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Centerville, Kingston Springs, Charlotte, Ashland City, White Bluff, Nashville, Hendersonville, Mt. Unless someone maullay opens the gate to the run, trust me nothing can come in and nothing can come out.  If I was to use this and make it portable, I was thinking of taking those double doors and use plywoods to make one door and a window next to it.  So you think plastic is ok for the winter ? Weasels, which are in NJ and most likely in your area (nobody ever knows they've got 'em around til you find headless chickens one morning when your luck runs out), will go right thru chainlink like it isn't even there. Anyhow, regarding making the shed portable, sure, if you put it on a low sturdy platform with wheels and devise some means to anchor it against blowing over, that should work and it should not be too difficult to make it so you can pull it without a vehicle. The shed is about ten to twenty degree warmer than outside and it never gave me any problems when I solved the vent problems and installing a screened window next to the roosting bars.
My run is NOT predator proof by sewer rats however coons and possums got tangled up in the green snow fence on top so it has to be replaced when torn.
They do get worn out, the wood foundation floor which it helped by horse rubber stall mats but the exposure from ground even it was up on landscape blocks, the sewer rats made their home underneath it and they gnawed some holes. The hardware wire door would need to be replaced soon, probably next spring because it is only one by one, treated, held up well but after the ice rain we had, it weaken the one corner of it.
My six year old dd wants a dog but we do not want a dog because we are selfish, going all the time, and not be tied down to the dog we are not ready for would not be fair to the dog either.

We found 1 small mice underneath the plastic shed last fall, it was disgusting .  If I  was to use this shed somewhere else as their permanet home, I was thinking of putting 12x12 in of stones underneath the shed so they can't hide or try to get in from the bottom of the shed atleast ! I love my shed, no worries about water rot, just pull all the stuff out, then wash it down with soap, bleach and dust it when it dries. Juliet, Nolensville, Spring Hill, Thompson’s Station, Hohenwald, Sante Fe, Hampshire, Mt. Sheds in Plano, Garland, Richardson, Frisco, McKinney, TX, Dallas, Fort Worth,, Arlington, Carrollton, Farmers Branch, Irving, Denton, San Antonio, New Braunfels, San Marcos, Medina, Texas. Rather than replacing a door with plywood I would suggest trying to put a window in the existing plastic door, which would be not much if any less secure than a thin plywood door and will be lighter weight (thus contribute to making the structure easier to pull). If you have real problem with predators, reinforce it with wire panels or install electric fencing top and bottom. So we replaced it a few months ago, propped the new foundation upon foundation bricks much higher ON top of the landscape blocks, it made a world of difference and no rats or mice would reside under there.
The coop itself is predator proof so they get locked up every night but I dont always lock them up ALL the time.
This time, we are going to take the door it came with the shed, cut a hole in it to accept a small storm screen window and have hardware wire so any determined dog won't think about jumping up on the screened part.

It is a little harder rubber than the horse rubber mat so it will stand up to metal gouging of my shovels when I do my cleaning. Lucky me, I've got neighbors who has dogs all around me so only the bold and brave coons would even try to cross the yards to access my run.
I love this door because it provides plenty of vents and very comfortable in the summer months. My hubby is a dog, every time he sees one in the backyard or front, he would bark like a yapper dog LOL! However my next door neighbor has one so if and when they decide to get a bigger shed, I will see if I can buy it from them!

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