants.  The foundation looks organized by repeating the flower colors. What would you recommend for perennials to plant – part sun and mostly shade – that will bloom during various times during the year?
This is much better sized than before.The planting area has been reduced to two of these boxes. So if you have a total lawn and proposed flower border area that equals 30' wide you can have either a 10' wide flower border at one end of it or two 5' wide flower borders one on each end. Terraced or tiered flower beds come in a few shapes often times curved but sometimes rectangular.
The general rule for terraced gardens is no wider than 4 foot.The length is generally no less than 4 foot long.

You need to be able to reach the back of the garden without having to kneel or step into it.
It includes hydrangea, hosta, iris, coral bells and ferns, PLUS 2 recommended alternative plants for every plant in the original plan.
It would take more plants to fill it than we wanted to purchase and even filled with plants it would have been hard to maintain. This would seem rather small to me as I don't like to go less than 4' wide on border plantings. So play around with various sizes until you get one that fits your style and maintenace schedule.
If you plan on putting a 15' tall tree in the bed a 45' long flower garden might be too large for you. I can grow aggressive plants in them without too much worry about them getting out of hand.

That said, you are very welcome to email ideas to us and we will do our best to help you along the way and this help can be free if the plants suggested are purchased from us. Standing on the slope to work was getting harder and harder the older I was getting!So as much as I wanted this to be one huge garden area it had to be downsized to something more appropriate.
In that case you can use a garden hose to try various widths and shapes until you find on that works for you. Bigger flower beds require a lot more maintenance than smaller ones.When you have your garden size figured out, you will want to read about color in the garden. Anything less than 6' wide will probably not work well in most situations involving island beds.

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