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Manufacturers direct sale Biometric-safe solution to store and keep your valuables safe from theft and unauthorized individuals. The MC100 is built with a thick, high grade 19 gauge cold rolled steel and thick memory retentive foam interior. This user friendly 3 – digit lock with 1,000 combination made of tough plastic for durability, no battery required.
14.Can be mounted under the seat in any car or truck, or at home in any similarly compact space. Portable storage containers are delivered directly to you so that you can store your belongings at your location in a safe and secure manner. Excel International warrants its products for 1 year against defects in materials or workmanship during normal use. Montezuma’s portable toolboxes are compartmentalized in such a way that every tool and accessory is visible and within immediate reach. Montezuma’s portable toolboxes are made of 16 gauge steel, and are said to be “rain resistant.” Depending on the size, these toolboxes feature wrench pegs, socket pegs, driver and ratchet holes, as well as compartments to hold pliers, larger hand tools, and accessories. The only downside to these toolboxes is that they are fairly expensive starting at about $350 or the smallest version. I would like you to e-mail me a set of instructions to help me organize my tools in your large tool box-the montezuma.

Shane Holland - The Tool Nut { Stuart, we'd appreciate being able to connect with fellow Tool Nuts.
Tossing your stuff untethered and unorganized into the back of your truck or SUV is a good way to drive yourself crazy. Designed for a perfect fit in truck beds and SUV cargo areas, these large portable cargo boxes keep your equipment sorted, organized, and out of view. This Combination storage case is perfect for jewelry, guns, documents, and other valuables. The Combination Lock safe box also comes with a high-strength security cable that secures it to furnishings in your home, car, RV, office or motel, giving you double protection. Set your own numeric code while the safe box is in the open position, remember to scramble the number dials after locking to hide your code. These extremely well designed toolboxes are well suited for both portable and static tool storage and organization. In addition to great functionality, these toolboxes also have a superb look and feel to them!
Montezuma tool chests come with a solid reputation, a lifetime warranty on the steel models, and a 5 years warranty on the aluminum ones. Put everything in its right place and increase your peace of mind with a Du-Ha Tote Portable Storage Container.
Everything from sports equipment and groceries to up to four shotguns fits easily inside the Du-Ha Tote Portable Storage Container, which comes with a gun rack, organizers, and a utility tray to suit your particular use.

The Du-Ha Tote Portable Storage Container makes it easier to run errands, manage equipment, and enjoy your favorite hobbies. You can also store your portable GPS unit and stereo face plate in the Combination box and secure the combination box under the seat of your car.
Not unexpectedly, the warranty doesn’t cover components that are subject to natural wear and tear.
Its thick Polyethylene construction and sealed, lockable top lip keep out weather, cold, and thieves, and most vehicles can handle up to three of these storage boxes side-by-side. Excel International tool boxes is an industry's leading manufacturer specializing in metal storage systems, product line include portable toolboxes, Tool Cabinets, Tool Chests and Workstation. For greater security, an aluminum Tote Slide Bracket attaches to your cargo area's floor and locks your tote into place while offering full top-open accessibility.

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