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Plastic window insulation kits can save energy on both heating and cooling and lower your utility bills by providing an insulating barrier of trapped air and keeping out any drafts. Apply double-sided tape to the window casing around the perimeter of the inside of the window.
Spread out the sheet of plastic and attach it to the tape with as few wrinkles as possible.
The first step in applying a window insulating kit is cleaning the surfaces where it will be attached.
It can be pulled off and repositioned if necessary, but it’s best to get it lined up before you begin attaching it. Sign up for Danny's Monthly Newsletter and stay up to date on tips and tricks for the home.

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UPVC windows — Buy UPVC windows, Price , Photo UPVC windows, from Metal paints (pvt), Ltd.. Next, you apply the two-sided tape that comes with kits around the entire perimeter of the window. Even though you want to stretch as tight as possible, there will still be wrinkles that obscure your view, so the final step is heat the plastic with an ordinary blow dryer.
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Once you remove the backing on the tape, you’re ready to spread out the clear plastic film and attach it to the tape. As the plastic heats up it will shrink, removing the wrinkles and preserving your view while it seals your window.

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