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For many years Gerry Frenette has been providing professional magicians around the world with great illusions and unbelievably has put together a set of DVDs that tell you all of the stuff you NEED to know if you want to make an illusion that doesn't look as though a child made it in a shed. I have been making my own stuff on and off for far too many years but even so I learnt about tools and techniques that I didn't even know existed. We now live in a world where magic comes at you on beautifully lit, professionally edited, glitzy DVDs. Gerry's course is invaluable, not only to the would-be woodworker who wants to build his own props in order to save money but also to the experienced craftsman, who will learn about new techniques and materials as well as tips on illusion design. The course runs the gamut from descriptions of tools, hardware and construction materials to the machining of woods and metal to methods of finishing and painting. Imagine if you will, being invited by a Master Illusion crafter, to a one on one intensive illusion building workshop, where every detail is thoroughly explained in minute detail, the reason for using certain materials as opposed to others, what works best and doesna€™t.

Sure you can buy books on illusions, some better than others, even plans of famous and popular illusions, but they will not teach you how to actually build one from scratch. As long as you are not a€?all thumbsa€?, have or have access to, some of the basic workshop machines shown in this immense course, you can pretty much build any illusion from scratch or use the principles and techniques to design and build your very own unique and original illusion.
Ita€™s mindboggling the amount of information that is covered in this groundbreaking course.
If I had been able to benefit from the information that Gerry Frenette has provided in his series of DVD's, my progress would have been much faster. A large section is devoted to the design and construction of deceptive bases that are much deeper than they appear. I urge any magician who wishes to build his own illusions or is already a builder of illusions to buy this course.

I would have made fewer mistakes and the quality of the props that I made would have been infinitely better, especially the first ones. It's a whole new world of prop construction because the builder can see via video details what the printed word or still photos can't provide.

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