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Manufactured to operate smoothly and withstand the daily rigors of heavy use, the Zimmerman LS96 Milking Parlor is designed for mid-size to small dairy farms where the operator is comfortable with close contact with cows. Smooth, quiet operations with UHMW synthetic bushings on the door hinges & soft rubber bumper used on the stops. The LS96 Walk-Through Milking Parlor supports all milking systems with equipment racks that conveniently adjust to accomodate any milking unit.
The LS96 Walk-Through modular units conveniently make any number of popular configurations in existing barns or new construction.
Of course your local DeLaval people will work closely with you to understand your requirements, so your rotary is planned to be a realistic fit for your needs now and into the future.
A DeLaval parallel rotary PR platform with a DeLaval milking system provides an integrated milking operation, for superior milking performance. DeLaval PR2100 links the latest milking automation and herd management system with the milking operator.
Rotary platform features include a choice of three different deck materials, easy-to-use and time saving multi-function platform control, advanced options to integrate with crowd gates, and a quick release system. Integrated herd management provides for cow identification, feeding, milk yield recording, automatic drafting and cow retention.

The diagonal post on the left has a bolt through the bottom that it pivots on and is held to the stationary post on the right with a light weight lamp type chain that hooks over two nails. Click here to remove banner ads from this forum.This Forum Is Hosted For FREE By ProBoardsGet Your Own Free Forum! It makes milking easier through it's automatic features that allow the cows to milk at their own pace.
Planning includes selecting equipment with the appropriate capacity, and components which are designed to work together for premium performance. The guide is based on DeLaval experience in building more than 2700 rotary milking parlours world wide. For both systems the robust low-profile bails promote superior cow flow on and off the platform, and low milk tube connection points allow for excellent cluster alignment. Automation options include post milking protection, automatic cluster removal, milk sweep system, and an automatic cleaning system.
Roller systems, platform decks, centre couplings, drive and control systems for PR2100 and PR1100 have all been designed to last. You can change your web browser settings if you do not allow cookies or do not want cookies to be saved.

The light chain can break in an emergency.We only use this for milking, all doctoring is done in a real squeeze with a real head gate.
These DeLaval parallel rotary PR2100 and PR1100 milking solutions are designed to cater for such variations: no matter whether your farm milks 200 or 2 000 cows, or where in the world it is located.
Cow traffic is a key factor: the fast flow of all cow groups to the waiting area, on to the platform and back to the herd after milking.
Getting it right will bring long term benefits: identifying the correct size of rotary system will enable you to reach the expected throughput of cows per hour, match expected work routine time with the milking time, use minimal labour, and avoid stressing the operators and cows.
At the same time the maintenance requirements for service and cleaning have been reduced as much as possible. The larger your herd, the more important it is that cows can enter and exit the rotary platform as quickly as possible.

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