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29.04.2015 admin
Most of you garage vets and builders will already know about this, but I thought I would post this little shelving build of mine for those newbies like myself who just put up their first garage and are having a great time getting everything up and running. I'll be adding enough money into my home loan to build a new, stick built 30x40 shop (or 25x40, somewhere around there).
Just wondering what the going rate for you folks is per square foot on something like this.
Metal may be more costly in the beginning, but from what I've experienced, they hold thier value better. Those who give up a little freedom for a little security, WILL SOON LOSE BOTH AND DESERVE NEITHER! Got a price locally for mine 30x40x10 with one roll up door and one walk door for $4,800.00. Having the crane lift the dormer section was much easier than trying to do all the framing up in the air off ladders and loose trusses. I really think for such a small workspace, it will work out great to give you room to work and move around.
Tundra i havent read into this far enough to see if youve set the post but if not heres an idea my buddy had on his pole building. I could nail a sort of small catch shelf or notch the inside of each porch support timer for the doors to rest in. Nothing too heavy is planned, unless I move the entire blacksmith shop out there, then there will be a 2,000 lb power hammer.
Little back story, the shop I have been renting for the last 3 years isn't cutting it anymore. Low ceilings, no heat, no insulation, not enough space, and renting held me back from changing any of that.
I am having a contractor that does some work for the company I work for doing most of the work. On to the new barn, it is 40?x48? with 16? ceilings, concrete floor, plenty of power and more room. I wanted to do it right once? We will see how long before I want to add to what I have planned. Motion light on left and right site of building with switches inside to turn off if needed. There is a wood boiler for the house, but I don?t need to add another project to everything else. The plan for this year is to run a couple salamanders and hope with all the insulation it will get warm quick, and stay warm longer than what I am use to.
It shows the porch enclosed, it is not, it also shows it only on the front, it wraps around the left side as well.

The windows in pictures 3 and 4 were changed out for shorter windows so they wouldn?t interfere with the work benches I plan on having along that wall.
4 weeks after taking this over and $4,000 more I finally got power out to the barn the day after Christmas.
Eventually I will be running an air line around the entire shop so I'm not dragging air cords everywhere. Some of the construction debris is going to be used to make a RC crawler area behind the shop. Some foam up and starting to run the interior purlins for the OSB, this was before I had power. The bench has a 2x6 along the entire back wall, perpendicular 2x6 braces every 2' and 4x4 front legs every 6'.
The frame was nailed together, but the plywood was screwed on for easy removal if it ever needs replaced. I'm starting to lean back toward pouring about a 12" deep pier about 3' below grade and dropping something like the Simpson mounts in like Screwzer did, Only the metal mounting brackets would be below grade, then back filling the holes with gravel.
We can't build pole barns out here, cause the earth moves too much (earthquake) so its interesting to see how ya'll do it.
1st Recliner: do you cap with a larger concrete cap for lateral movement or just rely on packed gravel? Just rely on the packed gravel and Simpson bracket below grade in the concrete footing for stability.
To add to lateral stability, all of these buildings are built with shear walls and structural steel sheeting on the exterior walls and roof.
I guess I'm running out of excuses to build my shop now, my boss just gave me all the leftover wood from the barn he just had built across the road from us. Luckily the 50 amp breakers were overkill for all my equipment so having to drop down to a 40 or even 30 I should be fine. I could easily add a 50 amp breaker with some #6 wire to have a true 50 amp circuit now as the inside isn't finished yet.
I know a lot of guys have built bigger or have built for businesses but this IMO the best all around average guy's shop build I've seen.
The 220v line is ran in the ceiling for the pump motor, I'll just have to run an air line for the lock release.
I also ran 10-3 and 30 amp breakers for most of my 220, but I did run conduit for a heavier circuit when that need arises.
I'm going to keep the other 220v lines as they are and change out the breakers to 30 amp ones..
I plan on making a #6 or #4 extension cord if I need big power on the other side of the shop.

You are currently viewing our boards as a guest which gives you limited access to view most discussions and access our other features. One of the entry doors needed steps, so I picked up two joist hangers (simpson brand at Lowe's) and noticed that they had quite a bit of 2x4 and 4x4 bracketry (or connectors) to do your own custom build of 2x4, 4x4, etc, etc.
It came with 2 roll up doors 1 walk thru door and 2" isulation for the ceiling and walls. Last week I pulled the carpentry skills out of the tool chest and helped a couple buddies frame a little driving range clubhouse roof. It has attic trusses, so there is some storage but I wish it had a dormer like yours or a full gambrel roof. My buddy was just the first guy ive ever saw that built in a away to keep oiling them through out the years. The concrete was poured about 8" thick in a 4' square where each leg will be going with metal mesh in the concrete. I flipped the breaker and a bus full of nuns didn't crash in front of the shop so I think I'm good. By joining our free community you will have access to post topics, communicate privately with other members (PM), respond to polls, upload content and access many other special features. Needing some strong shelving, and having quite a bit of lumber left over from the pole barn build, I went to work. Put a new engine in it some time ago, the 292 has about 1000 miles on it, and is very strong. We are donating $10 of each blue star subscription to the Blue Ribbon Coalition to ensure that we will have trails to recreate on for years to come.
I mentioned about half way through that we should have just build the whole works on the ground and swung it into place with a crane. The steeper the pitch the less work a collar tie has to do, and the less deflection loading there is on the rafters (they become more stud-like).
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He then went just below where his floor would be poured on the post and drill a 1" hole partially through each post. He attached hard plastic water line from the holes up to where it sticks about a foot above the garage floor. Now every time he changes oil in anything he pours the used oil down the water line so it goes into the post and keeps them oiled up good.

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