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Once you master the use of handsaws, you will be awed by the simple power of this humble tool. Learn how to properly wield any saw – including effective techniques for dovetails, rip cuts, crosscuts and more. Find reviews and information on the fine saws available today: dovetail saws, tenon saws, full-sized handsaws, frame saws, Japanese saws, tenon saws, miter saws, gent’s saws and many more. Hi Megan, As i live in NZ shipping is a huge cost so I always purchase electronic copies (like I did with the Handplane book). Christopher Schwarz has helped many of us solve some pretty frustrating problems over the years.
Every workbench should allow the woodworker to easily work the edges, faces and ends of boards, however most benches built during the last 100 years fail on at least one of these tasks. With this book, your very first workbench will do everything you need it to do - possibly for the rest of your woodworking career! Encompassing years of historical research and real-world trials, Christopher Schwarz boils down centuries of the history and engineering of workbenches into basic ideas that all woodworkers can use. The old-school benches are simpler than modern benches, easier to build and perfect for both power and hand tools. Christopher Schwarz is the editor of Popular Woodworking magazine and has worked with the magazine for the past 11 years. Help other timberbits users shop smarter by writing reviews for products you have purchased. With 2011 already 10 days old, I’m happily anticipating some noteworthy Popular Woodworking Books that will be going on sale this year. A little further along the calendar (available in late April, but available for pre-sale now) is a new book by well-known woodworking author, Jim Tolpin.
This September, we’ll be offering an anniversary edition of one of the best-selling woodworking books of the past 40 years.
These are just a few of the books we’ll be publishing this year, and only a small fraction of the hundreds of woodworking titles available at the Shop Woodworking web site.

From customizing tools to cutting layered veneer, bring the secrets of world-class furniture decoration into your shop *Paul Schurch works with thousands of tiny veneer pieces to create masterful works of marquetry. Discover a comprehensive collection of Arts & Crafts furniture projects that originally appeared in Popular Woodworking Magazine. This expertly selected collection represents some of the most visually appealing pieces of furniture ever created.
A safe table saw – that’s the holy grail of woodworking machinery, and that’s how many woodworkers view the SawStop cabinet saw. The interior is two-color (Pantone 7531 and black for those of you who love Pantone swatch books as much as do I) to mimic a sepia tone.
Christopher Schwarz and the editors and contributors to Popular Woodworking help you choose the right saw for your budget and project, use it successfully and keep it cutting like new. You’ll get the information you need to decide on the best tool for your style of work and budget. Workbenches is the only book that shows the reader how to design and build a good workbench and most importantly, how to use it in their shop for all sorts of tasks. He has produced four how-to DVDs for Lie-Nielsen Toolworks and teaches woodworking at the Marc Adams School of Woodworking in Indianan. Seasoned project author and professional woodworker Chris Gleason has turned his woodworking sights to the great outdoors, offering 20 backyard projects to make your backyard a fun and functional oasis. The 2nd edition of Arts & Crafts Furniture Projects contains 304 pages of woodworking advice, how-to's and design inspiration. An electrical signal is passed through the blade and this signal is monitored for changes in conductivity. There’s no need for crazy setups or jigs; just grab the right saw and start cutting – any angle, any shape. This book dives deep into the historical records of the 18th and 19th centuries and breathes new life into traditional designs that are simpler than modern benches, easier to build and perfect for both power and hand tools. Using the stop-by-step instructions, you will be amazed at how easily these workbenches can be constructed.

The projects include traditional outdoor seating, deck accessories, functional planters and grilling stations, but Gleason also reaches out to today’s homesteader with a chicken coop and rabbit hutch. Feeling the call of hand-tool woodworking, Jim has walked away from the clouds of dust and the ear-piercing noise of woodworking machines.
As Shaker was a popular style then and now, the book quickly became a mainstay in most woodworking shops. Wood and humans have significantly different electrical conductivity signals, and the SawStop system is able to recognize this difference. Two venerable designs are provided as basic skeletons and the knowledge presented shows woodworkers how to design custom workbenches, perfect for their style and method of woodworking. His approach is to teach the tool set, the skill set and the mind set that makes hand-tool woodworking a pleasure – and one of the fastest-growing segments in woodworking. Since then, the book has been reprinted many times, and Thomas Moser’s woodworking name has continued to grow as a manufacturer of quality furniture.
The Arts & Crafts style allows the craftsman to build a quality piece of furniture in a reasonable amount of time, while providing a very successful and satisfying experience. With lots of step-by-step photos and instructions, Spring can’t come fast enough to start on these great projects for your yard. Packed with beautiful photography and the wisdom we expect and respect from Jim Tolpin, this will be a popular title. We’re excited to be a part of this celebration, and delighted to offer this updated classic to a new generation of woodworkers.

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