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The Box Thing Pool Pump Cover encloses pump and fittings ensuring protection from sun, wind and rain. The Box Thing Pool Pump Housing comes in two standard sizes that will accomadate most pool pumps. By using a double wall panel we are able to drasticly reduce the noise omitted by the pump motor. Maintenance is a constant part of owning a pool and therefor access to the pump and filter is critical.
If you have specialised equipment that needs protection from the elements, operating noise reduced, or just kept out of sight, ask us what we can do for you. The Box Thing Pool Pump Housing can be supplied in a standard size kit that can be installed as a DIY option. Below is and example of how The Box Thing Pool Pump Housing can protect your equipment while looking great and still allowing full access to your equipment. As we all know rodents are very effective at getting into even the smallest of spaces and its usually when your rumaging around through that pile of old boxes that you find them. A pool pump shed or outdoor storage unit comes in handy when you want to store and protect your pump, hardware or pool accessories from endless hours of sunlight and other harsh weather. A quality shed or cover is ideal for storing not only your pump but a great place to store other supplies.

There are a few different styles of pool pump sheds that are each designed with their own unique advantages and applications for pool owners.
All pool equipment is designed to be used outdoors but it's nice to have a protective enclosure that will keep everything covered year round. If you are looking for a shed that will hold more than just a pump or heater there are some pretty amazing outdoor storage sheds that will keep all of your outdoor equipment safely in once place. We have a few tips for when you are purchasing your next pool pump shed or storage unit that will come in handy especially for pool owners. Salt Water Pool Systems Salt water pool systems generate chlorine naturally for healthy and crystal clean water through the process of electrolysis. Salt Water Hot Tub A salt water hot tub or spa creates bromine naturally with fewer chemicals to produce softer water with less irritation. Natural Gas Pool HeaterA Gas Pool Heater fuelled by natural gas or propane is the quickest way to heat your salt water pool in the spring and fall. The downside of the new law is that there is a price increase from the old single speed pumps and motors.
Having a pool at home to beat the Florida summer heat is practically a necessity, but could your monthly maintenance bills be unnecessarily draining your bank account? Chances are the answer is yes if you are not using an energy-efficient pool pump, which is why Florida lawmakers passed legislation to require pool owners to dump old power-wasting models for newer ones this summer.

There is nothing worse then unpacking and finding your favourate set of wine glasses is now less one. The law is part of the Florida Energy Act and changes the types of filtering pool pumps and motors that can be installed on residential pools. You will have to upgrade to an energy-efficient one when replacing the old one unless it is still under the original manufacturer's warranty.
The new state law requires that any new pool pump, 1 horsepower (HP) or greater, must now either be 2-speed or have a variable speed motor.
So, if you are in need of a new pool pump, or you need your motor replaced, you will have a few options.
The upside: The old pumps can cost $2 or more per day to run for the recommended eight hours a day - depending on the size of your pool, how long you run the pump and how well it works - while the newer pumps can be as low as 40 to 50 cents a day, say experts. She also said that consumers should not feel as if they have to wait for the law to take effect if they want to start saving on monthly energy bills now.

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