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The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) is developing a Habitat Conservation Plan (HCP) for activities on state owned and managed Wildlife Areas. The goals of the Wildlife Areas HCP are to provide federal Endangered Species Act (ESA) assurances for management, operational and recreational activities occurring on state Wildlife Areas, and to thereby contribute to the conservation and recovery of approximately 60 species listed under the ESA. Integrate guidance from existing planning documents, including Washington's Priority habitat and Species Management Recommendations and state and federal species recovery plans, and others. Streamline permitting processes for WDFW activities that are implemented with federal funds, and improve WDFW’s eligibility for additional federal funding. To say that the Canadian portion of the Rocky Mountains is known for its beauty would be a gross understatement. But the purity of the Canadian Rockies makes for more than just a picturesque tourist attraction. Among the regions wildlife are large mammals (like bison, mountain goats and caribou) golden eagles, beavers porcupines and much more. It is also not uncommon for sight-seers to get distant views of some of North America's largest predatory animals.
It's not surprising that the animals that inhabit this virtually untouched paradise experience very few survival issues.
If you love viewing wildlife in its natural habitat, there is no better place to visit than the Canadian Rockies. Begin your journey and cover any questions you have on a chat with one of our friendly local insiders. Read more about Our Team of knowledgeable Canadian experts who take care of all your travel details. Fri, May 13 - Mon, September 5This exhibit coincides with the 100th anniversary of the National Park Service and features work from the National Museum of Wildlife Art, Grand Teton National Park, and select private collections.
For many years I’ve heard rumors of photographs of a Wildlife Services plane stationed in Rexburg, Idaho with wolf footprint stickers on it for each wolf the crew had killed.
Ken Cole, Western Watershed Project’s Idaho Director, is a 5th generation Idahoan, an avid fly fisherman, wildlife enthusiast, and photographer. And yet according to the Rules of Wildlife News recently posted, we should attempt to keep emotion out of a response to this obviously, blatant example of hatred on display? I think, along with other photos and stories I’ve heard about Wildlife Services, that the discussion should revolve around whether this agency can be depended on to do its job with the professionalism it should or not. I hope people keep this discussion to the relevant issues rather than letting it devolve into name calling and an anti-hunting rant. This image is very emotional and I think using it in an upcoming direct mail package to our donors at Defenders of Wildlife would be very impactful. I suppose that next police cars will put symbols on their doors representing DUI’s, assaults, or numbers of arrests? I am sure that the plane, a PA 18, is chartered on an hourly rate and is not used exclustively for wildlife services wolf hunting program. If Ken can get another picture of the plane with the tail numbers, it is easy to access the ownership of the aircraft. It seems that these plane is envolved in some kind of crop dusting or mosquito control or whatever activity.
I remember another photograph on this site sometime ago where the same pilot was on the ground holding up a large dead wolf by the legs. You are certainly right about how there should be no pleasure derived from killing an injured animal. I’ve run into plenty of officers from various departments that have this same mentality. 58 wolf paws emblazoned in the standard military kill nose art panel are hard to refute , whatever else this Piper Super Cub plane might be used for.

The device on the portside strut is an Automatic Flagman Model 5a-112 disperser , for chemicals.
I thought that is a dispensing device for dropping high visibility weighted cardboard paper flags to mark a spot on the ground, at least that is what their website says.
I’ve heard that Todd Grimm is a wonderful human being, complete with charm, intelligence, and an altruism toward animals that is unrivaled in the GRM. A short time ago there was a post regarding the expenditures of Wildlife Services in Idaho for control of wolves and coyotes. Wildlife Services wolf depredation control program makes no economic sense, though they might say well if this wolf was not killed by us it would kill again and again. Having personally watched WS take four days and the services of two planes (spotter plane from the wolf project and gunner plane), four air crew, at least two trucks, and at least two ground crew to dispatch one two-year-old lobo tagged with killing three cows, I really resent the waste of my tax dollars.
There’s likely been 2 or 3 times as many wolves shot by this crew since the photo was taken. I remember a couple years ago I was up in the Edna Creek area and saw one of the yellow planes flying around, they were actually flying pretty low too.
I don’t think that a better metaphor for the the war on wolves that is being waged could be found.
If anyone is putting together a file to go after these bastards, I’ll get the pictures to you. Heck, even the local school teacher at the time, brought the kids for a photo op and that pic has been floating around out there on the internet for awhile. One of the owners of a local establishment, had magnets made up of with a pic of a biologist (?) cutting these wolves up, looking for the evidence of depredation. Jerry – they were gunned down on state lease land and ferried by helicopter, back to the property where the heifer was killed.
I went as far as I could with this and was finally told by USFWS that I’d have to take them to Federal Court to get any more information.
Chuck – the Super Cub based in Boise may have been in for maintenance or retrofitting. This would probably be alot more meaningful if it were compared against flying hours logged.
As for the inadvertent shooting of the plane, it is likely the gunner following a line of sight on a target without considering structural features of the aircraft. Be careful what you wish for – Wildlife Services strings miles of fladry, installs RAG boxes, equips producers with deterrent devices, and otherwise assists with non-lethal wolf management in your own home state, as well as the other WGL states.
This is of course part of the problem with these issues we face now a days, far to many shoot off with the knee jerk reactions, then have to clarify! WS removes a couple of hundred depredating wolves in MN every year, without a lot of backlash, and without aerial gunning, but their emphasis in this region has always been to try non-lethal deterrents first.
With these considerations in mind, I suggest that people who plan to write their Congressperson regarding Wildlife Services be specific about what it is they object to.
The HCP will be a long-term management plan for the conservation and protection of species and their habitats on Wildlife Areas. The pictures seen so often of snowcapped peaks reflected in pristine mountain rivers simply cannot do the region justices.
Salmon have crystal clear stream and rivers in which to swim, which in turn leads to adequate amounts of food for grizzly bears. Sign up for our monthly newsletter and get more of everything there is to love about this great country delivered right to your inbox. Paintings by Thomas Moran from 1871 from the park’s collection are just some of the anticipated highlights of this visually stunning exhibition.
That being said, I hope people can maintain some level of composure here and keep the discussion from becoming too vitriolic.

One could possibly assume from these pictures that these WS employees are not just doing a job they were ordered to perform by their superiors, but relishing in the deaths of an animal they view as an enemy; that tracking the number of killings is a badge of honor and a source of pride. The clown that I described above would be a perfect candidate for WS and their thrill killing adventures. Every time Wildlife Services goes to a ranch or goes on a killing mission, it’s money in the pocket of the agent, or the pilot, or the gunner.
DeFazio’s office, be sure to remind him how much $$$$ his Oregon 4th Congressional District receives in farm subsidies, just to balance out the conversation a little. These planes are also used in the aerial gunning of coyotes, killing done on behalf of the livestock industry and some bird hunters with friends in high places. Aside from enemy fire the number one danger to the aircraft and crew was from ejected shell casing that were fired from within the aircraft getting lodged in various control mechanisms on the plane. If they cannot even give the illusion of being professionals with their childish stickers and reckless use of firearms they deserve what they get. Starting in Northern Alaska, the Rockies wind through the Canadian pacific region, widen out a bit in the northwestern United States and finally taper off in northern New Mexico. Dense forests, still unspoiled by the effects of urban sprawl, still abound in western Canada. What's more, many of these species are vanishing everywhere else in the northern hemisphere.
Those willing to make the trip to British Columbia's shores may be lucky enough to see some rare, aquatic life in the forms of orcas, gray whales and Pacific White-Sided Dolphins.
There is plenty of green grass for the Rocky Mountains' moose population and fresh roots for the various rodent species. Whether you want to roll through the Rocky Mountains on a relaxing train trip, get an overhead view from a biplane or hike on guided tours, we have your solution. Supplemented by John Fery’s early works of the Tetons plus work chronicling more than 100 years of artistic expression, this exhibit shows how “Painting the Park” has developed from an arduous undertaking performed by a small group of intrepid explorers to a popular pastime for professional and amateur artists, alike. It was obvious that he got a thrill out of it and was gleefully explaining how he did it and was proud. I’ve actually seen planes with these antennae attached very close up and this is the way that they are attached. The tires are standard, not the oversized underinflated balloon tires used for rough field landings . It’s the one seen flying around Salmon, Challis, all of Eastern Idaho and sometimes other places.
I did hear that one wolf got away, whether it was from the litter or not, couldn’t say.
This would cause the elevators and other moving parts to jam and the aircraft often crashed.
Of course this is the same guy who brags about knowing the WI DNR schedule for where and when stocked pheasants are released so he can be waiting there with a shotgun. A very versatile low cost plane dating from the early 1950’s and still popular among enthusiasts and one-man job shops.
Agency documents mention running down coyotes using a snowmachine and killing them with a handgun or shotgun. He also mentioned that because of elk numbers in the Grasshopper, they were trying to reduce the population to comply with the management plan.

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