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As we approach the Reno Rumble Grand Final, we say goodbye to mother-son duo Dane and Leanne.
We shine the spotlight on Matt Stewart, a Brisbane-based artist who’s making waves here and abroad with his stunning canvas artworks and prints. We say goodbye to South Australia’s Hayley and Jim, who leave Reno Rumble thankful for the opportunity. Subscribe to our newsletter for your chance to WIN an Original Artwork by Nicky Kriss valued at $1000! Get The Block Shop Newsletter delivered straight to your inbox for all the latest specials and offers. 2 1000 Things for Boys to DoHow to construct devices for winter sports, motion-picture camera, indoor games, reed furniture, electrical novelties, boats, fishing rods, camps and camp appliances, kites and gliders, pushmobiles, roller coaster, ferris wheel and hundreds of other things which delight every boy. ALLEN COASTER bobs usually have about the same form of construction, and only slight changes from the ordinary are made to satisfy the builder. Patterson This combination is produced by using the regular type of ice boat and substituting boats for the runners, to make the catamaran.

Shapes of SnowshoesTo the inventive mind of the North American Indian we owe the snowshoe, and its conception was doubtless brought about through that prolific source of invention - necessity. ADAMS There are two simple processes that every experimenter should master: soldering and riveting. Making the Shoe[In making the snowshoe it may be necessary to refer to the previous chapter to select the style, or to locate the name of the parts used in the description.
A One-Piece Casting RodBy Stillman Taylor Part I THE pleasures of outdoor life are most keenly enjoyed by those sportsmen who are familiar with all the little tricks - the ins and outs - of the open. Various Two and Three-Piece RodsBy Stillman Taylor While the action of the one-piece rod is undeniably better than when the rod is made in two or three pieces, it is less compact to carry.
When one of the articles is wanted it is usually at the back, and the others must be removed to secure it. This will take up All gases and prevent milk from tasting of onions or vegetables which May be kept in the box. This trouble can be avoided if the screws are securely locked when they are first put on the door.

WILLIAMS Limited space ana the rocking motion of salmon-fishing boats in a heavy sea on the Pacific coast brought about the construction of the canoe stove shown in the illustration.
1 can be made to loop the loop and make corkscrew flights if prepared according to sketches herewith.
The corner posts consist of four forked stakes driven in the earth so that the crotches are on a level and about 1 ft. The wood for making one, as shown in the illustra- tion, may be of Spanish cedar, mahogany, or quartered oak, as the builder desires.

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