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CLICK HERE to download the free PDF article and woodworking plan for Keil's Arts and Crafts library table.
Further, the drawings, explanations, plans, and details on the drawers are woefully inadequate.
RTChoke writes: I built a dining table using similar techniques, on the legs it is easy to get the 4 sides together and to stay together if you put in a few biscuits in the mitered edges. NOTE: You may wish to drill pocket holes facing upward on the insides of aprons for later attaching top through.
And don't forget, there's lots more details and tips and tricks available to you in Jaime's blog post as well.
It is always recommended to apply a test coat on a hidden area or scrap piece to ensure color evenness and adhesion. Quarter sawed oak is the best wood to use, as it is easy to work and looks best when finished. Start work on the legs by beveling the tops and squaring them up and laying out the mortises for the shelves as shown in section BB. If the parts all fit perfectly square and tight, they can be glued and screwed together, which will complete the table except for the slats and drawers. When the table is complete it should be carefully gone over with fine sandpaper and all rough spots removed. Mission library table plans – all free plans at stans plans, Build a mission style library table for your favorite lamp. Mission library table plans – how to build planshow to, The mission library table, the drawings for which are here given, has been found well proportioned and of pleasing appearance.

I'm thinking of building a library table for office use -- and like many others am a big fan of this Stickley design. Does anyone see a problem basing a wider table off the original plans without changing structure or joinery? Sorry, don't know if it's necessary, but I forgot to add exploded schematic from Woodsmith website page for their plan.
Additional guidance on mortise and tenon joinery, making Craftsman-style legs, shaping curved corbels, and traditional drawer building. Thank you FFW for continuing the vision of simple is better in this hectic lifestyle we are stuck in.
I just turned 50 last Sunday, and have loved Arts and Crafts in all it's variations throughout my life. Do you always complain when someone GIVES you something for FREE that many people like, but you don't?
It's a play table with two full drawers, complete with colorful decorative drawer faces like a vintage library catalog.
We wanted to keep the plans simple and made from solid wood boards, but charming and cute at the same time. The slats can be fastened on with nails, then the heads covered with fancy nails which can be secured for this purpose.
There is a version of the table seen in your second picture at Gustav Stickley's Craftsman Farms that is probably 84 inches from end to end. Although I like side hung drawers, a simple web frame with two vertical dividers makes a lot more sense.

In fact, many times I've been tempted to ask Taunton to produce a woodworking magazine based strictly on the Arts and Crafts styles such as that which came from Gustav and Leopold Stickley, and well as Greene and Greene. This is best done by placing the four legs side by side with the ends square, and then laying out the mortises across all four at once with a try-square. You're only talking about 6 inches so I would keep the joinery and overhang at the ends the same and add 2 inches to each of the drawers.
Both originals are in my books, but the spindles are a pain to build, finish and keep dusted after you're done.
In a nutshell, the basic principles are that furniture should be simple in design, highly practical, and built to pass down from generation to generation. Please continue offering the many ideas and plans, and I will continue as a subscriber to a fine magazine for 10+ years!!! Also the phony through joinery in the illustration isn't authentic to Gus Stickley, although many of the people who copied him at the time did fake the joinery.
No handles are needed as the lower edge of the front board can be used for pulling them out.

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