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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Printing & Packaging specialist, Personalized customer service and Good competitive pricing. We also supply retailing services of clear shoe boxes, please visite our online clear boxes store. You could use a shoe box, a small plastic box, large envelope, or another type of storage container. Receipts for fuel, food, dining out, and miscellaneous are kept until billing statement comes and are checked.
Sign up for my latest updates and get my Cleaning Routine FREE printable!Take the guesswork out of cleaning! Just Plastic Boxes is the go-to source for wholesale boxes and bulk plastic storage boxes--clear, airtight, stackable, Iris, Sterilite bins, totes, & containers.
The tight fitting transparent lid allows easy identification of contents and prevents small items moving from one container to another. Please contact your local agent or distributor who will be pleased quote for your local country.

Even I have used the shoe box for papers storage I warped up with coloured paper it was look nice. If you want to avoid the paper clutter problem, you can scan the receipts with your smartphone and upload them to a cloud service like AboutOne. Simplified.Your information will *never* be shared or sold to a 3rd party.If you like these FREE printables you’ll LOVE my shop, Clean Mama Printables! It is food, dishwasher and freezer safe.  It also has a clip on lid and a carry handle that sits flush with the lid in recesses when not in use. The front and sides of the drawers are almost completely see-through so you can see the contents in the drawers. Each Christmas wreath storage container boxes is clear with grey latches which allows you to find the correct wreath you need.
These small wreath storage containers can hold a wreath up to 16" in diameter and 6.5" deep. Ones that are for tax purposes go into current tax papers file, ones for major purchases get stapled to a copy of front of box or at least copy of model #, serial #, etc. A hard plastic wreath container works to preserve and protect the investment you have made in your holiday decor year after year.

These wreath storage containers not only prevent wreaths from being crushed, but they also protect your wreaths from dust.
The grey latches on these plastic wreath storage containers hold the lid on tight while simple folding out to remove the lid. Take a quick look at some of these easy, Christmas tree storage ideas and see if you can use one of these simple solutions this year!Tree Storage Box with WheelsGrab this box from The Container Store to keep your artificial tree tucked away til next time.
You can snag some storage containers for your ornaments too, keep them organized and from breaking! Extra-Large Christmas Tree Storage BagTake a look at Improvements to snatch up this extra-large Christmas tree storage bag. This is perfect for those that aren’t concerned with the tree finding any bumps and bruises along the year-long wait to use it once again. Be careful how you open it up in the first place and when all is said and done you can just slide the piece right back inside? We picked up a white tree from Walmart this year and we kept the box for safekeeping afterwards!

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